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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of MPEG Movie Heaven:

Belinda Carlisle once sang Heaven is a place on earth. Well, the makers of todays website would like you to believe differently. They want you to believe that heaven is a place on the internet, and a place on the internet where you want to sign up for their porn. We all have different views on heaven. Us porn freaks may indeed believe that heaven may be in a porn site. But if it was truly heaven, would we not be involved in the porn? I don't want to get to philosophical, so I am going to cut my losses now and get into the site. Todays site is Mpeg Movie Heaven, and it's all about movies.

Mpeg Movie Heaven is a video site with a focus on MPG movies. This is an all encompassing website, there is no particular niche they cater to. The one thing that they do cater to is MPG fans. To some of us, MPG is just another format that plays in Windows Media Player. But some of us have slow, older computers, yet a fast internet connection. I mean, a new computer can be well over $500, while broadband is just $30-40 a month. So it is possible to have this combination. I know, because I had it forever! I wish I had this site back then. The WMVs didn't play too well with this setup, so I always had to go for MPGs. It was quite annoying. But anyways, that might be why the MPGs might be an additional attraction here. Otherwise, it's just categorized various videos!

When you first sign into Mpeg Movie Heaven, you are given a well organized, professional front page. It highlights the latest videos added by movie. It shows the video box from the movie, and then you can click inside to see all the different scenes. They show a few weeks worth of stuff, and thats about it for thumbnails. On the side there is a listing of the different sections of the site. They are sectioned into two groups, genres and series. You can click on the section you want to see what you want to see. One of the bigger problems I had with this is that sometimes the same video is in different areas, which just is confusing if you try to download everything. The categories overlap a little too much for my tastes, and I just think the indexing could have been better in this regard. The front page is well enough organized, and to repeat the word I used before, very professional.

The videos are the focus here of course, there aren't even any pictures! When you get to a section or a videos page, you are given one thumbnail for each scene. It also gives you the size of the file and the length. Nice specifics, but one of the bigger problems here is the thumbnailling. One thumbnail doesn't give a whole lot of insight on some of these videos, especially where there are some thumbnails where you can't even get a good view on the girls. When you click to download the scene, you are given a slightly bigger thumbnail, but it's not much bigger. You then have the option to download the video, or stream it. There is also a link for if you are using a download manager. That is cool because sites usually discourage those types of things, and these guys embrace it and make it easy for you. Nice!

The quality of the video here is also very nice. At full screen, there is a little bit of background graininess to the videos, but it's really not all that bad, actually its quite good. Not perfect but it is a very nice quality that will not disappoint many! One thing I found is that these MPGs did not have the chopiness I usually associate with MPGs I have. Usually, when I try to fast forward a MPG, it takes forever and is a little choppy. These ran just like the WMVs I have on my computer, so that is a very big plus as well. So great videos, organized well, now let's see what the action is like!

It is hard to describe the action here because it is all over the place. Instead, I will just name off the categories to give you an idea of the type of stuff you can get here. The genres are: Amateur, Anal, Couples, Big Tits, Ethnic, Fetish, Group Sex, Interracial, Lesbian, Mature, Oral, Porn Star, Solo Girl, and Teen. You can see where I had problems with the overlapping, because for example a video can be anal, couple, big tit, ethnic, interracial, mature, pornstar, and teen all at once. The big thing to do is to find the category it MOST fits in, and put it there. But here they did some overlapping. The girls here are regular, porn girls. This is studio produced porn so it's definately a less amateur girl, even though there is an amateur section with more amateur girls. It's basically a big mish mash, it's like buying a porn that doesn't have a specific genre. Nothing wrong with it, I actually think its cool because you get a nice mix.

It is impossible for me to count the amount of content here, because of the overlapping of categories. They claim to have over 1000 clips, that seems a little high for me, maybe they counted with the overlapping. But I'd say there is definately a lot of content here and enough to keep you occupied for a while! They add 3 full length videos every week, which equates to about 20 scenes. So the content rolls in nicely. There are no bonus sites per se.

A final word on the exclusiveness of the videos. Obviously, these are not exclusive videos, they come from "real life" porn available in stores. I would like to mention that these are not the unexclusive videos you see all over the place though. They are rather original in that regard, so while they don't have that exclusive vibe to them, they are not all over the net either.


This is a nice video site with a bunch of content. Good quality, a nice variety, everything here clicks right. It's neither exclusive nor targeted, which is what I figure to be its biggest weaknesses. But still, this is a good deal especially if you are a real life porn viewer, you can get 12 videos a month for the price of one regular DVD in the store, so if you see it that way it is a value. It's an added plus for people who like MPGs as well.


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