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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, MP4, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $19.95
$12.95/7 days, rebills at $19.95
$21.95/30 days, rebills at $19.95
$49.95/90 days
$79.95/180 days
$100.00/365 days

Review of Fort Lauderdale Babes:

Every locale can have a special kind of woman. Here in my little area, there are many different types of women. In one town you can see some of the hottest latinas ever. In another area, its basically just white trash and not much chance of finding a hot girl. In yet another area, you can find some real snobby upperclass women. You know what, each different girl has a unique aspect to them. And I would like to see them all fucked on video, and that is why I am all for sites that focus on locales. And while the areas around me may never have a porn site because of the smallness, there is always big areas like Fort Lauderdale to fill in the gap.

The idea behind Fort Lauderdale Babes is that the webmasters cruise the beaches of Fort Lauderdale looking for girls to be in their porn. They then do the porn in the POV style, for you and I to enjoy. Now, you might be expecting to see some more amateur women. Well, the whole looking for Ft Lauderdale exclusive girls is kind of a bust, as some of the women here you've seen before all over other porn sites. Doesn't mean the stuff is bad, but the idea becomes one of the scripted reality site ideas. Well, at least the theme is somewhat original. But at the same time, the theme tells us nothing about neither the girls nor the action of the series. So it is kind of an open ended theme, you know, a theme but not really a theme. So that brings it down a little bit.

When you first sign onto the site, you are given a messy mixture of highlighted sets. Why do I say messy? Well, there are all different size thumbnails all around.. most all sets only had one thumbnail but for some reason one of them had two. The only place the thumbnails are consistent are on the bottom where they are really small. There is also a sheet of thumbnails, the same sets as elsewhere, which is kind of weird. Overall it's just not a stable design. Just very mish-mashed and jumpy and not making a lot of sense. The design gets more stable within the site, but its still not a good design with the thumbnails just being way too small for such a site and there not being much else to it.

I would say that the videos are the bigger focus here on Fort Lauderdale Babes. When you go to the videos page, you are given one big picture of the girl, a vidcap of course but it still gives you a good idea of what she looks like. This is followed by the segments, each one with an accompanying thumbnail which is quite small. Each video is available in only one quality WMV. They are also heavily segmented videos, with the segments being about 18mb and around three minutes. There is no full video option, and the segment numbers here are numerous but not quite to the absurd level yet. About 9 segments per video. They download relatively fast, but that isn't always a good thing as it could be an indicator for a weaker quality video.

The video quality of these WMVs 346k. This is a pretty low number, especially considering that this is a standalone video site without much more to offer other than the videos. Now for the bitrate they look a lot better than they could, but lets not joke around: this level of quality is not acceptable here. The price might be a little lower, but that doesn't mean you have to shit up the quality! And the price isn't too special anyways. If you are going to be serious about having a video site, you need to up the quality tenfold!

Pictures are relatively well-taken vidcaps here on Fort Lauderdale Babes. They aren't nearly as pixelated or blurry as some vidcaps I've seen elsewhere. But, they are still pixelated, blurry vidcaps with nothing to really offer the viewer. There is no way you should sign up here for the pictures, and they are just there to be there like so many video sites out there in the world.

The sites one redeeming quality for me was its women. The girls on here are pretty amazing! Many of them are quite amateur looking while still being very hot. The girls I have seen on other sites before are still quite amateur looking, but I just knew they weren't deep inside because I've seen them all around before! The girls are definately the highlight here, no doubt. The action pretty much all occurs in the POV style of porn. Basically the guy is holding the camera while he does his thing. Some people love this style, others don't, I didn't mind but I prefer the traditional way!

At the time of review, there were a total of 42 sets of content here so far. That is a nice number, and its respectable. But it also should be mentioned that some girls are used two to three times as well. There are no real timestamps or mention of how often the site is updated, so I really have no idea.

As far as bonus sites, well, there aren't any, nor are there any leased sites to supplement the site. There is a section of just pictures taken from the beach highlighting some girls in bikinis. These are still vidcaps, and only really interesting to those who love girls in bikinis I guess. So there isn't a whole lot of punch packed on this site.


The awesome girls and the decent amount of content just can't overcome the general sloppy design and very low quality of the videos here. I wanted to like Fort Lauderdale Babes, because so many girls were hot. But I just couldn't look past all of its faults despite it having some good points as well.


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