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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: Yes Formats: Windows

Prices: $19.00/30 days

Review of Sweet Juliette:

I like sweet things. I recently bought some fudge from a far and away store on a trip. And boy was it sweet! But I did indeed like it. Actually there were four flavors. There was a peanut butter delight, mmm, sweet. There was apple pie, which I never thought of in fudge form but it was also sweet. And then there was the seasonal favorite pumpkin fudge, good for the month of October but nothing you would want to try in like May or something. And of course the old, sweet favorite, chocolate. Nothing special, just plain old chocolate. Just the way I like it. I also like sweet girls, so of course I was enamored with Sweet Juliette and her webpage.

Sweet Juliette is a single model site, with a basis on Sweet Juliette. Now, Sweet Juliette is an amateur single model site. This is not one of those sleek, professionally produced websites. This looks more akin to something that Juliette or someone close to her has produced. With that, it does indeed look a little, well, amateur. But that can be great as a theme, because it gives you a feeling of realness. Let's see how that works in the context of this particular site.

Now, that amateur aspect is definately seen in the site design. When you sign into the members section, you are given a bunch of thumbnails. It lists each and every one of the picture sets here on the front page, with three thumbnails for each picture. The thumbnails are pretty good, and give you a good idea of the set. But good god, the entire picture content on the front page? That doesn't jive too well with me. Although it does tend to run too long, the actual page isn't too cumbersome. I mean, it could be a lot worse, I just think there is too much on one page. If they limited it to five or ten sets on the page, this would be a nice design especially for an amateurly done site. But the reasoning of not having a seperate picture page and putting it all on the front is kind of overkill. We'll get into more site design snafus when we get into the other sections of the site, but for the most part, this is a decently designed site that just runs too long and old.

The pictures are a bigger focus here on Sweet Juliette. We already discussed how the photos are laid out. From the front page, you go to the gallery. In the gallery you have all the thumbnails on one page. Again, the page runs long, but the thumbnails are quite good. The setup is pretty decent, with two bigger thumbnails per row. The thumbnails are great, but they are pretty big for thumbnails. It's different enough from most sites that some might be a little uncomfortable. But I personally don't mind the setup, it gives you a clear view of the pictures and doesn't leave any questions. It's definately not the typical pictures section, but I didn't mind it too much.

Picture quality here is pretty good for what it is. They are pretty professional looking as well, with some sets even going as far to being professional looking in the artistic way. These pics are 600 x 902 pixels and they look very nice. Not the best resolution ever, but still some very good pictures that nobody can really complain much about. They also do a good job with the poses, making Juliette look different from set to set while still maintaining her good looks.

The videos take a secondary role here. The videos page is just a text listing of the videos. The title pretty much tells it all, but thumbnails would have been nice. You get WMVs here, only one quality. That quality can vary from set to set, but I never saw it go much over 400k. Basically, these videos supplement the pictures a little, but they aren't anything special at all really. It should be noted that there are also videos taken from other places, but its basically just trailers and crap, nothing too interesting or worth looking at.

Sweet Juliette is a skinny, brown haired girl with average tits and a pretty nice body. She is pretty toned which is always a plus. She also has a nice pair of legs which she uses to her advantage in many of the sets. As far as the action goes, its mainly solo stuff with just Juliette. Theres a few two girl sets, but they don't get too hardcore. And the same thing goes for everything, this isn't a softcore site but it never gets too hardcore either. The action is also a nice mixture of a lot of things, especially in the videos. Just don't go into this expecting ultra hardcore all the time, and you will like the action.

At the time of review, there were a total of over 90 picture sets and 23 Juliette movies.
There is no real mention of how often the site is updated, but with sites like this its usually a safe bet that the site is updated from time to time. There are no bonus sites really, so there is a lack of that too. But still, there is a lot of content here just from Juliette and that makes the site pretty sweet.


This is a good site in the true amateur realm. Sure, it could be designed better, but for a true amateur site, design should be a slight sacrifice. Its got an affordable price tag and a pretty lady, so its definately worth a look! Not a top shelf site but it is a solid entry into the world of true amateur websites.


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