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Review of Young Chicks:

Another teen site it would appear...the gateway doesn't really give much away, other than looking a bit confusing. But it looks like there is a lot of stuff to get cracking on, and indeed there is....

You have what appears to be youngchicks own models posing for you and there is quite a lot of them. Not as many as I would have liked though, a bit more actually. They say they have 1043 models and over 50.000 pictures and after surfing a bit I see no reason to doubt them. Most of their modelshoots are amateur shots though...ofcourse. This site also give you access to a lot of other sites, with hardcore pictures whatever else you would like, nothing special about that. But you also get tons of feeds from a-z, there are A LOT of feeds here, "live", candid, movies and much more. It feels like getting lost in a jungle of feeds because the navigation of the site is not the best. But you got enough content in both images and feeds to last a small lifetime.

The quality of the pictures seems quite nice, however they do tend differ a lot in quality. First I looked at a set that had almost perfect quality of the images, then I looked at one more and it seriously took a dive. Most are good though and some very pretty girls hide in here. The feeds are like the pictures in various quality, some REALLY stink and other are good quality with nice speeds. I guess this site should have been more picky when choosing the feed sites.

Not much originality on this site. They have some stories some E-zines and then maybe what could be the most "special" about this site, is the club guide. I hadn't seen that too often so I decided to check it out, only to find that it was a dead link.... too bad would have liked to see what it had to say.

3 DAYS $1.95
1 MONTH $39.95
3 MONTHS $69.95


This is a nice site which forte is it's massive content. But the variations in the quality get kind of annoying after a while and this MIGHT keep you from wanting the one month membership. Here I would say, try the 3 days and see if you can get a grip on the site... it's surely a 3days look worth, but the $40 for one month seems too much for me, even with the mega content


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