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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$94.00/365 days

Review of Couples Seduce Teens:

There are some crazy, swinging couples out there. You know the type, they have sex with other crazy, swinging couples. I'm not sure if I could ever do that. As hard as it may be to believe, I am pretty much only a one lady man. Sure, the porn supplements that sometimes, ok, a lot of the times. But when I am with someone I don't really want to be with someone else. But swingers aren't like that. See in the swing world, its ok to mess around, as long as your partner knows about it, and as long as you stay dedicated to each other. It really is a nice way to look at things. I just wish my heart could flow that way. Anyway, todays site is Couples Seduce Teens, and its swinger influence was not lost on me.

Couples Seduce Teens is a new site in the Teens For Cash line of sites. These guys are the experts at making great reality porn, with some flaws, but we'll get into that later. For now, lets talk theme. And the theme here is that a couple (usually slightly older, but not quite mature yet) goes out and picks up a teen for sex. The two girls fool around a bit and then it turns into a threesome. This is really hot. I mean, really hot. I am a big fan of good themed sites, and this is just one that really stuck out for me. First of all, while there are a lot of guys seducing girls reality sites out there, and some girls seducing guys, this is the first I've seen like this. Very fresh. Secondly, it can appeal to lots of different groups of porn fans. Of course it will appeal to the younger girl fan club, but there is also some hot "older woman/younger girl" action as well as older guy younger girl stuff as well. As I said, the age gap isn't huge but it is present. Anyway, combine all this and you have just an awesome theme that goes very far in my book.

When you first sign into Couples Seduce Teens, you get a page of all of the content. Eventually when more is added, it will expand to more pages. But for right now it's just one page long. On this page, you get one good portrait thumbnail of the girl so you can get a good idea of what she looks like. Now this only shows the teen girl, sometimes the girl from the couple can be absolutely smoking as well. You also get the update date, and links to go to the pictures or the videos. Really simplistic site design, but I still consider it one of the most effective I've seen to date. It won't win awards but its very easy to use and browse around.

That said, lets talk videos as this is a reality site and that is the focus. When you get to the videos page, you will realize these are streaming-only videos. They are available in three different qualities, low medium and high. Each video is segmented and the segments are pretty heavy. In some cases, this is because the videos are very long, up to an hour in some cases. But having 12 segments makes it hard to go through and download streams. So it's basically a pain in the butt to download, but still fun to watch.

The quality here at highest is pretty darned good. Full screen does have some grain and pixels to it. The videos are definately not perfect. But they can be a lot worse as well. Basically, with the actual quality of the action, you won't mind much about the slack lack of video quality. With that said, I will point out that these are some reality videos. Sometimes it takes up to ten to fifteen minutes to get the good action going. Some people might not like that, including me. But it's just an aspect they always include to these sites. Otherwise, the videos run smoothly most of the time. There are certain times you might have some issues, which is always a problem with streaming. But hey, its not often, so its not too bad.

The pictures here are actually really good, independently shot pictures that come across really well. Combine that with a nice stream for dialup, and some of you dialup users might have a good site for you to check out good reality content. The pictures are 600 x 800, not the biggest size ever but the pictures are absolutely great looking anyhow. The galleries run smoothly with no problems whatsoever, and actually some really good looking thumbnails. Unfortunately you cannot acquire zip files here, but otherwise the section is in really good order.

The girls here are absolutely gorgeous, great girls. There are repeats in the couple department, but the teens are all different. And they are all hot. The teens look younger, but not to the point where you are checking the age verification either. The action here is not your typical threesome action. Here, it is well thought out, and there are nice little sections of lesbian stuff, and the guy getting the teen pretty much alone, so it can satisfy a lot of needs in one video. Great looking action, I guess the setup running long can really be the only complaint here, but that is easy to skip over and not that bad.

The network here includes: She Got Pimped, Back Seat Bangers, Bang Boat, Black Cocks White Sluts, Boob Exam Scam, College Wild Parties, Couples Seduce Teens, First Time Swallows,Gang Bang Squad, Her First Anal Sex, Her First Ass To Mouth, Her First Big Cock, Her First DP, Her First Lesbian Sex, Housewife Bangers, Just Facials, Milf Seeker, My Sex Tour, Porn Stud Search, Squirt Hunter, Teens For Cash and Wild Fuck Toys!

Ok, honesty time. This is a great fucking site. But it is a member of the Teens For Cash network. Now its been over a year that they have been putting their content up for leased material. And that is part of the reason that everything is streaming. This is a new site, with only 11 models at the time. The updates come in at once a week. But it is not unfathomable that once these sites get more content, they will be added as leased content too. I haven't seen it yet, but it is pretty much inevitable. Which gives this site a real value question. And that is the biggest problem with the site, along with the streaming only. Not to mention a high price tag for content you can probably find elsewhere eventually.


This is an excellent site with awesome content. Sure you can't download it, but I end up watching stuff from this network all the time between sites when it is available as leased content. They are just one of the best at what they do, and its a shame that you can't download this, which is one of their best sites in my opinion. It's a two pronged prong thingee- you want to be able to download and have this be its own site, but you also don't mind it popping up as a leased site eventually when you run out of original content or if the site you signed up to is a dog. Kind of a lose/lose situation but the content is very very good.


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