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Review of Bonber Bunny:

Ever wonder what the Easter Bunny does on the other 364 days of the year? Probably not. Well neither have I. But I recently found out exactly what he does. And it shocked me. You better not tell your kids about this one. It turns out, he goes around and bangs hot girls! Thats right, he even goes by a different name: the Boner Bunny. And he might pop up in your neighborhood, so beware!

Boner Bunny is a fun site that takes a slight poke at the porn industry. Basically, its a guy in a big bunny suit who bangs different girls. Now what really worked for me as far as the theme goes is that the bunny suit is really big. It's kind of obnoxious. But that is what makes the theme fun. What also makes it fun is the fact that he never takes the suit off. It's on the entire time, and the only thing that sticks out is his wee-wee. Now thats a bunny I could relate to! This is a fun, unique theme, and even if the site is a complete disaster, it will still be awesome because of the fun theme.

When you first sign into Boner Bunny, you are given a page with all of the sites content listed right there. It is done in a reality type format, with one bigger thumbnail, three smaller thumbnails and links to the pictures and the videos sections of the site. The logo is a cute little logo of one bunny slamming it into the back of another bunny. There is even one of those "pow" looking symbols to give you an idea of whats happening. As if you didn't know. The site is really simple, and thats why I'm talking about bunny fuckin' logos. Not too much to it, but its easy enough to navigate.

The videos will probably be your biggest focus here. When you go to the videos page, you are given a bunch of thumbnails, one for each segment. There is no text or anything, you just click the thumbnail to begin the download. So that means only one quality of video. it's a decent one so its not a huge deal. There are no full video downloads here except for one video, which is kind of inconsistent and crappy. Everything downloads pretty fast though and you can't complain too much.

The quality of the videos here is ok. There is no true full screen video because these are widescreen type videos with the black bars on the top and bottom. But when you do the full screen size, you get some annoying pixelation. Its even apparent at small screen, but not as much so. Basically, the quality could be better, but the site slides a little because its more of a laugh factor than an actual enjoying porn factor.

The pictures here are 800 x 1200 in size and they actually look pretty good for what they are. They are clean and crisp and there are a good number of them per series. They are not vidcaps either so that is a big plus. Pretty high quality and surprising, these pictures make up for the lost quality of the videos.

The girls on Boner Bunny are pretty hot. I'm surprised any of them could actually do this without laughing their asses off. I know if I was banging a dude in a big bunny costume, I'd die laughing. And then I'd kill myself. But I'm sure it took many takes for them to do this seriously. The action is basically blowjob and then into sex. Unfortunately the bunny does not eat out these women, which would be hilarious. Straight up sex through and through though.

Boner Bunny has about five sets of content up right now. Enough to laugh, not enough for the joke to get old. There are no mention of updates or timestamps or any of that stuff. There are also no bonus sites to speak of. Now we got this site from signing up to Dreamstash, which produces this and offered it as a free site for not offering much content last month. But that offer may be gone when you read this. But it makes a membership to Dreamstash or DS Handjobs even sweeter!


This is a good site in the comedy realm of porn. It's fun to look at, but I'm not sure if the amount of content and the actual porn warrants a membership. Still, it is fun as hell and we don't see that very often in todays world of porn so I will recommend it on that accord. I am not sure who would enjoy seeing girls getting fucking by the easter bunny the most, men or women?... Perhaps this site caters to both here?
It's not a big site yet and updates seems a bit scarce which is probably why a trial option is not available, so if you want your curiosity satisfied you have to go for a whole month, which is a bit of a stretch with the current quantity.


$29.95- 30 Day Membership
$99.95- 180 Day Membership Non Recurring


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