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Review of Movies Asian:

Movie megasites are one of the new trends out there on the internet. Instead of going out and renting porn, you can download it and view it in the comfort of your own home. I really think in a few years the number of adult video stores will dwindle to next to nothing. Thats because of the prevalence of sites like this. But fear not, there will still be a huge porn video industry out there. But it might just lose a little steam. Anyway, I've been waiting for the day that the adult video megasites begin to split off into genre-specific groups. My dream has begun to come true with Movies Asian.

Movies Asian is one of the movie megasites, but this time only with a focus on asian women. Let me define movie megasite for a minute. These are the kinds of sites where you can download scenes from previously made, commercially available porn. Basically after a few years a movie has been out, the publisher will share the rights with another company which will enable you to view them online pretty much. Anyway, these sites are good because there is a lot of porn on them. For the webmasters, its really easy work, they don't have to make any content, but the sites sell themselves based on the content itself. And everyone can enjoy them here and there. Sure the originality factor is in question, but that is about it. So, these sites are usually very broad, and they might have say ten asian-specific movies. Well, here, they take the idea of those video sites- and give it one solid theme: asians. Awesome idea and I hope to see more roll around like this.

When you first sign into Movies Asian, you are given a membership page which is pretty cut and dried. There are text links to the different categories, with the number of scenes in each category. There is also a static sidebar which will keep the categories with you no matter where you go. A very simple looking front page, but effective for what it is. There is a search feature as well, which can help you find what you are looking for quickly. Now while the site design is simple, I am going to throw a few problems in here. One is the categorization. In the lesbian category, I see more dick than there should be in any lesbian category. I don't think things are categorized well. There are also some empty categories. Well, why list them if they don't have any videos? Sure it might be a plan for the future, but then add the link in the future and not now! Or at least give us a coming soon logo or something. Basically, this is a simple site design but it has many sniffings of poor site design as well.

The videos are the focus of the site here. Hell, this isn't called Pictures Asian now is it? Anyway, when you select a category from the main page or sidebar, you are taken to its page. On this page, you get one thumbnail for each scene, as well as a checklist. If something is included in the scene, it is checked off. The list includes: dildo, facial, fetish, groupsex, masturbation, blowjob, sex, uniforms, and others. This is kind of cool because it quickly shows you what to expect in the video. When you click on the video to go to its page, you are given a bunch of smaller vidcaps as well. Not the biggest or best thumbnails in the world, but they do give you a somewhat decent idea of what is going on in here. There are also ratings for each movie.

The actual movies come in many forms. You can stream them in Broadband, 100k, or 56k WMVs. You can also download a 300k WMV or a high quality AVI file. It should be noted that some of these use the XVID codec. Lots of options here. And at the highest download option, you get a very good picture quality. The full screen is nearly flawless, and the quality here is overall very good as far as the computer part goes. Now, some of these videos are a little aged, and the actual master files aren't the best quality. So keep that in mind with the quality, but for the most part, you get some excellent videos here.

There are no savable, big sized pictures here. The closest thing you get is the smaller screencaps on the videos page, but that isn't much at all. So no real pictures here, and hell, no really good preview pics either, but like I said, its called Movies Asian for a reason.

The girls here are, well, asians! Basically if you like asians, you should dig the beauties here. If you're not into them, then this site probably won't change your mind. They are all pretty attractive, although some of them might not shave "down there" as much as they should. As far as action goes, here are the categories: Big Boobs, Bondage, hentai (this one is empty so far), interracial, lesbian, pornstar, excited (?), teen, uniform, Voyeur, and mature.. So that gives you an idea of what they have here.

There is no mention of how often the site is updated. It is also hard to calculate the total number of scenes due to overlapping themes. I can say that there is quite a bit, easily over 150 scenes of content here. With no bonus sites, you need good numbers like that, and Movies Asian delivers.


This is a good site for non-exclusive, great quality asian videos. Anyone into asian girls should definately have a membership here at one point or another. It's not the best designed or set up site, but the videos outweigh any weakness in structure. Good site, but only for fans of the genre of course.


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