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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, Flash, Windows

Prices: $39.00/365 days

Review of Erotic Destinations:

In porn, there is often a focus on the woman. White women, black women, asian women, teenaged women, mature women, fat women, blonde, brunette, redheaded women. We can go on and on. There is also often a focus on the action. Double anal! Blowjobs only! Fun with toys! Usually the focus is on one of these two aspects. But todays site is different in that it gives us a great look at something other than just the women and the action. The focus here is also on the backdrops of the action. Erotic Destinations takes you to many exotic places, and shows you women doing erotic actions at them!

Erotic Destinations is primarily a picture based site with a focus on not just beautiful women, but the beautiful locations they are photographed in. Martin Krake, the main photographer here, is probably disgusted by your typical porn scenery. You know the type, messy ass houses, with shit laying all over the floor. Or your typical bedroom scene, nothing much interesting there. Well Martin takes all that and gives you something better. He puts you in places like Sardinia and Calabra, have you even heard of them? Probably not, but this is the time for your education. And as far as theme goes, I love it! What an awesome theme. I will be the first to admit I am not the biggest fan of either picture sites or softcore sites.. but this was just awesome to me, because of the theme.

When you first sign into Erotic Destinations, you are given a page that shows you recent updates. If you have added favorites, this will show on the top. New models are shown first, and then the recent updates for both photo and videos, three each. And a cool little thing you don't see too often is that they list both the production date as well as the publishing date. Production is when the scene was actually made, and the publishing date is when it was put on the web. You might initially be a little confused but it is a cool little added tidbit of information to have. Theres not much else to the site really, but it should be noted that you can change your preferred picture size right here on the front page. It then will stay the same throughout. Another awesome little feature. With little things like this, and a good overall simple design, the web page setup really is very awesome.

The pictures are the big focus here, of course. Now, I mentioned you had options. Well, they are either 400x600, 500x750, or 600x900. I will now mention that for each quality you also have the option to download a zip file in that size for each set. Now on top of that, if you want, you can also download a zip in the super super high resolution of 2000x3000 pixels. Absolutely awesome and this will drive the super quality fans absolutely bonkers. When you get into the gallery you get a well designed page of the thumbnails. All of the thumbnails appear on one page so that can tend to get a little winded. When you select a thumb, you are given the full picture in the same window like most sites have it. There is a black background though, and that just seems to make the picture look even better and brighter. On the one side of the full size picture is the ED logo, I'm pretty sure they mean it to stand for Erotic Destinations and not Erectile Dysfunction. On the right hand side of the picture you can go to the next picture, the previous picture, or go home. Not exactly the most revolutionary system in the world, but hey, its simple at least.

You might wonder about how these pictures look. Well the answer is simply stunning. Take the awesome work of a picture dedicated site of a great photographer, and combine that with some awesome, original backdrops. That combination is very potent and it gives us some absolutely awesome pictures. They obviously took a lot of time to make the pictures and the poses look great, and the quality is just stunning even at the lower resolutions, you can tell that the scenery is just breathtaking. I just love the combination of great pictures and great backgrounds, it is very awesome and very hard to beat!

The videos are also pretty potent on Erotic Destinations. The videos page offers one thumbnail per video, and you also get duration, as well as the production and publication dates. When you click on a set to check it out you get the same thumbnail and a simple DIVX or WMV link. Either way the videos look good, although the DIVX is recommended. The videos are pretty tame, with the girls just kind of stripping and touching themselves softly. There is some calming mood music accompanying the videos. It's kind of a cheesy touch actually, but it fits in with the whole motif of being somewhat artsy. The videos themselves are great quality, very little blur at full screen and they are a joy to watch. I think this content fits pictures a lot better than videos actually.

How about the women on Erotic Destinations? Well, they are beautiful of course. It's obvious that these girls are model quality, and also made up very well. They are absolutely beautiful model type girls. And the big plus here is that it is not all completely softcore stuff. Most of the models show off their goodies quite well. On top of that, there are even some scenes with penetration! So while the idea might lean towards the artsy/softcore side, there is some serious stuff on here too! Mostly it is stripping and checking out these beautiful bodies, for the action however. It should be noted that you will be as enchanted with the backgrounds of the action as you will be with the actual women!

At the time of review, there were a total of 41 models each with several photosets each. There were also 12 video sets at the time of review. From the timestamps it looks like a new picture set is added every two or three days with a new video set coming every week or so. Sounds like a great schedule to me, and it doesn't seem like its going to change anytime soon!


I love this site. Awesome pictures, awesome backgrounds, and the best part is, you can learn a little too as Martin Krake has offered a lot of history and background to all the locations seen here. Just an awesome site, definately my favorite picture site of this style I've come across so far!


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