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Review of Just Nude Celebs:

Celebrities have always been a major focus of attention for a very long time. When we watch movies, tv shows, we feel a connection with celebrities. And sometimes they dress so sexy, and are so beautiful that they drive us wild. The entire genre of celebrities nude is based on this concept. One of the biggest things is that we are seeing things we aren't supposed to see. These are not porn stars, they are simple people who might slip out of their clothing once and a while. In some cases, they did nude scenes early in their career and now it's all over the place when they become famous. And some of them just do a shitload of nude scenes. No matter the case, celebrities nude is a close link between real life and porn. Lots of people begin by looking for say Britney Spears naked, and end up into the world of internet porn. Today we are looking at one of the sites that puts it all together, Just Nude Celebs.

Just Nude Celebs is a site with a focus on nude celebrities. It is not really a porn site, although there might be some slight porn within at points. It's mainly a softcore site, looking at celebrities through both vidcaps of movies where they appeared nude, or pictures where they were unsuspectingly photographed nude. Now, as far as theme goes, this is as unoriginal as you can get. There are lots of sites out there like this. The difference is with paying here, you don't really need to deal with all the popups and ads and bs that free sites that have these pictures offer. With that said, you could do a little searching and find probably close to every one of these pictures on the internet. It might be a little harder to find videos. But either way, it's very low on the originality scale. But let's move into that later, and for now talk about the site setup.

When I think of the site setup of Just Nude Celebs, I think "primitive." This site looks like it was made ten years ago when we were just learning HTML. When you first sign into Just Nude Celebs, you are given a very simplistic site with just text links. It's this way throughout. You select girls through text links, and only really get thumbnails when you finally pick a girl. Very, very primitive. I could give it points for being simple, but not even there. It's just too old and simple, and it hurts the site.

Onto the content, there are pictures and there are videos. The pictures really vary, as many of these pictures are just combined from all different sites and places. Theres no way to really review these or the videos, but let's just give some generalizations. First generalization- these will never be fully high quality. The pictures are usually vidcaps, sometimes good but just not technically sound compared to what we normally look at. How about the videos? Short, grainy, and overall just not all that good if you ask me. Second generalization- these are available all over. Some are just taken from the movies. If you think this site has top secret pictures- think again.

As for the talent pool of this site- it's pretty much any celebrity (US mainly) that has been nude in the movies, tv, or even had a slippage or a hidden picture taken. All bases are covered here, from big names to relative unknowns. One thing that the site does not have is fakes. Everything here is 100% real, which is really cool. I don't like faked pictures at all.

The site is updated daily, and has a HUGE base of content. There is plenty of stuff here, but the biggest problem is that you probably only idolize 5-10 celebrities, and the rest of the site will be relatively useless to you. I can't even count what they have here, it's basically everything you could want in the nude celebrity world! The only bonus is that you also get content of Just Fashion Models as well. Thats about it, but there is tons of stuff on here to make up for it.


This is basically everything you could want in the nude celebrity field. The problem is, that its wrapped in a weak package, and it really offers nothing new compared to what you can find on some free and other pay sites in the world. So basically, it's nice, but nothing new or exciting. You might say that you get what you see, just nude celebs so if you're relatively new to checking out celebs this could be a place to start.


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