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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $9.95/8 days, rebills at $24.95
$24.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days

Review of PornStar Dreams:

Dreams can be a weird thing. I'm sure you know what I mean. Sometimes I believe that in our dreams we see our future. Now that can be really scary when you dream of banging that ugly chick in the cubicle next to yours. But I really have had more than one instance of remembering something from a dream, actually talking about it, and then having it happen a few months later in real life. When it happened it was major deja vu, and it was just real crazy. Now I've never been a firm believer of the supernatural, but after this experience I'm beginning to open my eyes to some of the ideas of the supernatural. Now I only wish that my dreams had involved boning some porn stars and not sitting at a store for work and talking to a male co-worker!

Pornstar Dreams is a site with a focus on pornstars. Basically, it gives you a listing of all different pornstars and shows them off primarily with picture sets, but there are also some videos included. There is no real theme here, other than the fact that these girls are all porn stars. The site is meant to enlighten us to the different porn stars of the world. And the bases are covered here, you get the more popular ones, as well as the ones that are not as popular. Now you might be saying, a porn site about porn stars? Thats like a TV show about TV shows! Well, hey, those are popular, so why can't these be as well? The theme here is ok, I think it is just a little lazy and bland but thats just me. Let's take a look at the actual site now.

When you first sign into Pornstar Dreams, you are given a front page which starts with with the content. A portion of the top is dedicated to the upcoming update. Then we get right into it with the latest update. Each set is accompanied by a decent sized thumbnail, as well as more information than you will need: age, measurements, height, and sexual desire. There is also a slighly long winded description for each as well. This is all done horizontally so it doesn't take up a whole lot of room. There are ten sets per page and a shitload of pages. After you view the ten sets on a page there is a text link to all the other pages, so you can jump ahead, fall behind or do whatever silly maneuver you would like to do. The site design here is decent and non-evasive. You can also skip to your favorite star by name using a drop down menu on the top. Theres really a whole lot of ways to get the content you want, so you can just relax and not have to worry about the site design here as its pretty good.

The focus here is definately in the photos. When you pick a girl, you are taken to her page which displays many sets. From here, you can download a zip file or go straight to the gallery and see the pics one by one. Pretty nice that they include that zip option, I always like that. The galleries are well organized and easy to load. I would also say that they are not overloaded with content. Theres only two or three pages for some girls. Now, that is a good thing, because more focus is placed on the individual picture as opposed to just taking random shots and putting them up. That also lightens the load site design wise and makes for good design.

With all that said, you might wonder how the actual pictures are. Well, they are ok. These are not the perfectly shot and rendered pictures you can get from a professional picture site. But they are pretty good pictures, albeit with some sharpness issues. Now don't think I am slagging these pictures, they are good and worth the price of admission, but I'm just saying they aren't perfect either. They are 800 x 533 pixels and they show very well for that. There aren't any options to get higher resolution or anything like that, but this size should be fine for most people.

Pornstar Dreams also has a video section, although compared to the picture section it is relatively small. Here you can download the videos, but I had problems getting some WMVs. The options are actually good, if they all worked. You can download in low and high in both MPG and WMV formats. Well, I couldn't get WMVs to download for my sets, but it might be different throughout. The biggest issue with the videos here is that they are segmented and there are no full video options. Mix that with some huge segment numbers in some cases, and you have a bunch of crap. The MPGs here are actually pretty decent quality, and if you can catch a set with under 15 segments it might be worth the time to do it. But lets also mention that this is stuff taken from porn videos, exclusivity factor is low.

The girls here are pornstars! That goes without saying really. And you know porn stars can run the gamut from slutty to sweet to skanky to all kinds of other s-words. And its a combination of all the factors here. So what to expect? Girls from porn, which gives you a broad range of expectations. Anyway, the action here is primarily solo stuff, but also some male female and female female stuff thrown into the pot.

The site here is updated daily. With close to 300 picture series and 100 videos, you can bet you get a lot of content here. And with the daily updates you get a whole lot of new updates too. But as far as bonus sites go, you kind of miss out on everything except some leased sites.


Pornstar Dreams has some nice content and a good site design. The videos section could be improved greatly, and the pictures are on the higher realm of OK. But what the site is really lacking is simple ingenuity and vision. Its basically just stuff thrown together, with no real rhyme or reason. Porn star? Yep throw the content on here. This would make for a good bonus site, but standing alone I think it could be way better.


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