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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: mpg

Prices: $4.95/3 days

Review of Gaping Cornholes:

Gotta love the cornhole. Not only is it a cool word, but it is a cool area. For those of you who don't know, cornhole is a slang word for the asshole. It is usually done as a sexual term. Nobody really says "damn my cornhole hurt after going to that chinese buffet last night." As I said, its usually talked about in a sexual manner. Like, "I was working over the cooch really good, but she kept begging me to take it to the cornhole!" So when you see a site entitled Gaping Cornholes, you know it's going to be all about the ass. Anal freaks, listen up, as we talk about Gaping Cornholes!

Gaping Cornholes is a video site with a focus on anal. The site may lead you to believe that there is also a focus on widely open stretched assholes. While the name and some of the previews made lead you to believe that, its not really a huge focus here. Its moreso on the anal sex. And while anal isn't exactly a unique theme, it has a lot of fans and this site can definately stand out among others if it was truly a good one. That is what we will look at now!

When you sign into Gaping Cornholes, you are first given a banner promoting the bonus sites you get with Gaping Cornholes. After this you get a little description. Then you get thumbnails of upcoming sets. This is the part that is a little ridiculous in my eyes. Theres two rows, eight thumbnails, of upcoming sets. It runs two months in advance for gosh sakes! It's just a little much, nobody needs to see that far ahead in my opinion. After this you finally get to the sites content. The girls are listed with some decent thumbnails, and from there you can click on them and get the videos pages. Then you can enter the archive to see even more movies. Thats about it for the members page, it is pretty simple and easy to use but at the same time pretty effective for what it is!

The videos are the focus here on Gaping Cornholes. When you get to the archives page, you just click on the thumbnail and you automatically start downloading the videos. Pretty cool, but there are a few weaknesses to this method. One is that you get very little as far as previews go. The second would be that there is no options as far as the videos go. And the third minor one would be no pictures. But still, it makes it easy as cake to download, which is definately a plus for the site and for its members in general. The video you get is an mpeg file, in case you were wondering.

The quality here is a mixed bag. At full screen, there is a little pixelation here on the videos. However, its not all that bad and I'd consider these pretty good quality videos. What I didn't like is the darkness of the videos. It seems like they were transferred weird or something, because I really don't like what I see. The videos just look funny. On another note, these are taken directly from already available porn. Completely unexclusive stuff, and that made it even more disappointing that the transfers here looked bad. I'm almost positive the originals didn't have this darkness factor to them.

As I mentioned before, there are no pictures here. That can be a bad thing sometimes, but the pictures here would probably be bad vidcaps, seeing as how the source material is unoriginal. So I guess no pictures isn't that bad of a deal, I think.

The girls here on Gaping Cornholes are pretty attractive. They are nothing too special, pretty much your typical porn girls. I guess hot but skanky is the best way to describe them. The action here is a lot of anal stuff. It's an anal site and it is really apparent from the first movie to the last. At the same time, however, there isn't a big focus on the whole gaping factor as the sites name suggests. It's in some sets but not all. Still, its a plus for anal fans.

At the time of review, there were a total of 16 sets of videos. They are rolling out updates every week, and have them planned for a while. That is a good thing, and there are also some network sites here that you can enjoy in the time between updates.

The network here includes the sites: Mouth Jammers, Schooled To Fuck, Pornstar Fusion and Sex Cam Central. Not a huge network, and not a particularly interesting one, but at least you get some bonuses.


Gaping Cornholes just doesn't work well. Unexclusive content, lower quality, and just a lack of personality make this a site that while not terrible, is just completely unexciting and could use a complete overhaul.


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