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Review of Night Voyeur:

I just found out that we have a semi crazy guy living in our neighborhood. Not only does he just like to wander the streets at night, eventually he will have a peek into some neighbors houses. I think this is totally not cool. Hey, we all are into voyeuristic fantasies sometimes. But thats what we have websites for, and I don't believe its the kind of thing that should be acted out in real life. But hey, if some people want to, that is their free ticket to jail. I hope this guy makes it to jail more sooner than later! But for those of us who would like to do some window peeping, but are actually smart and honest enough to not do it, we can check out webpages like Night Voyeur.

Night Voyeur is a blog-like adult site with a focus on the window peeping community. Here, cameras are set up in windows and they try to capture girls undressing, etc. in their neighbors' houses. This concept actually isn't half bad, except for all the moral issues of course. But as a theme it isn't done a whole hell of a lot in voyeur sites. Usually you see hidden cameras in the actual room, or random beach cameras or something. So the idea of window peeping comes along as pretty fresh in a category of porn that is anything but that most of the time! Lets see how Night Voyeur does with this good theme!

When you first sign in, you are given a page that looks like a blog. The page does claim to be a blog, but someone needs to inform them of what a blog is. Throughout the site, there is no writing whatsoever save for on the front page where they tell you this is a blog. Pretty ironic isn't it? It's not even set up like a blog, this was a weird little choice of words. The site itself is extremely vanilla. You go to the video sites, get some small thumbnails, pick one, get more small thumbnails, and download the videos. Very plain and boring, and the design while clean could definately use a little sprucing up. Reading through this site is like spending time at night reading a childrens book to yourself. Just very plain and with all the sites out there with a really good design, this one is just put to shame with this plain boring old design.

The videos are not only the focus on Night Voyeur, they are the only section throughout the site. It should be a good one then, right? Well, wrong. The videos section here is just poorly designed. When you go into the videos section, you get a contact sheet of thumbnails in which you really can't see shit from one to another. They all pretty much look like pictures of windows. So unless you are really into this theme, chances are you won't feel like going through everything and weeding out the good and the bad. If you do select a thumbnail, you are given a page with... more thumbnails. Again small and crappy, but this time theres a ton more of them for each set. You can then download in two qualities of video, high and low.

The quality here isn't too bad picture wise, but you have two factors working against it. Number one is that the camera angle does not lend itself to good videos. Of course, that is theme, but still, it doesn't look good. And the second is that these are just short ass clips and you don't see much. Its the nature of the site I know, but if this is the case, you should have a ton of other stuff on the site to supplement the content, but here it is just a collection of the videos.

The girls here are all relatively attractive when you can see them, which is not very often. As far as action goes, you are basically peeping at nude women in the window. Again I must say, and not to knock people who like this, but you really need a lot more beef in the site for the regular porn viewer to even consider a membership here.

And that is basically what the site needs is more beef. Sure, there are about 46 video clips here. But many of them are under a minute and altogether you get around an hour of content, which is not very much. They do update on a decent basis, about every five days its said. There is an update countdown posted on the site so you know when the update will happen. But, there is no bonus material and this also really lessens the beef factor.


Unless you are really hard up for seeing girls walking around nude next door, this is a site to skip. Even for fans of the idea, the site just doesn't have enough to it to warrant a membership at any price.


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