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Review of Amateur 18:

Being flexible is a really good gift. I know at one point or another, every guy wishes he could be a little more flexible. And it might not just be for a self blowjob. It can be useful in other circumstances as well, like, well, hmm, ok, sucking your own dick would be the best part I guess. But it is a very good part. And while I know that 90% of the guys here think that sucking dick is pretty disgusting, they have all tried to reach their mouth down on their own. It's just a fact of life, grass is green, poop is brown and guys try to suck themselves off. Luckily, todays site is not a showcase of that. It is a showcase of another one of our biggest dreams, and that is a totally flexible female! is the website of Duljeta and other girls, who are extremely flexible Russian girls with their own site. The name is kind of misleading, although Duljeta is an Amateur and probably around 18, the name makes this sound like some kind of teen site. It's not. The big focus here is all about her flexibility. You can see her do some freaky stuff in some freaky positions here. So I would have named the site Flexy Duljety or something like that, but that is not where the slopiness ends unfortunately. The theme here is cool, beyond the misnaming of it. It's not often you see super-flexible gymnast types in porn, so this was a nice little theme.

The site setup of is a complete mess. When you first sign on, you get a main page with just a bunch of text links. These links aren't even helpful in the name, it just says "index 21" etc. Now on top of this being confusing, theres a bunch of the indexes missing! I just don't understand it. This really sucks. No description, not thumbnail, and if I paid for this crap, I'd be very upset! Underneath this is a bunch of banners for other sites. I think it's just other sites that these people did, but I don't know for sure. Lots of banners, I think its crappy that all of the pictures on the main site are banners for other sites! So a big, huge, gigantic thumbs down on the site setup here.

When you click on one of the index links, you are taken to a videos page. Each segment is given a thumbnail. It's kind of a bad one, but hey, with the way the rest of the site is set up, at least you get one. Each segment is about 3 minutes long and about 30mb big. The files are divx files. There is only one format and one speed to them. The indexing here makes no sense, it all seems like a bunch of gibberish thrown on the page when trying to read what it says. You basically have to just download it all and sort it out later. Overall, it's very disappointing technically, giving you little information to work with and just being badly constructed in general.

The quality here is the sites saving point. The quality here isn't perfect, but these DIVX videos are pretty decent looking and working. There is a little bit of messiness to them, even on the smaller screen, but they are passable and actually quite surprising when you see how much of a turd the design is. The videos here are watchable. They are also uncensored, even though the stupid thumbnails block off any penetration for some reason!

There is only one picture gallery here, it has decent pictures but the pictures are pretty small. I guess there isn't much to talk about because this is not a focus of the site!

The action here is gymnast type girls having sex in many flexible ways. This can interest a lot of guys, but the harsh reality is that here it just comes across bland. I believe this is because of some shitty camera angles and boring camera work, it just doesn't come across well, and is very amateur. Which I guess follows the name, but I still think camerawork can be more interesting. The girls here are Russian girls who have great bodies, but they seem a little too skinny and underdeveloped for my tastes, of course your milage will vary!

At the time of review, there were a total of 17 "indexes" A few indexes just had one set segmented, while others had a bunch of different types of sets in there, almost like clips. I wish I could explain it better but its put up in such a random manner, I couldn't understand it! There is the one random picture set as well. Updates do seem to happen often but they give you no idea of when or why or where or any of that stuff. Actually, on the main preview site it gives the update times and dates, it appears to be weekly, but why not put this on the damn members page!

I correct myself. A membership here nets you 8 sites, the banners I was talking about before. Gee, you think they could have put it on the members page that these are BONUS sites and not just FRIEND sites? What a mess. Anyway they are, Asian Hot bunnies, Crazy Old Moms, Deep Throat, Fisting Files, Her First Kisses, Only Breast, and Big


While the theme has legs, this site does not. Just a poorly designed mess, which is so slapped together it made it hard to even enjoy the videos. I don't think you could make a site look worse than this, and that really just sours the whole experience. Tack on an outrageous price tag, and I'd say run away!


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