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Review of Cape Horny:

Let's take a trip to the Cape. A lot of people say that around here. That is because Cape Cod is only five hours away. Sometimes, you have to get away for a weekend and go to the Cape. In the summer time, there really is no better place to be. Beautiful girls, great parties, and an overall nice atmosphere. It feels great to just kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy yourself for a few days. Hey, I wish I could do it right now. Too bad its starting to get cold out, and the Cape will begin to get deserted. Then its time to find a snow capped getaway deep in the mountains. The girls are still just as hot, just wearing a lot more! I'm getting way off subject here. Cape Horny is a amateur porn site we will be reviewing today.

The theme behind Cape Horny is that these are amateur girls going on their first porn audition. So where does the Cape come from? These are Cape Town girls! That is South Africa for those not in the know, and I was one of them actually. Anyway, the theme here is a pretty regular one. I'm sure you've heard that before. Amateurs getting auditioned, wow thats a new one. I seriously wonder if some sites just do it for the quick buck and try to just get something that has worked before. I hate it when there are completely reused themes. And this is one of the biggest ones. At least change it a little bit, I mean, make it an audition site with a twist. But there are no twists here at Cape Horny, and that is strike one against the site.

The setup would definately be strike two. I've never seen a setup quite as confusing and as weird as this site. When you sign in, you get a junky showing of the latest clips. Now, they are seperated by segment, and some videos have a million segments. And I normally don't bring up segments here, but they are showing each segment as though its a set. That makes it confusing, especially since you really don't know where the start and end points of each set is. And even more confusing is the topbar. Now Playing just gives you streams of stuff. The girl gallery shows you the girls available on the site. This is probably where you are going to want to go since the front page is useless. This page is actually indexed rather well. But it doesn't make up for a generally confusing design, and when you get into the set you get the same headache that you had on the front page. Really just a site that needs a total overhaul.

The videos are the focus on Cape Horny. Again with the messy design all over the place, I will warn you of that. You have options of downloading the videos in low and high quality. These videos are DRMed and I really don't know why, because they are completely shitty. Not the best quality of videos, and with the completely ridiculous segments, I wouldn't let them pay me to keep these videos on my computer. I watched a few streams and they were pretty hot, but in the end, it's just not where you want to be.

Why would you combine several segments and DRM? Jeez, at least just use one method to scare away potential customers, not two of them! I can't even really comment on the quality because DRM isn't working right for me, and I only saw one video. What I did see wasn't anything special. The file sizes are managable, but you won't keep a membership here, and with DRM you probably won't be keeping the videos on for very long. And with no full video option, its just a pain in the balls all around. The videos didn't do anything too special to even be worth it. I know, I'm slamming around some decent content. But the setup is just so crappy and the design is terrible, what in the world does it matter how good the stuff is? And its about average anyways, nothing good.

As far as pictures go, the site says that there are pictures here. However, the only pictures I saw were vidcaps that they showed for every segment. How is that considered a picture? More like a thumbnail. Oh well. Just another testament to shitty site design I guess. I don't know, maybe I am wrong here, but I just couldn't find any kind of regular pictures. The vidcaps are nice and big actually, but I'm not going to talk good about shit so I'll stop right here.

The girls on Cape Horny are fairly attractive amateurs. At the same time, I found myself skipping over more girls than viewing them. But still, that was more of a problem with the actual site design than anything to do with the girls. Its a case where shitty design makes the content shittier, sometimes its the other way around. If the site had been setup better, these girls would be awesome, and they still are. But with the way the site is you are just kicking yourself for wasting your time with it instead of getting into it. The action here is varied, there are quite a few lesbian sets as well as a lot of solo and hardcore sets. The sets drag on forever and the action could be a lot better. But either way, it just got a little boring after a while.

At the time of review, there were a total of around 130 girls. This is a large amount of content, but its not all original. Some girls have more than one set of content as well. But to compound that, some sets have more than one girl and those are listed for each one. So the numbers can be persuaded both ways really. But no matter what, it is a large amount of content. There are no bonus sites, but the site is updated every day with new segments.


Cape Horny is a site that needs a major overhaul in the design department. Combine that with crappy membership practices of bad segmentation and DRM, and its an easy one to pass over. There are a million better sites out there than this, so why settle for this one?


2 Day Trial- $4.55
30 Day Membership- $24.00

Billing by Media Engine (a South African Billing company)


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