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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, Windows

Prices: $34.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Porn Wipes:

Ok, a touchy subject about porno. And that is the cleanup afterwards. Exactly how does one go about it? Some might use a paper towel, toilet paper, kleenex, or maybe even a towel. There are also some more exotic ways, but I won't even touch those. Sometimes you wonder why someone hasn't developed a product specifically for this purpose. I'm sure it would sell. I mean, it could be practically replaced by any of the items above, but people in the world are selling bottled water at ridiculous prices and it is selling. So why not try? I'm sure if a certain product like this did exist, they would be called Porn Wipes.

Porn Wipes is the name of todays website. Now, you might say, Porn Wipes, what the hell does that have to do with anything? And I honestly cannot answer that for you. I surfed the site for a considerable length of time, and I have no idea. Its just a catchy name for you to notice the site. And you know what? It works. I noticed the site, and you noticed the review because you are reading it. But a site needs more than a catchy name, have something catchy to go along with the name that is a theme. I dunno, have every girl wipe off with a baby wipe or something. Sure, it is stupid, but it is different enough that it would work and the name would still catch you. As it is, the theme is pretty weak. I know site names don't always indicate their content, but when there is a cool name and then no theme really, it just doesn't work for me.

Another thing that doesn't work for me is the site design. I think it is terrible when you sign into a site you paid 35 bucks for and immediately get ad banners. The site then has a text listing of the bonus sites, a few thumbnails of the latest picture and video updates, and some useless "recent news." The rest of the site looks like a cheesy TGP site. There are links to different sites, some part of the network, some not. It gets really ridiculous really fast. Just a terrible looking site. I don't understand why they take so much time to focus on content that is just on a network site anyway. I don't know if thats worse than the advertising they do or not. It all kinda sucks in my opinion. Once you navigate through the rest of the site, you will see that the design become way better. But as far as first impressions go, this one leaves a shitty mark.

The pictures are the focus here on Porn Wipes. When you get into the picture section, you are given the sites models. From there you pick a model, each of whom has multiple picture sets. Then you can get into the actual galleries. The site design here is pretty much typical, and you can download zip files of the entire gallery. I think that is a great option, and it really saves time when navigating these picture sites. And that is one of my bigger problems with pic sites in the first place, they are pretty time consuming sometimes!

The quality of the pictures here is pretty good. They look like well shot, professionally taken photographs. Pretty much what you would see in a magazine, although in some cases just better because it seems a lot cleaner. The pics are 687 x 1024 pixels, which is a great size. Some might complain that theres no bigger options, and I think that might be valid considering this is a picture based site. Still, I thought these pictures were more than sufficient. The poses here are also very nice, they spent a lot of time getting these girls looking very good, and it shows. Through and through, its a nice picture experience.

The videos, on the other hand, could use a little work. These are all WMVs, and all one quality. Well, the quality varies from video to video sometimes, but there are no options here. Each video is segmented into parts, which isn't even really all that neccesary considering that these aren't really all that big in length or quality. Speaking of the quality, its not so good. The videos are bitrated around 700-800k, but they all have a lot of pixelation especially considering those quality numbers. Weird, but I guess these guys just need to get their shit together more as far as the videos go. It's not a huge section and the focus is squarely on the pictures, but these guys are promoting their videos as a big part of their site so this becomes important.

The girls on Porn Wipes are good looking girls through and through, mostly white girls and nobody really too freaky or different looking as far as the porn world goes. It should be noted that this is pretty much the only site on this network where you will see some porn stars like Amber Rain, etc. The rest of the network has a major foot/teen/amateur thing going on, so this is cool for the network. Now the action is a mixed bag. Again, this is all a product of the weak theme. They can, and do, put everything up here. Hardcore, lesbian, solo, even some femdom in one set I saw. Just a mixed bag, and it makes it hard to review and also hard to sell if its the main site of a network.

At the time of review, there were a total of 25 models on the Porn Wipes picture section. Now as I mentioned, each model has multiple sets, I'd say the set range is probably closer to the 75 mark. There are also 12 models in the videos section, and I'd say that is a lot closer to being one set per model. Not a huge amount of content really, but it is updated weekly, and taken in context of the bigger network, its definately not a bad deal by any stretch.

The network here includes: True Tere, Pornwipes, Kylieteen, Teen Travels, Ana Fey, Dasha Markova, Tabatha Fey, Ivy Summer, Harmony Finn, Teen Foot Club, Piper Fawn, Lez B Teens, Bare Bree, Cute Girl Feet, BFT Girls, and Stormy Friday. This is a large amount of sites, you have varying levels of quality from good to not so good. Still, a lot of sites to be had here.


I guess you could just say that its another site on a network. Other than the name, this site does nothing to stand out from any other porn site in the world. It has some decent pictures, and I recommend this network to any teen foot photo fan, but the site just has no focus, and is just a collection of pictures. Just terribly unexciting.


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