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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Milton Twins:

Ok, we all have a special place in our heart for twins. Why is that? Well, I can think of a ton of reasons. What can be better than having two hot girls who look exactly the same? There are endless possibilities, you can have one every other day and not get bored! For some reason people always take twins into a sexual connotation. If you meet a girl, and you say, oh, yeah, she's a twin! Your buddies will be like "score, dude!" Now, this twin might be the ugliest thing in the world, but it's still a score. Who knows why, but it is a popular way of viewing things nowadays. Now with all of that said, let me introduce you to a very hot set of twins, The Milton Twins, who are not afraid to show you why twins can double your pleasure.

Milton Twins is a website with a focus on two girls who are twins. Not only are they twins, but they are also younger girl twins. They are named Marissa and Melissa, and if that doesn't scream typical twin naming, I don't know what does. They are a pair dedicated to having fun, and showing it to you on their website. This site is more of a video focused site but there is room for pictures as well. I really like the theme of this site. It is rare to get twins in porno, in fact I have never heard of it being done before. I guess it is hard to get two girls who look alike, also to both agree to do porno, and then do it together. Now, this is by no means an incest site. The girls don't act on each other, but usually they both work on a third or fourth person. With that said, I thought the theme here was really strong, the girls being twins just carries this site and furthermore being teens, you can really get a nice original site here.

When you first sign into Milton Twins, you are given a little welcome. Underneath this is an ad for the other teen sites these guys do. Well, that kinda pissed me off a little. Ads before content make a porn reviewer cry. The front page continues with some text listing for latest updates, but it really doesn't have any content at all. What you really rely on is the top bar of the page in which you can navigate to any of the several sections on the page. Theres more ads near the bottom, including some links to "useful" programs to remove crap from your computer. I wonder why all the useful ones they list have a referral code attached to them? Just a lot of ads and I don't need that in my porn at all. And sometimes it can go without hurting the site, but instead of a well organized front page here, you just get a pimpfest for other crap not related to the twins. All in all, a front page that could use a lot more Milton and a lot less other stuff.

The videos page redeems this problem, with the focus squarely on the content. The first page you get has five decent sized thumbnails of each set, and then you can click on the link to get to the actual videos page. On here, you get a thumbnail for each segment and then your video options. For each segment, you can either stream a WMV file in medium or high, or you can download an MPG clip. Now don't fear, there is also a full video option, and that is an MPG as well. Overall, you get a good number of options here as well as a nice selection of thumbnails. There is nothing too snazzy about the videos page but it gets across exactly what you need to have a good, easy time with these videos.

The quality of the videos is also pretty darned good. The full length MPGs can be full screened with very little flaws in most cases. They look amazing. Now with that comes a bigger file, and some of these videos might hit the 350+ mb mark. Now, that might intimidate some, but the quality here is really great and really worth it. They do a good job with the camera work as well here, something that I thought was a nice touch. In some cases they do tend to make everything a little too teeny, but its not as bad here as on their other sites. Otherwise everything flows well, some of the videos are a little short but for the most part everything is just done really well here!

The pictures of the Milton Twins are just as impressive as the videos. They are taken from the same content as the videos, but they are independently shot and look like real professional photographs. They are 922 x 1229 pixels so the size is really good. You also get a really good clarity and a nice picture here. The pictures are taken intelligently and you get some really hot shots as well. I actually think the pictures capture the essence of the twins almost as well as the videos do, and I am not a huge picture fan. There are no real extra abilities here in the pictures section, you can just go through the galleries but there are no slideshows or zip downloads or anything of the sort. Still, a solid pictures section that supplements the videos very nicely.

The Milton Twins are good looking, younger girls. Now this is also sold as a teen site, so in some cases they do some stupid crap to make the girls look younger than they actually are. The people that do this site always do this with their other sites, and its not as bad here. Cmon already, enough with the stupid braces. I get it, they are teens. That was my only real problem. Now the action here is pretty damn hardcore. As I mentioned above, the sisters don't go at it with each other. However, there is usually a third party involved and they go to town at each other. There is a lot of lesbian stuff here, and a few boy girl scenes as well, but overwhelmingly lesbian. I'd say you have to be into that to fully dig Milton Twins. On top of that, a lot of the actresses are used over and over again other than the Miltons, and it can get tedious. Pretty hardcore stuff though, especially considering the source, I was very pleased and liked the action very much!

At the time of review there were a total of around 23 sets of content here on Milton Twins. This is definately a number big enough to warrant a membership, and unfortunately there isn't much else. You don't get any more functionality as far as a single model site would go. There is an upcoming webcam feature that isn't ready yet, but may be for the future. But no diaries, no extra non porn pictures, no way to contact the girls, it really does lack a bit in extras. But still, I wouldn't consider it a bad deal, just one that could be a lot better. There are no bonus sites to be had here.


Depsite having a weak front page, and having hokey "I'm so teen" ideology, Milton Twins still escapes this and is an excellent site. It is saved by the very good theme of having hot twins, as well as the great action. I like that the site is not afraid to have pussy eating and hardcore fucking, as many teen sites by these guys is very weak in that regards. It really works out well and I recommend it.


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-04-01

They rule! I think the best scene is: "Guys and Dolls". I like how they are done simultanously.

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-04-27

Some pretty good videos but many lesbo. I wanted to see more of the little twins getting ...... Hmmmmm! But they are cool. I love their breasts!

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