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Review of America Fucking:

So often when you see a true amateur site, it is usually a picture site. I'm talking about the kind of sites that offer a variety of different amateurs sending in their own pictures for viewing on the web. These sites are often very good, but also very tedious to look through. And there is just an untapped market for videos of this as well. Sure, some of these sites might have video sections with a few clips here and there, but there are no dedicated video sites to it. Yet, that is. Enter America Fucking, where it is all about the red white and blue mixed in with a little extra white.

America Fucking is very much like those standalone amateur sites, but with a focus only on videos. In fact, there are no pictures on the site at all. In my opinion, a site like this could take off if done properly. Is America Fucking going to be the one to take off? Well, that is what we will look at today, but lets go back to theme for a minute. There are basically three layers of porn. Sure, it could be broken down a hell of a lot more, but we're bringing it down to the simple terms right now. There is professional porn, which is like if your beautiful sister got some fake tits and became a porn star that does many movies a year. There is semi-amateur porn, where your pretty sister answered a few ads to make a few dollars, but isn't seen as a common porn actress and doesn't show up on a lot of sites. Then there is true amateur, where your sister, no matter how she looks, sends her pictures or videos into a site just for the fun of it. This is a true amateur site.

When you first sign into America Fucking, you are given a very long page. The bulk of it is writing about the scenes. Each scene has a very detailed write up, along with one thumbnail. This is all well and good, but it just doesn't work out in terms of an entire front page. The page is way too long, the downloads are hard to find, and most of us don't give six shits about the people who run the site looking for a new car. This is suitable for maybe independent video pages, but the front page just reads more like a blog than a porn site. Which wouldn't even be bad if it was organized to make the porn easy to get to, but alas, its not. On the sidebar there are links to check out videos by month, by category, and so on. Kind of useless in my opinion, however, because it's all formatted the same and the lions share of the content is already on the front page anyway and theres only a few pages to scroll through. This might be helpful if they overhaul a little bit or get more content, but for now, its pretty ineffective. The site is clean of ads and crap for the most part, but it just isn't a well designed site for what they were trying to do. It almost looks like a cookie cutter blog site.

Well, the videos are the focus here. You have to search through the description/everyday life journal of these two to actually find a video link. When you do, its in text format. Sometimes the videos will be segmented, but it will also give you a full video download in that case. Its all WMV here, and for the most part its one quality, although a few videos offer two qualities. I'm sounding like a jumbled mess here aren't I? Well, that is exactly what these videos are like. They need to be a lot more consistent from video to video, I know thats hard with submissions, but you can't have your site being too jumbled up either. On the bright side, most of the videos will download very fast as they are not the biggest files in the world. But overall the technical problems just make this a harder site to enjoy.

The quality of the videos here is OK. Again, this varies depending on the submitter. The main people who run the site have good videos at around 511k, while others are in the 300k range. While none of these file sizes are mind blowing, they aren't expected to be. This is amateur stuff, so you can't expect dvd quality. And compared to what you get on sites that could be likened to this one, they really aren't bad videos. So the quality is passable, it won't win any awards, but for what this is, its good.

The main submitters here are the webmasters, Will and Tess. Tess is a pretty attractive girl with a nice little body. She definately is a hot amateur, and none of the girls here really fit the mold of being unattractive or unfit. There are a few other people who submit to the page, but Will and Tess are the main regulars and you could pretty much call this their site. The action here is your basic sex stuff, almost all man on female sex except for two sets. It is your basic stuff, nothing too kinky at all. The camera angles are of course not up to snuff to professional stuff, but some of these submitters have good amateur videos.

At the time of review, there were about 48 videos available here. That is quite a bit of content, but its spread among only a few girls. Maybe a total of 15 total different submitters. The way the site is set up, it doesn't look like there is a lot of content, and its a bit misleading. I was all ready to slag the amount of content, and here I count over 40 videos. Not bad. The updates are shaky but they are ongoing. There are no bonus sites, either. So maybe not high on the value factor, but nice on the unique factor!


The organization is what kills this site more than anything. It is a blog site, not a porn site. The content is OK, but could be bulkier. The entire idea of the site is absolutely killer, but it does fizzle (fo shizzle?) a little bit.


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