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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Fucked Tits:

There are all kinds of fucking that can go on. There is pussy fucking, mouth fucking, ass fucking, foot fucking, hell, I'm sure somewhere on the net you can find neck fucking. That would be an obscure category, but yet another obscure category of fucking is titty fucking. It takes a special pair of tits to get fucked. Girls with small tits, those are hard to fuck of course. One would think that big tits would be nice to fuck, but sometimes if the tits are too big you can lose your dick in them. And you definately don't want to lose that! So you need a nice pair of tits, and they vary by dick size. Someday you will find your perfect tits, I promise you that.

Fucked Tits is a video site with a focus on girls with big tits who like to use them to fuck. I actually like this theme a lot. While there are more than a few sites with a dedication to large mammaries, very few of them are specifically focused on the banging of said mammaries. And while most of those sites do have some titty fucking, it's usually not in the name. The title also indicates that these are the freshest and hottest teens getting titty fucked. While the girls are not mature, I don't think I'd stretch it as far to call this a teen site either. It makes for a cool tagline but it isn't what the site is really all about.

When you first sign onto Fucked Tits, you are given a members page which is pretty simple. First you are given a thumbnail of the next set coming soon. Then there is a text listing of forthcoming updates. And then we have thumbnails of each set on the site. This thumbnail is incredibly crisp and clear, and gives you a great idea of what the girl looks like. And these girls do look fine. And thats about it for the site. Everything is through a network portal so all of the extrenous "stuff" is on there and it leaves these member pages pretty damn clean, which is a good thing! I can't really complain about any design issues here, it is done pretty clean and flawlessly. I just wish I could say that about the rest of the site.

As I mentioned, the videos are the bigger focus here on Fucked Tits. Now, this isn't quite a reality site, but I think it wants to be. But it isn't! Anyways, the videos page has a nice grouping of thumbnails for all of the videos. These are actually thumbnails for the pictures, but at the same time it serves a dual purpose because it gives you a nice set of previews for the videos as well. So going in you will have a great idea of what is going on here. As far as options go, you have a few. You can download "one minute clips" which I believe are just segments, not actually a minute long. You can also download full videos in High Quality MPG, High Quality WMV, or Medium Quality WMV. So you do have a nice set of options, but as I will talk about, it kinda sucks because the options are all on the lower level of the quality spectrum.

When they say High Quality here, it means about medium quality. The WMVs that are supposedly "high quality" are only 500k. And the MPGs aren't much better quality wise. Sometimes the High quality WMVs are only 300k too, and thats a real treat. Either way, regardless of the quality issues with these speeds in the first place, something is just not right in most of the videos. I have an issue with the coloring, the brightness of the videos. It just looks off to me, and its not too often in modern porn I find myself saying this. Some videos are ten times worse than others. But even the good ones aren't really all that good. To me, these are throwaway videos due to the weak quality level and with the darkness issues thrown on top of that!

The pictures are on the other side of the spectrum. Here, they have a really nice section of pictures which really comes across nicely. They may or may not be vidcaps, but when they are good enough that I can't tell what they are, you know they are good pictures. They are nothing too special or stunning, but they help make up for the lack of quality in the videos area. I wouldn't go as far to say that you're going to want to join for the pictures, but they are nice despite the videos.

The girls on Fucked Tits are pretty attractive, but I would also say that they don't really fit 100% into the ideals of the site. Why? Well a few of them don't have nice big fuckable titties. And yes, I know, you can fuck small tits, but its not quite the same. And others just have weird boobs, the kind that you might not want to see on a tit site. The action here is based a lot around tits, although it's not all just tit sex. It's definately an aspect of the site, but it doesn't encompass the entire video. The rest of the stuff is basically one on one sex stuff, primarily oral and then a cumshot on the tits after the titty fucking. Nothing too spectacular but it is a slight change from the norm.

At the time of review, there were a total of 9 sets of content on Fucked Tits. Seeing as how this is a newer site and a newer network, it is acceptable to have this amount. What is bright is the fact that the site is updated with a new one every two or three days, which is just excellent and should get the site on its feet real quickly. Those updates aren't full set updates, but rather a component such as say pictures or a certain type of movie. But still, it remains to be a great way for everything to work out to have more updates in a short period of time!

This new network includes: Creamed Feet, Fucked Tits, Penetration Tease, Sleep Assault, Spanked and Abused, and Mother Daughter Fuck. These sites are all pretty much in their infancy, and there are some original themes and some decent content coming out of some of them. Maybe not the best network out there, but definately one with some potential to watch as a newcomer! Right now the whole network seems budgetted because they come up with ideas where they can shy away from actual hardcore sex action. Some of the sites do feature this, but it's definately not the best network (yet) if you like your sex hardcore.


I wouldn't recommend this site, the quality just kills it for everything else. I like the structure and the idea, but if the videos don't work, then it just can't be considered a good site!


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