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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Josie Junior:

Josie and the Pussycats. This is a famous song, among other things. I really don't know what it's based on, all I know is the song. I don't really care either. I just thought of it when I saw the site Josie Junior. You know, because the name Josie is in the site. And let's be serious for a moment here. Josie is here, and there is a whole lot of pussy here too. So I guess there is a significance!

Josie Junior is another one of those single model teen sites that are gaining in popularity nowadays. Once I say that, you should get a pretty good idea of the site. Which means its not going to gain any points in either the originality department or the single model department. Because sites like these, even though they are focused on one girl, they usually don't have a huge single model feel to them. Well, Josie Junior is another site in the line of these sites, and we will take a look at it now and see how it stacks up!

When you sign onto Josie Junior, you are immediately taken to a site which lists the thumbnails of all of Josie's "chapters," or sets as I like to call them. There is one thumbnail for each set, and the thumbnail is an extended one and gives you a good idea of what Josie is wearing in each set. Which is basically the big variance of the site. Past this, there really isn't much to the site. You click on the sets and do your thing from there, not a lot of topbar options you will actually use. So that is basically it, a simple site design but I think it is very effective. On the site, they throw in little pictures of teddy bears and crap to make it look more "teeny." It might be stupid and cliched but it actually does help get the content across better, so I will say kudos for that.

Unlike a lot of the teen sites I mentioned before, I think the focus here on Josie Junior is more on the video aspect of things. I mean, theres both videos and pictures, but the videos have more of a focus if you ask me. You have no options in the video section really. There is only one file to download, it is a WMV and it is pretty high quality. The video section gives you a lot of thumbnails however, giving you a better idea of what you get here. And you do get some good stuff. Let's talk quality.

The quality of the videos on Josie Junior are pretty good. Despite small file sizes, your quality here is about 1500k on each video. So what is the downfall of that? Well the videos are little more than short clips of action, not really long drawn out scenes. They are usually no more than two or three minutes and are all generally under 100MB. So what does this all spell out? Well, short movies done well, thats it. The videos look good, there is a little pixelation here and there but nothing really to cry too much about! So you get good videos here.

And those good videos are complimented by some good pictures as well. When you get into the picture gallery, you are given some beautiful thumbnails that turn into beautiful full size pictures when you make them bigger. The videos are 851 x 1280 pixels and they are pretty darned good looking. They look really good actually, almost magazine quality if you ask me. What are the downfalls? Well, there aren't a whole too many in a set. Thats a biggie. And another one would be that there aren't any real options here. Call me spoiled, but I like a slideshow and a zip download nowadays. Otherwise though, this is a very nice pics section.

Josie as a teen girl works very well. She has that innocent look to her that makes you believe that she is younger than she really is. She has her moments where she isn't perfect however, leading me to believe that this might be an extremely made up girl. But still, she is more realistic than a lot of the teens on the net, and that should count for something. The action here is all solo, but not neccesarily softcore. There is some light dildo play and the like, but don't jump in here expecting ten fingers in this girls ass. Just not that kind of site, its a laid back teen site with a focus on beauty.

There are no bonus sites that come with Josie Junior. This is kind of a status quo for sites like this, and I don't really like the idea. Why? Because the sites aren't too bulky in the first place, they just take advantage of guys looking for real young girls. I think if someone made a network of these type of sites, they would really succeed. But that is not to say Josie is not without bonuses. The problem is, most of them aren't set up yet. There is a webcam show, which hasn't gone on yet. There is a store, no items available. You can email Josie, and thats about it. Overall it's not enough to stand up to the monster sites out there, but you won't be too disappointed with the 18 sets you get out of Josie Junior.


The sites biggest fault is the length of the sets. The run pretty small, both in pics and videos. But they are pretty quality, so I guess it's a quality over quantity issue. While I do like the site, I don't see myself running out to join again or to say how awesome it is. It's just kinda there, a good site but no real oomph.


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