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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Digi Dolls:

It's not a doll, its an action figure! You know, toy collectors have been saying this for years. Because us toy collectors need to put a value on our hobby to make it seem worthful. That is why we use the term action figure instead of toys or dolls. And that is why we say it somewhat akin to Tony Soprano saying "it's not a nursing home, its a retirement community" in that blank darkness he has. Why do I bring it up? Because todays site is not about dolls, action figures, or toys. It is all about Digi Dolls, and lets hear all about them right now!

Digi Dolls is a site with a focus on model quality girls doing very explicit, hardcore things. Kind of like a playboy with penetration. I know, a lot of places try this and its nothing really new. But I guess the main focus is to have really quality stuff, really quality girls and really quality content. We can see if that holds true in the review, but I would like to say a few things about the theme. So many times is a site focused on something like big tits or teens or something. I think it is kind of refreshing to put the focus simply on beautiful models, and not have them have to fit into any kind of sub genre. Girls of all different types can be beautiful, so I thought the theme here was pretty palatable.

When you first sign into Digi Dolls, you are given a page which highlights both the newest sets and the members most popular sets. There is also a preview of upcoming sets as well. This is all done as smaller thumbnails stretched horizontally across the screen. The thumbnails are pretty artsy and in some cases don't give you a good idea of what the set is like. For example, one of the ones up there now is just an ass. Sure, thats nice, but I want to see what the girl looks like to decide whether I want to see everything else! So needless to say I didn't click on that one. So that could be a little better. There is a sidebar which takes you to the various picture and movie sets. And that is about it for the site. It is a very well designed, clean, nicely built site. The black background and bright pictures give it a nice contrast that gets the idea of the site across very well. Overall, I liked the way it looked a lot.

The pictures were probably the bigger focus on Digi Dolls just going by sheer quantity. When you go to the pictures page, the thumbnails are set up exactly like I said on the front page. Underneath the thumbnails you get the models name, how many views the set has, and how many images contained within. When you click into the set, you get a bunch of even smaller thumbnails! These things are tiny, almost to the size where you could use them for an AIM icon! This is pretty bad and I think the thumbnailling is probably the biggest issue with this site. However, when you get into the actual picture, you are given some cool options. You can move from picture to picture using a dropdown menu, which I don't think is too special but I don't see something like that too often. You also have a slideshow option, and you can select the speed of that slideshow. Pretty cool.

So how are the quality of the pictures? As promised, they are awesome. Very cool looking pictures, magazine quality as far as picture quality goes. And as far as computer quality goes, they are perfectly clear, bright, and again, they look great against the black background. They are 1000 x 1500 pixels which makes for a bigger picture, but they are just awesome in quality. Overall, these are great, professional looking photos!

There is also a video section here on Digi Dolls. When you go to the video page, you are given the option of a hi-res video section or a lo-res video section. This is kind of hidden, and I didn't even realize it until I starting writing this review. Kind of a weird way to set up a video page, but whatever. Anyway, you get more of the same thumbnails, this time telling you how many segments each girl has. Then when you click on the thumb, you get a thumb of each segment and you can download it. No real quality options here, you just kinda get what you get. Other than the switch at the beginning you can do, I mean. These are all WMVs and they are all segmented. And more annoying than anything, they all have the same file name- 001.wmv, 002.wmv, etc. This makes this a pain in the ass to download and its a little thing that can make a big difference for the member.

So how is the quality for the videos? Well, it drops down a notch or two from the picture quality. Here, they have about an average quality. The videos in high res play at 755k and while they do look pretty good, there is some pixelation at full screen. What is also annoying is that the videos aren't too long, yet there are segments. The overall concept of the video section is good, but there are a few elements that could be implemented to make it better.

The girls on Digi Dolls are all very professional looking models and porn stars. The fakeness level is pretty high, but the girls are also very beautiful because of that. I mean, these are not naturals by any means. But still, the girls are very good looking. You just have to be into the faker side of women. That is all. As far as the action, it is hardcore. There is some lesbian stuff, some hardcore solo, and some stuff with a penis involved, kinda of an easy mixture of the three. It's not as big of a surprise that these girls are doing hardcore because they look like they could be doing it. So the theme is very valid, but at the same time, it can be what kills your enjoyment of the site as well. It's really just a matter of what you are into.

At the time of review, there were a total of 120 picture sets and 41 video sets. It should be noted that there are a lot of repeat models, but not to the point where it is silly either. I want to talk about bonuses before I talk updates. There are bonus picture and video sets here for Solo Girl, Lesbian, and Hardcore sets. These are basically unoriginal pictures and videos, but stylized like the rest of the site. Not really anything special, and these are all the bonuses. I will say that they are not seen all over the place, so that eases it up a little bit. But the reason I mention this first is because these unoriginals are included with the updates, which doesn't give the main model stuff much beef in the long run if they are just adding one real set every few weeks!


They have the site look nailed down, but the design fails in the sense of thumbnails and file names. They have awesome quality, like they say. And they have very beautiful, porn model type girls. If you like this and can withstand a few minor site quirks, by all means, check it out. But there are a few factors holding this site from true greatness.


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