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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $34.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of BFT Girls:

Some people think their women should be barefoot and pregnant. I don't believe in this, although the funny thing is that while I am all for woman's lib, my woman doesn't feel she should have to work and make me pay for everything. Great deal, right? Thousands of guys would love this prehistoric thinking, and I'm the one stuck with it. I'm not complaining though! Its just one of lifes funny little ironies. Back to the barefoot and pregnant thing, this site has half of it right, as BFT Girls is all about barefoot teen girls!

BFT Girls is a somewhat throwback site with a focus on teenage girls and their sexy feet. I know, the foot fetish thing is extremely irking to some. I have a few friends who don't even want to think about feet in any manner, nonetheless a sexual one. And then I have some who love them, who are all about feet. The feet should never be ignored, thats what one says. Now, as a leg fan, I respect feet, but I can also get slightly freaked by some foot fetish stuff. With that said, this site is a pure fetish site, but if you like feet, this is a great site for you. The theme is really good here, because it takes two themes (feet and teens) and combines them into a theme not seen too much. I love it when sites do that and BFT was no different for me.

When you first sign into BFT Girls, you immediately get a couple of ads for sites done by the same webmasters but not in this network. This is poor taste personified. When you get into the actual site content, you are first greeted with thumbnails from recent updates and recent videos. Decent thumbnails, but just one per set and nothing here is too special. Now the rest of the site is more shit, with some links to other sites in this network, and more ads for sites not in the network, add in a few live sites and you have a big clusterfuck. There is also some recent news, which is not so recent, and also not so much news. Just basically a bunch of weak crap like "hey, new pictures!" which can be obviously told by the updates portion. Basically, the site design here wouldn't be bad if they completely changed everything. There is just too much garbage here and it really devalues the actual site. Keep the updates, maybe do a big thumbnail/four small thumbnail mixture. Then display the bonus sites with a little banner or something, but definately don't just do text links and then some stupid gallery like you did here.

The pictures are really the bigger focus here. Since this is not a single model site, and not an artsy site, that is kind of surprising. When you get into the pictures section, you are given a pageful of models with one thumbnail each. IF you click on a model, then you are given each of her sets, again with one thumbnail each. Then you get into your gallery. This is all done pretty much like a normal picture site. Nothing too ancient here, nothing too groundbreaking either. The thumbnails are a pretty good size, slightly bigger than normal. Basically, it is set up nicely and its surprising given the shit quality of the front page. You can download a zip file of the entire set, which is essential for picture sites nowadays I think. I love having that option. It really all worked out well here, and I can make no real complaints about anything with the picture setup.

The picture quality was also up to par. There is only one image quality, and that is 1200 x 800 pixels. That is a nice sized picture, and the pictures here are done really well. They aren't the superperfect pictures you get from some sites, but they are definately pretty well done. They really focus on the foot, and that is cool and very appropriate for the theme. That does not mean that every picture is just a foot. Some sets can be viewed as regular porn sets actually, just very much catered to foot fans. I liked the pictures here a lot, and I am downloading zip files like crazy.

The videos here are a nice supplement to the pictures. When I first signed up here, I thought it was all going to be video heavy. I was a bit disappointed. But after going through all of the pictures, I could care less about the videos! Seriously, the videos here are a different monster. When you get into the videos section, you are given a bunch of thumbnails, one per model. But here most models only have one video set. That set is segmented into parts, some having up to five. That is not great but also not overkill. The videos are available in WMV only. The bitrates here range, but they are always in the 600-800k range. And the quality is usually pretty questionable. There is a lot of graininess and pixelation here, even moreso than you would expect of videos of this quality. The videos are definately not their strong suit, but if you view this as a picture site (which it is) and the videos as a cool bonus, then it won't bother you like it bothered me.

The girls here are pretty effective at what they are doing. They are all younger girls, and I like the fact that they weren't "overteened" as I like to say, ie, made to wear stupid shit to make them look younger when you aren't fooling anyone. They are some great looking girls here, as well as some that are cute in that they just look a little different from what you normally see in here. The action is all foot, all the time. Lots of poses of feet, feet in the camera, every shot you see feet and that is the focus. Here it is blended in well though and while it is the focus, if you didn't know that, you might just think they were softcore photos. And the action here is somewhat softcore. There is plenty of nudity and sometimes masturbation, but the focus here isn't on that. There are very few footjob scenes, and a few girl/girl model sets, but the content is overwhelmingly single teen girl.

The content level here is awesome. Simply put, its great. There are a total of 37 models, and each model has several sets, sometimes up to 20 different sets. That gives you a ton of pictures for your foot enjoyment and pleasure. Now, the videos aren't as impressive, maybe about 20-30 total, but that is still not bad and is a pretty good supplement to the site. It should also be mentioned that this site is updated weekly as well with timestamps on the latest updates on that otherwise useless front page. Now all that in itself is impressive, but here you also get access to 15 other sites.

The network here includes: True Tere, Pornwipes, Kylieteen, Teen Travels, Ana Fey, Dasha Markova, Tabatha Fey, Ivy Summer, Harmony Finn, Teen Foot Club, Piper Fawn, Lez B Teens, Bare Bree, Cute Girl Feet, BFT Girls, and Stormy Friday. This is a large amount of sites, you have varying levels of quality from good to not so good. Still, a lot of sites to be had here.


BFT Girls is a solid entry as a pictures site. As you can see, the network is vast and has more foot content. This is definately about the pictures though, no doubt about it. And the completely crap front page lowers the site significantly. But still, there is some good content to be had here!


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