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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.34/30 days
$75.00/90 days

Review of Upperclass Video:

Something we all work towards is being upper class. Everyone wants more money, more fame, and more fortune. Anyone who says they don't is lying to you. So I believe that every website should try to be upper class. Because you know the webmasters want to make more money, more fame, and more fortune. Well, with Upperclass Video, the webmasters may have just struck gold on a new concept that will help them do just that. This is a very interesting site, and anybody interested in learning about a new concept in porn should be reading on. Ladies and Gentlemen, innovation can be good, innovation can be bad, and innovation can be both. And I now introduce you to a site that is completely innovative. Upper Class videos brings porn to a new level.

The way Upper Class Videos brings porn to that new level is by giving you a completely new kind of porn. The focus here is on a dual screen of porn- the entire screen is split in half, one side is showing one angle of the action, and the other side is showing another angle of the action. As far as I know, this has not been done before. Its kind of like the screen in screen technology that didn't really work well for TV. Only time can tell if it works in porn, but I have to give this an awesome theme rating just for trying. It's a theme that doesn't focus on the actions or the actors, and I can only think of one other theme like that, and that is POV porn. But how much you like it is yet to be seen. We'll discuss that later, but for now, let's just get into the basics of this groundbreaking site.

When you first sign into Upper Class Video, you are given a page which has some weirdness to them. The thumbnails are just weird because they are kinda long but not tall. Thats because these are also widescreen features, but more on that later. Anyways, I could have used a little better web design. It's not horrible, but the page is kind of an eyesore to me. Maybe it's the pink background, and maybe it's just the amount of open space. I just didn't like something about it and I'm not sure if I can tell what. I can say that it is pretty simple and easy to use, and overall it gets a rating of not bad.

Videos first, these are the bigger focus on the site. When you get to the videos page, you get more thumbnails that are still kinda weird because of the widescreen aspect. But the thumbnails are pretty good and give you a good idea of what is going on in the videos. You have options of segments, and each of the thumbnails represents a segment. You also can also get a full video at the end if you wish. The quality options here are either Low or High WMVs. So you don't have a lot of options, but sometimes you don't need them. Here is a case of that because the videos are absolutely wonderful.

The quality of the high bandwith WMVs is 1276k and these videos are absolutely gorgeous. They are just awesome, they look great and run great. At full screen, they also look great. These are widescreen videos, so there are the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen like if you go to the movie theaters. That is kind of weak in my opinion, I don't like widescreen DVDs and I don't prefer widescreen porn either. But it just adds to the aura of the site so I won't complain too much more. But yeah, overall, nearly flawless videos here, they don't need a gigantic bitrate to do it, just a lot of nice work, and the smaller screen probably doesn't hurt!

The pictures here are also done very well. They are merely screen caps of the already existing videos on the server. They are also done in the dual angle format, and also are wider than longer like the thumbnails. This is about the best you are going to get out of vidcaps, nothing special but if you are collecting pictures than it is definately a site to keep an eye on for that. I mean, it's a video site, don't get me wrong, but the pictures are good representations of the videos!

The girls on Upper Class Video are all very hot women, who look like porn actresses. Theres some names on here you might recognize, but these are all original videos. The action here is the biggest thing we will talk about, as it is the theme. The multi angle thing works like this: say a chick is giving a blowjob. One side will show the side view, and another will show say the back view. Every here and there, they switch to one full screen, and then move back. Watching it can be kind of a mindfuck. But I can see where it can be cool for many people. It's very innovative and neat, I will definately give it that as well.

I personally didn't care too much for the multi-angle thing. That is because it basically gave me two small screens of porn, and I'd rather just have a large screen. I know, I bitch a lot about camera angles not changing and being boring, and this site has kind of cured that. But it has cured it in a way that I don't care for either, but it's just me. And I'm definately not saying I won't ever watch these videos again. They are awesome quality, but if you ask me as a person, I give them three A+'s for trying something new, but its just not for me. Your milage can and will vary, so check it for yourself!

At the time of review, there was a total of 17 sets of content. Not a huge number, but it is a nice start and definately sufficient enough to warrant a membership. They do an update every other day, but its one of those "add one segment until the whole set fills up" type of schedule. I actually like that because it keeps the webmasters focused, but here it seems like there are two week gaps between lots of videos, which I think could be worked on a bit. Theres no bonuses listed, but this is one of those sites that doesn't really need one because its quality and innovation takes it pretty far.


What an innovative and new site! I love it when they try different stuff, and this is definately it. And they do it with great quality, decent amounts of material, and a great attitude. Sure, I didn't like it too too much- but it was still very nice for a change and I definately encourage all kinds of innovation like this! Awesome!


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