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Review of Sexy Lesbians:

Today we talk about the ancient dinosaur called Lickalottapuss. Lickalottapuss is a lesbian dinousaur. It's primary source of food is fish, it is a particular fan of tuna tacos! It's roots have been traced back to the dark ages, but it still exists in the world today. Which is why we are looking at a lesbian site today! But let me tell you, these girls are anything but dinosaurs. Instead, we are looking at some beautiful younger women who just have a taste for the fish.

Sexy Lesbians is a comprehensive site with a focus on lesbians. I usually use this section to identify the site as either a video or a picture site. Here, there is a dual focus and they do both sections with a lot of taste and class. So basically, they succeed in focusing on both pictures and videos! I know that having a lesbian site isn't exactly the most original theme in the world. But with the way this site is set up, its more content focused than theme focused. Therefore, this works out a little bit better as far as originality of content. It's basically a clearinghouse for lesbian porn, and it works well as that.

When you first sign into Sexy Lesbians, you are given a front page which is simple and designed well. On the left hand side of the page is a text listing of the various areas. This is cool and simple to use. I don't like how it combines the sites content with the leased content, but that is just a little thing. The bigger picture is much better. On the right hand side is a listing of the most recent updates. Its a simple, one thumbnail listing with links to either go to the gallery or download the zip right there. On the bottom you can go to model indexes in alphabetical order, or you have a very nice little search function which can get you the lesbian action you want right away! The options you get are clothes, race, ass, location (as in kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc), niche, content, action, pussy, tits, and hair. You can also set the dates up to just see stuff since the last time you were on the site! Overall this is a great search engine, a very well thought out one and one of the best I've ever seen!

The pictures are the bigger section, so I guess we will discuss them first. There are three sections of photos, girl/girl, solo girl, and bonus boy/girl stuff. When you get into the main pictures page, you are given one thumbnail for each set, which is good enough to show off what each girl looks like in most cases. When you go into a page, you can download the entire set as a zip or you can just go through the gallery. The pictures are good pictures, they are a little posed out and they kind of look like TGP pictures that you always see. The pages are split up by a dropdown menu, which makes it easy to navigate multiple pages. You can also vote for sets and all that good stuff. The sets are a perfect size, not too small and not too long. Overall, this is just a very nice picture setup.

The quality of the pictures is also pretty good! They are 768 x 1024 pixels and they look really good. Everything here looks very professional and not amateur at all. These are kind of like extended magazine shots, just a ton more of em! They are taken well, I've always had a slight issue with the coloring of these pictures but I am sure that is just my own personal preference. If you like going to see TGP type pictures than this will be great for you. Really nice pictures section with a lot of options.

Onto the videos, the videos come in full video format as MPGs. Now when you go to a set's page, you are given multiple thumbnails. This does not mean segments, they all lead to the same full video. These videos generally run around 200 MB and they are also sectioned off as Solo and Lesbian sections. Now, the videos here are good but not great. Some of these MPGs are more pixelated than others, but none of them are near perfect. Kind of a disappointment for the size of file, but they aren't completely terrible. I would like for them to be a notch or two better, however. The actual videos are fun to watch, but they are just kind of hard to full screen. I'm not a huge fan of the MPG format anymore either, because I always get slowdown when trying to fast forward them. Overall, this is a passable videos section, but it's definately the weaker of the two sections.

The girls here on Sexy Lesbians are extremely sexy! These are some very good looking girls with lots to offer. There are a few plainer, amateur looking ones thrown into the mix as well. But overall this is some very nice stuff. The action here is exactly as the name advertises: lesbian sex. There are some sets with multiple girls, but it is mainly a one on one type of site. There is also the solo section, which is of course just the girls solo. Overall I'd say that it's good action, just nothing too spectacular or worth commenting on. If you've seen lesbo porn you've seen it before, but that doesn't mean you won't want to see it again.

At the time of review, there were a total of 232 of the lesbian sets, 1060 solo sets, and 31 lesbian movies. Wow, what a huge content number! That is really where the sites strength is! Lots of content to work through, and a great search engine to help you! There are no bonus sites here. There is some basic leased stuff however. They do update daily though, so you can definately get your lesbian fix with a membership here!


As I said in the opening, this is basically a clearinghouse for lesbian porn. Lots of content to navigate through, and some good stuff. It's a good place to get lots of lesbian pictures really fast. Some you may have seen before, but with this many sets, I bet you haven't seen them all! This is a good, different type of site, and worth looking into for your girl on girl needs!


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