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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $24.95
$24.95/30 days
$39.95/60 days
$54.95/90 days
$74.95/180 days

Review of Screaming O:

You've heard of the O Face. Now prepare for the Screaming O! Actually when I saw this sites name, it was all in lowercase like in the URL. I thought it was Scream In Go or something weird like that. Then I thought it was an animal, perhaps related to the flaming: screamingo. Sometimes when names run together like that it just doesn't make sense! But once I figured it all out, I was like, ohhh! Ok, bad joke there. But for those of you uninformed, o stands for orgasm. So of course here on Screaming O, we will see some ladies giving you some screaming orgasm fun!

Screaming O is a video site with a big focus on females having solo fun, and in the end it leading to a very loud orgasm. I think that while this is nothing new for porn fanatics, the way it is presented is very cool and original. First of all, the name just brings on intensity. Screaming! Second of all, even though girls solo isn't a new concept by any stretch, the idea of having them orgasm and having them do it loudly adds to it. And finally, its not like there are a million female solo sites out there anyway. Usually that concept is reserved to a single model site, but here you get to see what many girls do alone! So overall, I thought the theme was very good and effective.

You sign into Screaming O through the network portal. Once you pick this site, you are given a page which has one thumbnail of each girl along with her name and a link to take you to either the pictures or the movies. It's a pretty simple design as you can tell. The thumbnail is pretty good in showing the girl and getting an idea of what she looks like, but it is impossible to get a good feeling for an entire set through one thumbnail. Theres not a whole lot more to this site, other than a link to show you the highest rated sets. It's a simple design, but its easy to use and the thumbnails do give you a good idea of the girls so its not horrible at all.

The videos are definately the focus here on Screaming O! You can download each segment in Real Video, or in Windows Media Low Medium or High. Each segment is given a thumbnail so this is where you get to really understand what is happening in these videos. I don't mind it being delayed a page, and it works well here so it's really pretty cool. I should also mention that there is a full movie download link as well, so really all of the bases are covered here and covered well. Really a good job along these lines and it just gets better!

The quality of these videos is stunning. At high quality, the downloadable WMVs, the bitrate is 1400k. This is just stunning, and at full screen while not perfectly clear the videos are very very good. It should also be mentioned that this content is all from New Sensations, which is a professional porn studio. They happened to get into the video site business here with some original stuff, but it is produced so well that it plays very well on camera! The lighting, camerawork, etc, are all second to none and this is just very good, very professional pornography!

This continues into the pictures, which are 521 x 800 pixels and they look very very nice! These are shot from the same things that the videos are shot from, it seems. But I doubt they are vidcaps as they look very, very nice. There isn't a huge focus on the pictures, but they are done very well. It should also be noted that this entire concept is very picture friendly, so the pictures can be very good here as compared to a lot of other sites! And to add to all of this, you can download zip files of the entire picture sets to have them all on your computer and to navigate them easier! Really, a very big plus in the grand scheme of things.

The girls on Screaming O are not only very hot, but they are very professional porn actresses. Some of the names you will recognize, be it from other sites or from video porn. But these sets are all exclusive. It's just that with the ties to the dvd business of course there will be some crossover. Speaking of crossovers, the action here is very simple. It is basically female solo action. She usually starts off with her fingers and then moves onto some toys. That fun sybian toy is used in many of these scenes! And it all ends with the Screaming O, just as the name says! Overall, it's nothing new to the porn scene but done like this is pretty new and pretty hot as well!

At the time of review, there were a total of 15 Screaming orgasms to be had here! The site is rather new, and it is updated weekly, so the site will continue to grOw and grOw! I need to stop with the bad O jokes, but don't worry, the review is almost over!

The New Sensations Network is getting to be one of the best networks out there on the net. They have a lot of variety, and many of the sites are starting to build up big time! The network now includes: New Sensations, Jizzbomb, Squirting 101, Mr Biggz, Lil Latinas, Screaming O, Papaloads, Buttdivers, Nacho's Killer Pussy, and Four Finger Club. Some of these sites are absolutely awesome! They all have that professional feel to them, but they also all have impeccable quality and good taste!


Just another awesome site in a line of awesome sites from these guys. I guess there are just two things that can throw you off, one is the extremely professional aspect of it. The second is simply just not liking female solo stuff. Otherwise, this site is gold, and the network is awesome!


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