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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Chloe Love:

Guys are afraid of lots of things. Some guys are afraid of heights, some of spiders, some of fire. When we're talking about fear, you could also include things like the fear of being along, fear of dying, etc. Those are bigger fears that go beyond just being afraid of one simple thing, but include a whole idea to be afraid of. Well, in porn guys are afraid of some things too. One might be slipping into a gay scene. Another might be seeing a very hairy bush. But my biggest fear used to be seeing a girls ribcage. Seeing a girl so skinny that you literally see the bones. Now, I have adjusted my views just a little bit, and I have been looking at more and more porn of skinny skinny girls. I bring this up because I definately saw some bones on the site Chloe Love!

Chloe Love is the site of the girl Chloe, a single model site with a big focus on her. This is a more professional single model site. I don't think Chloe had much of a hand of anything on the site except maybe being in the pictures. Which is fine, I'm not slagging that at all. Its just when we review a site like this I want to make it clear its a single model site, but not really amateurly done. Anyway, the theme is one girl, and Chloe is definately hot enough to have a site all about her. They seem to make a big deal out of the fact that she is younger, making it kind of a teen site. I agree she is a younger girl, but I think they may have gotten more milage with the idea that she is just extremely cute over the fact that she is a teen. She blows away a lot of other single model site girls just in cuteness and not needing to be made up too much, but at the same time looking really good when made up.

When you first sign into Chloe Love, you are given a page with four of Chloe's latest sets. There is only one small thumbnail per set, and I really don't jive with what I see here. I would consider the presentation very poor. I almost would say why bother having anything on the front page if it is just going to be a portal anyway. I really believe in front page designs- they set the mood for the site, and a good front page will always make a site ten times better and easier to navigate. Now here all I get is links. Well, at least it is a clean site design. But I just think there should be a little more on the front page. But still, you can go to the different sections of the sites, basically photos and pictures is where you will spend the lions share of your time.

The photos is the bulkier section of Chloe Love. When you go to the photos section, you get one thumbnail with a little description underneath it as well. It basically is a one line blurb, nothing too exciting. There are two pages of this, and they are all fairly well spaced and the page looks perfect, not too overwhelming or underwhelming. A few things I'd change- first of all, the white background is just a little plain. And second of all, they include the upcoming pictures in like regular gallery pictures. I think they need to be seperated a little bit. But overall, I'm making minor complaints because everything is in pretty good order in the big picture.

Lets talk photo quality! The pictures here are done very professionally, with great camerawork. There is only one quality, and that is 800 x 1200 pixels. These pictures look pretty good, and I enjoy them very much. The galleries are fairly well packed with a lot of pictures, some might call it overkill, but I just say the more the merrier! There are no slideshows and no zip files of entire sets, so that was kind of weak. But for the most part, a very nice photo section is the highlight of Chloe Love.

The videos are also an advantage of this site. When you go to the video side, you are given one thumbnail from the video and options to download either 56k or DSL versions. The DSL versions can run around 1000k and look pretty good for what they are. The videos are weird, because they are not a focus but they are not really a toss-aside either. They are very good compliments to the pictures, but if you are looking for videos and only videos, this site won't quite do it for you. It should also be mentioned that there is a British guy narrarting the videos, and he is quite overbearing at times. Let the damn girl strip Austin Powers!

Chloe is a very, very cute younger girl. She has a nice body, and yes sometimes you can see a little bone. Skinny girl, very attractive, awesome face! She can look good in a variety of outfits and she really was just super hot to me. I thought she was great. Of course you can check previews for yourself. The action is pretty softcore, not a whole lot of action to speak of really. Most of it is Chloe stripping, but there is very little spreading or penetration if I saw any at all. So you have to be able to enjoy the beauty of a girl here, not just the beauty of a girl getting railed. There were a few scenes with two girls, and they were more suggestive and softcore than anything else. But still, some of them were very, very hot!

At the time of review, there were 42 picture sets and 10 videos. Not exactly a cavalcade of content, but the site is still worth the price of admission if you find Chloe as hot as I do and are into pictures more than videos. I have to admit, I'm becoming more of a video fiend lately! Anyway, there are no bonus sites really, just some ad links to other sites and a few guest galleries that were actually pretty hot. So value is a question mark, the site is updated a lot, but it doesn't seem to be in a consistent pattern from what I could tell from the latest four updates. Still, they are trying, which is nice.


Chloe Love is a good single model site with a focus on a very, very. very cute younger girl. It is a bit questionable on content, and is strictly for the softer fans, but it does accomplish a lot with a little, just a good middle of the road single model site.


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