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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI

Prices: Limited Trial: $19.95/15 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days, rebills at $27.95
$79.95/90 days, rebills at $69.95

Review of Hidden Zone:

Theres something about seeing something that you are not supposed to be seeing that is a gigantic turn on. That is why we sometimes watch even when there is a horrific accident. Everyone wants to look, because they are curious but also because they know they are not supposed to. It goes back to the childhood dilemma of what you can do vs. what you cannot do. Sure, the adult in you has resolved that. But there is still the little bit of you that wants to see what you're not supposed to see, and sometimes do what you are not supposed to do. Today we have a site that feeds that hidden desire of seeing what you are not supposed to do. It is Hidden Zone!

Hidden Zone is a site with a focus on hidden camera action. The majority of the focus is just on female nudity, not really hidden camera sex. The scenes are at places like the beach and the locker room. If you are old enough to remember, there used to be a huge market for this on the net. People loved this, and I really think it has died down a little bit. But we all have a little bit of voyeur in us, and Hidden Zone will try to satisfy your need to see things you are not supposed to see. In this review we will see whether or not it is enough to satisfy us.

When you first sign into Hidden Zone, you are given a page that shows the latest updates and whatnot. On the side, there is a bar that takes you to the various sections of the page. There are both pictures and videos but the videos definately are the focus just because of the theme. The biggest downfall of the site design is that the front page is just too longer. I said it lists the latest updates, but we are talking about months and months of stuff. Furthermore, the page has a lot of updates, so that means a lot of thumbnails. It could bog down a connection, it probably won't, but even if it doesn't it is still an annoyance. This problem continues throughout the page, and this is probably the biggest issue of the site design. It is a pretty big, annoying one, though, especially when you are trying to dowload videos.

The videos here are done in the XVID codec. They are WMVs but you will need that codec, which isn't the easiest one in the world to acquire. The site gives you a link to go to it and get it, so it's not a huge deal. But its still there. All of these videos are full movie only. And I guess you could just call them clips, because they are very short. You will find them to be about 1 minute at most with some only being 20 seconds. Actually they are quite reminiscent of the old days when this stuff was kinda popular, the clips haven't changed much. Now, some of these videos are of the same action going through several clips, and others are just independent. The biggest problem with this is that there is no seperation between the independent ones and the ongoing ones, so you have no idea as a downloader.

The quality here was actually quite acceptable for my tastes. Usually with hidden camera stuff, you get absolutely junky quality. It's just part of the way it goes. But here, you get some surprisingly good quality. Probably the best hidden camera videos I've seen. Sometimes that might suspect you to think that this is setup, but here, if it is setup, they made it look so real that it doesn't matter either way. Just the best hidden video stuff I've seen. Now, with that said, there is the whole camera issue. A lot of people, myself included, are very intolerant with camera angles and with the camerawork being bad. Well, that is an inherent part of hidden video stuff. So that comes with the package here and it might be hard for some, like me, to swallow.

The pictures on Hidden Zone are not really hidden camera pictures. Instead, they are more like regular porn pictures. I thought this was weird and it didn't really fit all that well into the idea of the site. So I guess that was my biggest problem with the pictures. It just didn't fit into the whole concept of the site. The amateur stuff is still prevalent. However, it's very posed and worked out, and I'm not sure if its original Hidden Zone content or not, but either way it just doesn't fit and I think the pictures could have been used in a much better way here.

The girls on here are a very amateur mixture. They are girls you will see everyday, and that can range from very sexy women to uglies. It can be skinny girls, or larger girls. It can be any girl you are looking at! That is the beauty of hidden camera, my friends. The action here is usually just girls being naked, there are a few sexual scenes but its basically just the nudist stuff. To give you an idea of the environments here, the categories for the videos are: beach cabin, japan voyeur, locker, other movies, the beach, upskirt, vpl, and wc. I don't know or care what vpl and wc stand for, but vpl seems to be nice asses in jeans and wc is peeing stuff.

It's hard to count the amount of content here on Hidden Zone due to the problem with the combining of sets and nonsets here. Add in the amount of stuff on one page and its just hard to count. I can say that they update quite regularly, the numbers don't show daily like they claim but it's still a pretty good update schedule. As far as bonus sites go, nope sorry not here.


Hidden Zone is a voyeur site with some coolness. But in the end, it's basically just structured like an older site, the videos are short and not bundled together well. It's an old concept, and not too many people do it because it is hard to do. I think the most hardcore voyeur fan might dig into this, but other than that, I can't see many people wanting to join up here.


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