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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days

Review of Alison Angel:

You have to respect a pretty girl. Furthermore, you have to really respect a pretty, sweet girl. And most of all, you really have to respect a pretty, sweet girl who shows her body off on the internet. That is exactly what Alison Angel is. The minute I saw a picture of Alison, I knew I had to check out this site. She is the embodiment of a sweet, sexy looking younger girl. And she is busty too! Gotta love it. Anyways, if you've ever seen a girl and just got that feeling, you know exactly what I mean. And you know why I just had to go and review Alison Angel.

Alison Angel is a single model site with a focus on a beautiful young girl named Alison. Angel isn't her real last name, in case you try to send her registered mail. But what is real is everything about her. She is a great looking, wonderful girl, but she has a sense of realness to her as well. As far as the site goes, its an offshoot of the FTV Girls site where Alison started. FTV is reviewed here and the site has a lot of that look and feel to it, although it is all Alison all the time. As far as a single model site goes, this has all the cool touches that give you a great personalization of the site. And Alison is just wonderful.

When you first sign into Alison Angel, you get a pretty big banner which shows a nice picture of Alison looking into the mirror, as well as the latest update and some sidebar. Underneath this are all of the sets. They are listed in little "magazine" thumbnails, much like FTV and similar sites have adopted. The magazine covers and pictures give you a pretty good idea of everything going on here, although I am not the worlds biggest fan of this format it worked pretty good here. And that is about it for the front page. They keep it simple and cool, something I can really respect. It looks nice and modern, but it is still simple enough to not give you a headache and while it can bog you down a little with all of the updates on one page, its really not all that bad. So a very nice site design to start out with.

When you select a set, you can check out either pictures or videos. They are not of the same content really. Usually its the same outfit or the same day, but not neccesarily the same stuff. So you can get great content from both. Lets start with the pictures. The thumbnails here are great, they are well sized and give you a perfect idea of what the full size looks like. The only real issue is that they throw all of the thumbnails onto one page. Again, this can bog you down slightly in bigger sets. But it is still nice to have it all on one page. You can download zip files of entire sets if you find them pleasing. I always like having that options. And while there are no resolution options, you do get a nice quality picture.

The quality here is very nice. The pictures are 700 x 1052 pixels and they look really good. The pictures are very clear and clean here. They look very nice and should please most everybody. Alison is highlighted very nicely in these pictures. And even though this is a single model site, it never really gets boring here. They throw in enough variety and enough cool angle shots to make this a very palatable experience.

The videos are more of the same. When you get into the video area, you have the downloadable clips on the left bar and some screencaps load in the main screen. Your video options are simply WMV or AVI. It's really up to you, theres no huge difference in file quality or size. Either way, these videos can be segmented but not always. The longer ones are, but theres never more than three segments. Not really neccesary but at the same time its also not intrusive so you are fine either way.

The videos here are good quality videos. They are 768k videos. They have some grain and pixel at full screen, I won't lie. But it's not horrible, and considering that many comparable sites have horrible videos, this is a very nice change. Sure, they could be better, but they could be a lot worse. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos.

We already discussed Alison's looks, but if you want to know more just check the sample pics or check out the previews page. She is awesome! As far as action goes, this is mainly a solo site, and while there are sessions of masturbation, it is pretty softcore at most times. I would say that the videos have more instances of hardcore than the pictures. Even with two girl sets, it doesn't go much further than the girls rubbing each others tits and hugging. Its still very hot, and I want to make a testimonial. I'm not a huge fan of softcore. I admit it. But I loved each and every set here, thats how awesome Alison is. There, I said it. I'll sit down now.

As far as content, there are thirty five sets. Now most of these have both pictures and videos but there are a couple with no video, no big deal. On top of all this, there are lots of cool extras. The coolest would be the message board. Alison regularly checks this and communicates with her members. There is also a webcam, and a diary. There is the Playground, which is more personal videos and pictures, but still interesting. And then there is the Girlfriends seciton, which has a nice selection of additional content to browse through between sets. All in all its a good value when you consider there isn't any bonus sites here.


Alison comes across as a sweet, down to earth girl who can give you a hell of a good time by joining her site. She is really beautiful and she is very nice. While not the most hardcore site in the world, if you appreciate a beautiful girl, Alison is one of the top places you should look. Wonderful!


Reader comments:

Comment by: underthumb Rating: 09-09-16

I give a straight 0 for false advertising!
Be aware - the webmaster advertises that the members area gets fresh video and photo content every 4 days. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The website was last updated over a year ago... Waste of money and you'll find loads of free alison angel pics and vids on the net.

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