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Review of Live Cam Slut:

Sometimes I just have to apologize. Some sites aren't worthy of a review. So why do we give these sites a review? Well, it's not because we are sado masochists. Although some of us may be! It's pretty much because we want to inform you of bad deals, of bad sites, and of bad ideas. And this site today is all three. And if the name doesn't tell you enough, this review will. Today's site is LiveCam-Sluts, and it is horrible.

So why is it bad? Let me count the ways. Well, first, let's talk about the outside. I have to tell you, the first, and biggest indication of a completely crap site is a one dollar trial. Nobody with good content has done this as far as I know. Sites that do this always have a shitload of leased stuff, and they hope their members get so caught up in that, they forget to cancel after their day trial and then they rebill at a disgustingly high rate. You have to be a real porn rookie to enjoy a site like this, but even rookies shouldn't go here.

The biggest problem with Live Cam Sluts is that there is NO on site content whatsoever. At least some spam sites like this will at least throw up a shitty unexclusive video or two. But here its just all leased links. The idea of the site is to be a live video site. So what is the big deal? Well, the site is just full of links to outside video sites. Of course, these are usually pay per view types of sites. So basically these guys are charging a membership fee, and then also getting money in referrals for the live shit they advertise. Not cool at all in my book.

It should be realized that there are some really good live cam sites out there. Of course, with all sites like this, you have to pay for your own show. But some sites put on some good free shows. The thing is, most of these sites you can get to through their sites and not have to go through a middleman like here. Now I'm not sure about all of them, but most of them I am sure. Otherwise it'd just be bad business. Some pay a membership fee just for the regular shows, some don't. But anyways, my point is, you don't need a site like this to get to sites like that. If it makes sense.

So yeah, while some of the sites on here might be good live cam sites.. but you can get the content elsewhere, and without having to pay these guys money on top of paying for your live shows. This is just a collection of leased and ad sites, and it serves no purpose.


Junk, absolute junk. This might be worth it if they offered some of their own content. But it's just junk, and I don't even know if it's worth a score!


1 Day membership- $1.00
30 Day Membership-$39.95

Billing by Int. Billing


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