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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/180 days

Review of Eve Angel:

There are angels on earth, running around us every day. Maybe not angels in the biblical sense, but some real women who we can call angels. Awesomely attractive girls who aren't really quite bitchy, sweethearts with good looks that almost any guy would be lucky to be with. And many of them have their own websites, how bout that? One such case is a girl who goes as far to call herself an angel. Eve Angel is a beautiful one who we will focus on today.

Eve Angel is a girl who has lots of stuff going on! Not only does she have this wonderful website, but in the past she has been in both hardcore porn as well as doing some of the more softcore modelling and magazine shoots. She is a 22 year old beauty with a lot going for her. I will get more into that later, but we're talking more along the lines of theme now. So I definately have to mention that Eve Angel excels at changing herself to fit the themes of a photo shoot, and just being different in general in all of the sets. She is bisexual, and it shows in the sets here. She is one of the few single models who I have really gotten excited over the past few years, because she does have that uncanny ability to change and morph herself quite a bit, to a point where I had to check to see if it was truly her or not!

When you first sign into Eve Angel, you are given a calendar of the current month. Here, there is a thumbnail listed for every day. There is a little logo that tells if the set is a picture or a movie. I like this design, because not only does it mean that they have to stay faithful with daily updates, but it also means that members will always know what day it is! You can skip back and forward months, and you can also jump to a different month. Basically just like a real calendar, but this is one you will pay attention too, not like the one that is sitting in your garage which shows March 1998. Thats about it for the front page, navigation can take you to see the girls on the site that aren't Eve Angel, but they are in the calendar too. If you liked the site like I did, you will probably just go day by day here, and thats cool. I would like to say that the site design is very sleek, they do a kickass job all around here, very professional and very nice.

The pictures are probably the bulkier of the two sections here on Eve Angel. When you get to the pictures section, you are given one bigger thumbnail and then four smaller ones underneath it. Roll over the small thumbnail and it becomes the bigger picture. Not like you need a great preview here, but it helps. Then your options are to add the gallery to your favorites, browse the gallery online or download a zip file of it. When you go to browse, you can do an auto-play slideshow or you can just look at each individually. Overall, an awesome picture setup. The pictures are hard to view online so I found myself doing the zip file thing, but your milage will always vary from mine since I am such a weirdo.

The quality of the pictures here is nothing short of stunning. Full size pictures come in at 980 x 634 pixels and they look really good. Furthermore, the camerawork here is professional and astonishing. I love it. They did a really good job here, and while this might be a single model site, it is done with a ton of professional influence. It shows and it works really well in the context of the site. What a great set of beautiful pictures!

The videos are also a focus here. There might not be as many video sets as picture sets, but they really do a good job making the videos here the a great section as well. The videos are available in streaming quicktime and windows media (two qualities), as well as downloadables (one higher quality) So you can pretty much do what you want here. The video preview page is very similar to the picture preview page, so read up there to see what I said about it! Overall, another great design for the videos, maybe not as many action thumbnail previews as I'd like, but the videos are easy enough to download so its not a huge deal.

The quality of the videos is very high, around 1300k for the downloadable WMVs. Now that is an awesome quality, but one thing that needs to be touched on is the camerawork. The lighting in some of the videos really sucked, and it made me think that they really need to work on this aspect of the videos. Otherwise this is some really high quality, professional stuff, I just hope that they can work through that lighting hiccup in the future. Not all of the sets have it either, so maybe they have worked on it!

Eve Angel is a beautiful girl. And what really turns me on about her is that she is not perfect. Her thighs are kind of meaty, and for some reason, that gets me going more than anything else in the world. The rest of her is great, and she has one nice pair of tits I'll tell you what. The outside pages have her kind of portraying a gothic image, but thats not really what it is like on the inside. I mean she has some of that in her sets, but in others shes just a plain, hot girl. And like I said her look changes a lot, and the gothicy thing is just one aspect of her personality. Eve isn't the only girl on here. She has lots of friends that do sets her and there, both with and without her. The thing is, there are lots of girls on here, but most of them only have a set or two. So it is still focused a lot on Eve. The action here can vary greatly. Some of the models are strictly softcore and nudity, while Eve and some of the others can get into even having sex with guys. Theres lots of lesbian stuff as well. It's a nice variety and it's cool that they don't pigeonhole themselves into one concept.

As I mentioned, the site is updated faithfully daily. They have been doing this since April, so right now theres roughly 150 sets on the site. And it will grow and grow and grow! The best part is, you know, you KNOW, that there will be a new set every day, and that is awesome. Gotta love that, and respect it! There isn't much more for extras here, you can write to Eve and there is also a forum that looks relatively dead. Oh well, the daily updates and big content is enough to keep me happy!


This is a very well-rounded single model site that I would recommend to anyone who likes the look of Eve Angel. I would also stress to check out many previews, as the gothic thing is just one aspect of Eve and there is much more to enjoy! And enjoy you will!


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