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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of The Cum Slut:

There are some girls that go beyond just simply being sluts. They go far and beyond simply being sluts. Sluts just like sex. Cumsluts not only like sex, but they love having that man goo pasted all over their body. They will do anything for it. They love the jism juice, and lord knows there are not a whole lot of women out in the world willing to do anything for the "juice"! Now it is a rarity that you find one of these women. But todays website, aptly named The Cum Slut, does involve one, CJ who loves cum.

The Cum Slut is a website with a focus on cumshots. Furthermore, there is a focus on CJ, who is the cum slut. I really liked the idea of this website. I mean, having cumshots is nothing really new. And having a single model site isn't really new. But having a girl who is indeed a "cum slut" is a pretty original way of thinking and a good way to run the site. It's just a cool theme for me. This comes across as kind of an old school site, with a focus on both pictures and movies and an older type design. Let's look into that now, shall we?

When you first sign onto The Cum Slut, you are given a members page which has three thumbnails listed for the latest three movie sets. One for each, that is. Then there is text links for the latest and featured photo shoots. This site is all about the text links. Those three thumbnails I talked about on the main page, Thats IT! No more thumbnails anywhere to be found on the site. It makes it really hard to preview everything going on in here, and overall it just hurts the site and makes it look old and unprofessional. I think some time should be made into making this site more professional and sleeker and nicer!

The focus is on both pictures and movies, so it is really hard to say which section is better. Will talk about the pictures first because in my mind this is better for pictures than movies. Well, the pictures section is again all text links. The text is a little descriptive but it is just a big mess as far as the way the site actually looks. Furthermore, some of these links are bad and some take you to the wrong galleries. So overall, the production qualities could be way better. We can look past that if the images are good. And here, they are pretty nice. Once you get into a gallery the thumbs are ok, and the bigger pictures come across nicely. They are 640 x 480 pixels so they are not exactly the best pictures ever, but they do pretty good for themselves as well. They are well shot and they look pretty good in the big scheme of things. CJ is willing to do requests and some of them are pretty cool. Overall, I'd say a nice little pictures section, but at the same time nothing really stands out as spectacular.

The movies section is more of a gigantic mess. Not only is it text links, but it is also descriptions in text, which means a whole lot of text and hardness to understand what is going on. This just didn't work out for me. I usually don't mind text links too much, but here it was just a jumbled up mess. The movies are MPG, and they are more like movie clips than anything else really. The focus is squarely on the cumshots. As far as quality goes, these MPGs are a little pixely. Some are really small and bad, while others are bigger and more bearable. It's a big mixup really. These are the kinds of movies you expect to see on an amateurs site who doesn't really know what she is doing a hundred percent. Some of them are good, but once again, nothing really stands out as spectacular.

CJ is a very attractive woman. And she loves cum. She is a blonde, not bone skinny but not on the large side either. She has a really cute face, and she looks really good. The focus of the action is on the cumshot. There is some other stuff, but this is mainly a blowjob and cumshot website. So that is basically what you get here, cut and dried and very bare bones!

At the time of review, there were a total of 76 picture sets and probably about the same amount of video clips. This might be a higher content number, but the numbers are deceiving because the picture sets are small, as are the video sizes. I'd probably rate it as a low to medium content site. So even with big numbers, sometimes that doesn't mean everything.

You get a network of sites here with your membership. The OK sites are Go Go Auditions and Brazilian Bitches. Facial MVP and Totally Tranny are damned terrible. Basically not the network to go to at all.


This site is just too weak and immature to even think about drawing anybody to it. While the ideas are nice, it just falls flat in its look and in its overall content. It might have made a nice network site, but this network is absolute dog shit so basically I'll give it the big stay-away.


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