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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $19.95/30 days
$34.95/90 days
$59.95/180 days

Review of Las Vegas Candi:

Is there anybody in the world who doesn't like candy? I mean, candy can come in so many different forms, it's hard not to like it. I mean, someone who doesn't like chocolate can always like hard candy, and someone who doesn't like hard candy can always like stuff like gummi worms. It's such a broad category, I think most everyone likes candy in one form or another. Maybe that is why Candi is such a popular girls name, because everyone loves candy! And then there is the inevitable varient. Put an I at the end of the name, and it's more tempting to be a hot girl. Candy sounds like she could be a fat girl, but Candi sounds like a stripper. So today, we are talking about Las Vegas Candi, a very special varient of Candy!

Las Vegas Candi is a single model site with a focus on Candi, who is an older, amateur looking woman. This is the type of girl that you can, and will probably, see at the grocery store if you get up to go get some chips right now. A lot of people like that. This also takes the amateur into another category, because Candi isn't exactly A+ model material. So that makes this site even more believable. On top of that, the way the site is, the design and all, really looks like Candi did it herself or had someone close to her do it. I'm not knocking it, I'll save the opinions for later, but it definately isn't a sleek, well produced solo model site like some studios can do. So if you are looking for a special kind of lady, hot in her own way, but also a little older and a little more normal, doing all kinds of crazy things, look into Las Vegas Candi!

The site design is something I already touched on. It's very simple. Usually when I say simple, I mean not a lot to it. But design wise, here, this is very simple. It's a site I could pretty much have come up with if I did it. That might be a turn off for a lot of people, but I actually thought it was kind of nice. It relayed that amateur feel nicely, and while it was a little confusing, I liked the whole feel of the site. The fact that it looks like it could be on Geocities it just cool for me. Now, that doesn't mean that the site is perfect by any means. The whole thing is a little confusing, theres some overlap, and it's not a "breeze" to navigate. What I recommend is just to go straight to the pictures section and just view the sets in time order.

The pictures are the focus here on Las Vegas Candi. As I mentioned, the pictures section lists the pictures in order by time of set. And hey, it's numbered so it's easy for me to give you content numbers later! The updates are listed horizontally, and you are given a single, smaller thumbnail as well as the number of pictures and videos (if applicable) and then a little description. Simple and easy way to get content here. And efficient, they fit about 100 updates per page and it doesn't ever seem to be bogged down or anything. On the main page you can also check out the pictures through some different categories. This is cool too, but as I mentioned before, it's a little easier going through the main pictures page. If you signed up, you liked Candi, so it won't really matter WHAT she is doing to you. The categories are still nice, but seeing all of the sets will ensure you get everything you want.

The quality of the pictures here is OK. They aren't quite as crisp as I would like them, but you could also say that this being an ultra amateur site, I shouldn't expect perfect photography. And thats pretty much what you get, is OK pictures, not pro quality but nothing so nauseating in these 960 x 1280 pixel pictures. There is a slideshow option, but this is missing one of my favorite options of picture sites, the ability to download the entire set as a zip file. I love that option and I believe all single model/ amateur type sites should have it. Not everyone will use it but I like having it in case I think a particular set is pretty hot.

There are two video sections here on Las Vegas Candi. The section entitled "VIDEOS" is mainly a big ad section for the videos that Candi is selling. You do get some vidcaps from the videos, and sometimes some video clips too, so it is worth looking into somewhat, but not a whole lot. The movie clip section is the more poignant video section. When you go to that page, you are given a bunch of different categories you can go to. When you get there, you are taken to a page similar to the picture one with the thumbnails and all. Then you can download these clips, and thats what they are, clips of Candi. They are all pretty short, some exceptions but not a whole lot. While the clips are pretty high in bitrate (some are 1000k, some are 800k that I saw) the videos are still not the best quality. I think this may be due to the amateur nature of everything, its definately pretty homemade stuff. It won't be rated as harshly based on this, but other things like the camera angles and basic camerawork do need some major work.

Candi is a very different type of porn star. She is a little older, not exactly a skinny girl, and her face can be beautiful at times, but she is definately not a model. A great way to equate this is to say Candi looks like a Southern Charms girl. Actually, after some research, SHE IS! Anyways, the action here is very varied. Just to name some of the categories, there is Outdoors, Anal, Smoking, Shoes Feet, Farts, Arm Wrestling, Balloons, Insertions, Bondage, Shower Tub, theres a ton like these. So there is a LOT of variation and you will probably find your specific "action" fetish if you join up here.

At the time of review, Candi had a total of 326 sets of pictures. The videos are difficult to count, but a lot of the sets here have video clips along with them, and there is also some bonus videos and the clips from the movies as well. A nice amount of content. There are no bonus sites, but with this amount of content and price, it's not too neccesary! There are some nice ADDED features though, like a live show schedule, stories, a few special friend pictures, being able to meet Candi and also maybe even participate in an upcoming set! Cool features and you can also communicate with Candi through email or IM! Lots of coolness here, you know I like this with the single model stuff! And it's all updated multiple times throughout the week!


Las Vegas Candi is a nice, amateur site. It's very much like Southern Charms, and now I figured out why! If you like that style, this might be worth a look. This is a decent amateur showcase which shines in that you can get a whole variety of different action all in one site. If you go in expecting home produced stuff, its a good site if you like Candi.


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