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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Go Go Auditions:

A girl needs a dancing job really bad. When she goes on the interview, her interviewer just happens to have a camera. And he just happens to want her to take her clothes off. Now the whole premise behind the scenario of the girl actually doing this is the fact that she really wants the job. Now think about it. If you were a woman, or are a woman, and this happened to you, would you really think you'd get hired if you put out? Moreso, do you think that if you actually did get hired, you'd want the job? What else would you have to do just for a simple job? Shit, go work at McDonalds or something!

Go Go Auditions is a reality site with this same basic storyline that so many reality sites share. It might have been fun the first time around, but now it is pretty played out. Here, the girls are supposed to be Go Go Dancers and the guys mobsters. Yeah, it is a little different, but I don't think that they follow through with it enough to be unique. So the theme here was pretty stale for me, but good porn can always outweigh stale theme in my eyes, so we will take a look at this site and see what we think of it!

When you first sign into Go Go Auditions, you are given a members page that is pretty straightforward. The topbar has a few links you probably won't use that much, and then we get right to the content. The listing of the content is very "reality", with there being one bigger thumbnail and then three smaller ones. There is a little description, and then there are links underneath this to either download, check out pictures, etc. This just runs through six or so girls per page, and goes for a few pages. One thing I really liked is that they do add a few unexclusive movies every month, but they are clearly marked and talked about as being unexclusive in the description. Now, I think all content should be original personally, but I give them credit for their honesty and letting us know what is going on here. The site also gives you all the stats for the set, which is really helpful and nice! The site design is simple and easy to use, it comes across as very effective and these movies are a breeze to acquire and look through!

The videos of course are the focus here. You can actually download right from the front page, which makes things really easy. You have options! You can download a full broadband movie, a full 56k movie, or 56k clips. The file sizes are listed accordingly, which is always nice. There are really no complaints here, there are very small files if you are dialup, and there are big files for broadband. There isn't quite that middle ground, but I don't know if any middle ground is neccesary anyways. The file sizes are quite managable, usually in the higher part of the 100mb range for most of the broadbands. There are no real technical issues here, everything runs smoothly and you can really breeze through the content here if you'd like.

Now it's quality time. The quality here is done really well at 1248k. At full screen the videos are a little pixeled, but not bad. The only real issue is there is no true full screen, there is always a little black around the edges. Not a big deal, but it could be full screen. Otherwise, everything runs really smoothly here. While this isn't the greatest quality I've ever seen, it's pretty damn good. I can't see too many people complaining about it. And I definately am not. So we'll leave it at that, very good job in this regards as well.

The pictures on Go Go Auditions are a completely different beast. They are vidcaps, and you'd think they'd be good ones seeing the high quality of the videos. Not really, here you get some blurry ass pictures. They are not nearly as pixelated as you normally see with vidcaps, but some of the pictures are so blurry it's very hard to even look at! Nobody is going to join here for pictures, but I always like a nice pictures section to compliment my videos, and this is not one of them.

The girls on Go Go Auditions are all relatively attractive women. While there are a few ones I didn't like, there were some I fell for right away too! So it was a nice mixture and I'm sure everyone will be pleased with them. The actual action is where I really lost interest. These are basically first person blowjob videos. I try not to put too much personal preference in these reviews, and I don't think I am here either. I just think that the first person BJ stuff is a little bit too samey for me. It's like watching the same video over and over again, and it bored me quick. The girls were hot as hell, but then just seeing them doing the same thing for 10 minutes was just, well, boring.

At the time of review, there was a total of 29 sets of content. The site doesn't seem to have a set update schedule, but in the past month they have updated. I mentioned the unexclusive videos, they are there but I'd say that there are no more than 6 of them. This might not be a great standalone site, luckily there are some bonus sites you can also look through.

With your membership here, you get access to the following sites: Brazilian Bitches, Facial MVP, The Cumslut, and Totally Tranny. This is a terrible network, and while this site is OK, it is definately not network-leader ready either.


Go Go Auditions is a good site. I would definately say go for it if you are into first person blowjobs. That aspect bored me, but overall all the technical qualities are up to par, so it all boils down to whether you want to watch 15 minute blowjobs with no camera changes. It wasn't my thing, but the site is still very nice technically.


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