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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, Flash, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $24.96/30 days
$59.99/90 days

Review of Brittany Love:

Who here dreams of women? I know, we all do. And we all have the picture of the perfect woman in our heads. Mine is a super skinny blonde, who is extremely tan. She has about medium size boobs, nothing too large, a nice shitter, and awesome legs. No tattoos or piercings please, but if you want to have one little one I suppose its ok. She has to have a cute face, but she it can be a little long in size. Thats mine. Now some might like a huge tittied brunette who can squirt a lot and has a nice body for a slightly older gal. If you do, then you'd be all over Brittany Love.

Brittany Love is a single model site with a focus on Brittany, a model with huge tits and a pretty nice body. She is a little older. But I wouldn't consider this really a mature site. Brittany Love, to me, is the quintissential porn skank. And I don't really mean that in a bad way, but she has the big huge tits, the porn hair, and the nice tanned body. She might not be the face of porn today. Needless to say, she is a pretty hot girl. And she has her own site for fans of this type of girl. Hey, it might be your perfect girl, so check her out. The site also has a secondary theme of squirting.

When you first sign into Brittany Love XXX, you get a members page which is basically a portal page. This is done really well. The top has a topbar which takes you to all the different sections of the site. The regular portion of the page starts with a news page, which will basically give you all the recent updates. This is just in text format, but it gives you an idea of what is new and exciting. Then there are the pictures updates, the video updates, then the top voted pictures and movies, then the most viewed pictures and movies. Now, this is a bit overkill in the high rated department. I don't even think most people will look at this. But, it also fills the space and makes the site a little bigger for the front page being a portal.

The pictures on Brittany Love are a focus of the site. When you go into the pictures area, you get one bigger thumbnail. Now this is just a categories page, and underneath the category it gives you the total number of pictures in the category. Not picture sets, but total pictures. When you move into the category, you get the same thumbnail but this time it is set-specific. Again, each set gives you a total picture count. Then you can finally get into the actual picture galleries. The thumbnails here are the same size as the one preview one on the previous page. And at that, they are very nicely sized and give you a great idea of the actual pictures. There are a total of 18 thumbnails per page. The setup is really nice.

The actual pictures are very big sized and they all look really well. These are very good, huge pictures and they are very clear and clean. I think that these are really, really good pictures and are worth saving very many of them. Now, there are no extras to be able to download a zip file or to go through a slideshow. It makes for more manual work (no pun intended) for you, but its really worth it here, the quality is great.

Movies are another focus. The video section is setup very much like the pictures section. Same thumbnails, same total movie count, pretty much the same exact setup as I spoke about before. There is one slight snafu here though. When you go to the page where you actually download the videos, you have two quality options. The problem is, they give you thumbnails, but they don't tell you which one is which quality. Now usually the broadband one is on the left, and you can easily figure it out. But why not let them put it on there, that is a big site design issue I really didn't like. And it led me to download the wrong video a couple of times.

The videos are mostly available as downloads. There are a few that are streaming only. As I mentioned, there are two quality options, and both are pretty good. The qualities change a little bit. But they are all great quality WMVs here. They usually come in at around 2000k, which is absolutely awesome. This is just a great quality, especially for a single model site. And it really all fits in with the idea of being more professionally catered to than amateur as I told you about before. These are all full videos, no segmentations at all. And the files tend to bigger, but if you like Brittany you won't mind too much about the size.

I already discussed what Brittany looks like. I find her to be a very sexy woman. Her friends that appear on the site are pretty much in the same category as her. They are slightly older, extremely sexy but also extremely unnatural. The action here is one of my biggest problems. Sure, its hot, but I think it could have been a lot better. There just seems to be a lot missing from it, and most of what I think is missing is some passion. The girls just don't seem to be into it as much as I think they should. But that is just my opinion, yours might vary a little bit.

Brittany Love is updated about every week. There are no true bonus sites, but there are a lot of different extras to keep you occupied here. There is a diary here, there is a forum here, as well as some extra models. Ok, so the extras aren't perfect either. There is a page full of leased content, but nothing particularly interesting either. Maybe not the best deal ever on the net, but there are a good number of pictures and videos to keep you occupied as well.


Brittany Love XXX is a great single model site. The quality is the best part of the site, it is really great and second to none. I thought some of the action lacked a little, and could have been scripted better. That is more of a personal idea but that might hold true for you as well. Otherwise, you have a nice site with a good amount of content and a focus on a very unique, sexy woman.


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