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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of 1000 Orgasms:

How many orgasms do you think you've had? It's a hard number to compute really. If you think about it, it really is a huge number. I mean, say you are waxing the bean three times a day. That might be more than normal, but hey, we are porn viewers here. So in a year, you probably already hit 1100. Now add in those special days home from work, the days you actually get laid, and those lonely boring nights alone. You can easily bring that up to 1200 or more. So maybe 1000 Orgasms doesn't seem like a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. But still, that is a lot of orgasms.

1000 Orgasms is a website with a focus on girls cumming. I know that the theme of female solo masturbation has been done around, but it is kind of rare to see on a reality type video site like this. Its usually mainly focused in solo sites. So I thought that was kind of a fresh theme. Add in the name. 1000 Orgasms. Its just a cool name, and names can go a long way in sites. Does "The Naughty Bus" really have the same effect? Exactly. Although if I was naming the site, I would call it 1001 Orgasms. It just sounds a little better to my ears. Speaking of my ears, they were open as well as my eyes to the site, and now I will share my vision with you!

When you sign into 1000 Orgasms, you are given a simple yet organized members site. It starts off with text links to the bonus sites on one side, and the most recent orgasms on the other side. Underneath this you get the three highest rated girls, and the most recent girl. Each has a decent portrait type thumbnail to give you a good idea of what they look like. Underneath this is basically a bunch of ads. Not cool. So thats the main site in a nutshell. If they took the time to ditch the ads and put together a nice front page with some nice content showcasing the site, it would be a lot better. A row of thumbnails and the rest of the site being other stuff just doesn't cut it for me. Could be a lot better here.

When you get into the girls section, you are given a page that is more like what I like to see. For each girl you get four well-sized thumbnails with links to either go to pictures or videos. Very nice. Now, the videos are probably the bigger focus here as it is a reality type site. When you open a girls page, you get a video stream running. You can either watch it, or download the full video in WMV High or Low, or MPG High. These are full videos and there are no segments whatsoever, so it works out good like that. Everything downloads pretty smoothly here, and is really decent. I wouldn't mind a setup like this, but quality is also an issue.

And here, the quality is an issue in the bad sense. The WMV high quality videos here were around 700k, but at full screen, had a lot of pixels and stuff. It didn't really look all that great. Now I've seen some videos at 700k look pretty good. So I'm not sure exactly what the deal is here. But these are definately not the best looking videos I've seen. I really wanted to like them, but that full screen video just has a few too many pixels for my taste. Needs to be cleaned up a bit really!

Speaking of cleaning up, the pictures here are pretty good. They are 800 x 531 pixels and they look pretty decent. They were shot by an actual camera it seens, and it makes a much better picture than having crappy vidcaps. Now one of the better things about this is that the pictures are clear, and this is especially cool considering the videos are a little pixelated. The pictures section is not without its flaws though. First of all, the galleries cannot be jumped back and forth. In other words, you just have the "next" button instead of a numbered list of galleries to select from. Just an extra step but an unneccesary one that a couple of lines of html would easily fix. There are also no zip files, which I usually don't critisize too heavily on a videos site. But with hot girls like this, and pixels on the videos, I was kind of craving a zip file of all of these girls in high quality.

As I hinted at, the girl quality here on 1000 Orgasms is pretty high. And it really has to be with the theme. Nobody wants to see disgusting girls playing with themselves. Well, actually, that is not true, and everybodies definition of disgusting is different. But here, you get some really pretty girls, but also girls who also look somewhat natural and amateur. A nice mixture of stuff really. It worked out nicely. The action here is all masturbation, with a lot of toys thrown in the mixture. Definately a nice site for you mast-freaks!

At the time of review, there were a total of 21 sets of content here. Really not a bad number, and the fact that this is somewhat of a startup makes that number even better. Now, they claim to update weekly. There was a big gap in their update schedule recently and they apologized for that. So know that there might be a little bit of instability there. You get a lot of bonus sites here, and I'm not sure if 1000 Orgams is neccesarily in this network, but it gives you full access to it.

This network includes: College Fuck Fest, Mommy Loves Cock, Euro Fuck Trip, Yank My Crank, Bikini Banger, Border Bangers, Teen Brazil, Rectal Rooter, Strip Club Exposed, Tranny Hunt, Milk My Cock, and Black Bros White Hoes. This is a decent network but it seems like certain sites are on hiatus and others are just a little slow, so it might be worth it if you haven't seen it before, but if you've been on this network before research it a little more before you join up.


1000 Orgasms is a decent female masturbation site. The girls are very good, and the action is also very good. The biggest detriment is that the videos can be pixely at full screen. But if you've never been on the bonus sites before, and you really dig female masturbation sites, I this could be worth a look as there may not be that many sites in this particular niche to fullfill ones need. Other than that, could be much better executed and can in no way compare with a site like (review) for example


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