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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.99/30 days
$99.99/180 days

Review of Moms Teaching Teens:

I've already talked about the coolness I think is a younger woman and an older woman together. What is even cooler is when they are with me! But you know, these young foxes don't always know what to do. They have the bodies, but they haven't begun to understand the moves yet. Now the older women are a little more worn down, but they know exactly what to do. So you know what, they need to go and show these younger girls all the moves! Don't you think that is only fair? Well, this site thinks it is more than fair. They get some hot older women to show younger women how to screw one very lucky guy. I give you Moms Teaching Teens!

Moms Teaching Teens is primarily a video site with a focus on one older woman and one younger girl getting it on with a guy. In most cases, the scenario is that the older woman shows the younger one how its really done. Now as a theme, I think this is really cool. I've been waiting and waiting for a perfect melding of both the teen and the mature genres. And so far, I haven't found a really good one. I mean, there are sites out there, but they are just kind of bland. Moms Teaching Teens gave me some immediate excitement, but once I moved in, I realized that is was just more cheese and nonexclusive stuff. Let's take a look at it now.

When you first sign into Moms Teaching Teens, you get a very realityish type of setup with one bigger thumbnail and four smaller ones. The thumbnails are actually quite good. They are crisp and clear and give you a great idea of what you are getting in the set. There is also a little description, pretty generic but it's there. You can then download the movies right there from the front page, or move onto the pictures page. After this, you have the bonus movies listed, which are a little older and a little more unexclusive than the regular movies. The bigger difference is that this is just lesbian stuff, older women and younger women. Fits the theme and it works pretty good. Underneath this is the bonus sites, which is just some leased content. And thats the site. It isn't too bad of a site design actually, it's quite good. Just a little bland, but everything works well. Overall I'd say the design is quite passable.

The videos are definately the focus here on Moms Teaching Teens. You have options here, you can download segments in high and low bandwiths, as well as being able to download the full movies in the same qualities. Really not a bad set of options if you ask me. I think that they covered all the bases here without going too overboard. You download right from text links on the front page. The videos download pretty fast and there are no real issues here at all. The thumbnails have already been discussed, but I would like to re emphasize that they are really good and do a good job at getting the videos across nicely. So basically, good setup here as well.

The actual quality of the videos is pretty good as well. The files are actually MPGs and the high quality ones are ok. There is some graininess here and there, and considering these come from actual porno dvds, I would expect a more crystalline quality to them. I'm not complaining, oh wait, yes I am. They could be better, but they could also be a lot worse. And for MPGs they do run really smoothly and work really well. There will be no complaints about actual quality here. The only real problem is the exclusivity issue. These are taken right from DVDs, and they are available elsewhere on sites that have a hell of a lot more content as well. So that kind of makes this a bum deal.

MTT also has a pictures section. As you can imagine, they simply have to be vidcaps because of the source. Somehow, they made these pictures AWESOME! I don't know how, but these are some pretty good pictures all around. Congratulations, two thumbs up, and I don't know how these came out so good, but if it took some time, guys, it was worth it!

The girls on Moms Teaching Teens are ok, but this is also where I have another bone of contention. Basically, I felt as though the younger girls and the older women here, while attractive, just weren't too special. It was kind of bland in this regard. And to take it even further, a lot of this porn is a little older, and that just hurts its quality as well. The action was your basic threesome kind of stuff, nothing really new or exciting.

At the time of review, there was a total of 17 sets of content. There is also the bonus lesbian stuff. The bonus sites are leased, but they are that good leased Teens For Cash network and they have also included the new sites on here, which is cool. But otherwise, I really don't think there is much as far as special extras here on this site. The site does have timestamps and is updated every week. Pretty good for consistencies sake!


This is a good site with nice design, good pictures, and no bullshit. What kills it is that the content is available elsewhere, cheaper and better. So yeah, the idea is right, but in the end it's just a site to walk right past.


Reader comments:

Comment by: CaseyJones Rating: 09-07-12

Thanks for your review. Could you share with me, how I might locate the original sources, used by this site?

I give a top rating because the content is HOT !!! ...despite some of the files being corrupted, with mysterious hangs of the video, or loss of sound. Worse, the clips are short 5 to 15 minutes segments, badly edited, sometimes ending in the middle of a scene (just before reaching the peak of a climax--bummer). The longer clips described as "full movie" are just as badly edited. The whole site is a bunch of scrambled up scenes, which are hot, despite the confusing jumble.

Thanks for revealing to me that the content at is drawn from older videos, already released through other channels. I suspected that, since some of their video clips have the style and dated sound tracks of 1970s VHS porno movies. As you said, "... the content is available elsewhere, cheaper and better..."
Could you share with me, how I might locate the other, original sources? Is there a systematic way to search for the original movies or DVDs?

I would like to find the movie that was used to produce the short clips that lists as "Gabby and Amber". Why? The brief clips have the young woman Amber and an older woman, Gabby, exchanging some very hot banter about sexual techniques and sensations, as they share one lucky guy, in a fMF threesome. That must be one HOT movie! There is no irritating soundtrack, just the two women bantering back and forth, in a very natural and erotic way.
Mom: "now... that's a cum face"
Daughter: "it feels like... when your legs shake..."
Boyfriend: "that's how it's feels? ... cool"

Another hot duo is Heidi and Haley. Young Haley makes the most unusually erotic cries of pleasure, a soft, pleading, rhythmic chant, building up in intensity: "uh... huh, uhh... hut, uhhhh... HUT!" I would like to find that video, in its entirety!

I give a top rating because the content is HOT !!! Possibly, I am fascinated by their videos, because when I was a young boy, all we had to look at and admire were "nudist" magazines. To get the nudist magazines past the censors, the publishers needed to emphasize "family values" (LOL), as in family portraits, in the altogether (as in altogether nude). In those family portraits, I was fascinated at the family resemblances between moms and her daughters, as well as which girl or woman had the most sex appeal. More often than not, mom was HOT!

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