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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $34.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of A Lucky Stranger:

A Lucky Stranger. While it could be the name of a porn site, it sounds like many other things. It sounds like the name of a race hourse. It kind of sounds like the name of a Madonna song. It also sounds like the name of an old time movie. Hey, it even sounds like the name of one of those scratch off lottery tickets you can buy in the store. So how could it be the name of a porn site? Well just think! What could a Stranger be getting to make him lucky? Ok, got it, good? Todays site is not any of the above listed oddities, it is indeed a porn site, but I guess you probably could have guessed that from the site you are on!

A Lucky Stranger is a reality site with a cool theme. That theme is that the makers of the video find a random guy to star in the porno. Actually, it's someone just like you and me- members of the site! There are two picked a month to star in the show! So its not really a girls hunting guys theme, but it is a theme where the girl porn stars are in way more control and the guys are just schlubs that are in for the ride. That is a cool theme, and while it is not 100% original in that other sites have done it before, I'd still say it is cool. It is not done very often, and I think it is just a cool scene that is way off the beaten path of not just reality porn, but all porn in general. I mean think about it, usually the girl is the innocent, unknowing, submissive one. Here it's all about the regular guy. Cool theme, and it does run through the entire site. Which we will begin to look at now!

When you first sign onto A Lucky Stranger, you are given a front page with a lot of stuff. First things first, there is a message system, not one unlike getting private messages here on the Pornliving board, which allows you to communicate with the webmasters. When you sign up you will see an example of this because they send you a welcome letter. Following this is the latest episode update, which has a thumbnail of the girl. On the side, you can click the options to get to the videos page. Further down is some news, site updates, and a poll question. They recently redid the site and want your opinion, cool! Under this is a list of all the episodes, again with one thumbnail each. We then get into the bonus sites, and the leased sites. As you can tell, this front page is very heavy. At the same time, it never really comes across as being unmanagable. This is a pretty decent portal page and it works well in the context of the site.

The videos are far and away the biggest focus here on A Lucky Stranger. When you go to the video site, you are first given a page that lets you select either Cable or Dialup quality WMVs. You can select a segment to go to here, but each segment has an individual page, it doesn't download automatically like you might expect. This individual segment page is designed in an ultra sleek manner. You get a stream of the segment, and you can change all kinds of things like resolution, where to go as far as downloads or embedded player, you can download the movies, or you can jump from segment to segment in any quality. Lots of options, but it is missing one of my favorites- full video download. That would make this site a lot better, just because there is so much going on, its harder to switch segments. The segmentation is really not bad, usually about four five minute segments per video, but in the end I just would have rather had a full video download as well.

The quality of the videos here is pretty good. I downloaded everything at highest quality. These come out at 814k and they look pretty good. One of the bigger problems is they try to have the regular screen size too big, and that gives more pixelation than there should be. Actually, there is more pixelation than I really think there should be for an 814k video, which means maybe something went awry in the transfer. This hinders the videos a bit, but not enough to really hurt my enjoyment of the site. If you are more picky about the quality, maybe you will have a bigger problem with this.

They also manage to put a picture section up for each set. The pictures are available from the segment video page I was discussing before. They are actually good, independently taken shots of the girls in the video. They don't have the schlubs in most cases and they really focus on the model. This is good because some of the girls here deserve the focus! The pictures are 800 x 532 pixels and they are very crisp and clear. Very nice addition to the videos if you ask me, and you are asking me by reading this!

The girls on A Lucky Stranger are one of the best points. The girls, in many cases, are pretty amateur looking themselves. Some are very hot, but the thing I liked most here was a uniqueness factor. I didn't see a lot of these girls all over the net, and many of them were new to me. That was very cool for me. The action here is very strange. It starts off with the girl being blindfolded and the first guy doing his thing. After that, sometimes one of the producers or people standing around will take a dip. It's a weird, fun times video really. Definately good for a fun porno, although I personally prefer that the action be serious, let the fun happen before and after the sex but never during! It's a very reality type setup here, and by now you all know what kind of thing I mean, with the cameramen talking, lots of joking, etc. All in all some good action, not perfect by any means but it does itself well for the theme.

At the time of review, A Lucky Stranger was a site just opening. However, they have already given us 16 awesome updates. That is plenty for the price, but they are also updating every Monday, with a calender posted right on the front page so you even know the name of the girl being added weeks in advance. Awesome concept and it works out really good. There is also a very nice network attached here!

With a membership here, you get access to Thugs and Juggs, Brazil Bang, Phat Booty Hoes, Ghetto Hoochies, Pussyfoot Girls, Teenie Video, Kung Pao Pussy, Arizona Amateurs, Tight Buttholes, Pussy Pinata, 18 Interracial, My First Porn Scene, and Penis Palooza. This is an excellent network already, but these guys are bringing the content hard and heavy. On top of updating the already existing sites, they are constructing six other sites. Now normally I would call that bullshit, but since the last time I've checked on here, they've added three or four sites already! Cool, cool, cool, nice dedication to the long time member here, I am dually impressed.


This is a nice site with a great theme. It does have its drawbacks, including a sleek video page which while it looks nice and pretty, it makes it harder to just download the stuff. And the quality definately could use a little kick, the bitrate is nice but the pixelation is still there and awkward. It might lose points for that, but this is definately a network to join up to.. and this site is one of my favorite ones on it, despite its few flaws!


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