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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.93/3 days, rebills at $39.93
$29.99/30 days

Review of Sara Sexton:

One thing I've always thought was cool about porn is the names of porn stars. They are totally porn names, although they can sometimes even seem like regular names. Like Dave Cummings. You see that name, that could be anybody in the worlds name! Actually, the real name of Rob Zombie is Robert Cummings. Wonder why he changed it? Maybe because he didn't want a career in porn! Or maybe he just wanted to share the name of his first band, White Zombie. Either way, porn names are fun, and I am talking about this because todays girl has a porn name that can also be a regular name; Sara Sexton.

Sara Sexton is a single model site with a focus on Sara. I think the theme here is a little on the weaker side, because although this is a single model site, it is missing a lot of the trademarks of a single model site. It's basically just a pic and video site with the same girl in all the pics and videos. Which is fine, but when an entire site is focused on one girl, you would expect a little more interactivity and individuality. I mean, thats what the whole single model thing is all about. The individual! A second weakness of the theme is that Sara, while a relatively attractive girl, doesn't have a whole lot that sets her apart as unique or different from the millions of other porn girls out there. I think that is also a neccesary element in having a great single model site. But a site can still be worthy if it has some great content, so let's see how Sara Sexton does there!

When you sign into Sara Sexton, you are given a front page which is kind of confusing. There are about six sections. What is confusing is that the site only has two sections, videos and pictures. There is a "summer fun" section, and that takes you to a picture set that is neither summery or fun! It's basically just one of the picture sets. A few of the sections take you to individual videos, but then you miss out on the options of the videos page. On top of that, you also don't get these in any order. It's not like it's the most recent, or highest voted, or whatever. It's just random. So my advice is to simply stick to the topbar and go to the videos section, and go to the pictures section, and ignore the front page. And it is an ignorable front page. The "latest news" section is so contrived and generic it's embarassing. Latest news, I added a video, see it! And then theres no link or date or anything. Pretty pitiful in my opinion.

The pictures are the better section here, so we will talk about them. When you go to the photos page, you get small thumbnails of each set. It is split into several pages of course. When you go into a sets page, you get twenty thumbnails per page, and again multiple pages. These thumbnails are kind of small, but it still is pretty effective in doing what you want it to do. When you pick a picture you want to see, it pops up in a new window. You can simply click anywhere in the window to close it. Pretty simple navigation on this end. There are a few things I would have liked to see here, like a full set zip download of the files, and maybe even a slideshow option. But as it is, this is still passable.

The quality of the pictures is pretty good. They equate to good, regular porn pictures. There is nothing too stunning in the photography, but they are some nice photos. Crisp and clear and looking good, thats how I like them. You really can't lose here, there are some nice pictures and easy to use galleries.

The videos are a different story, unfortunately. When you go to the videos page, you get a decently set up page which lists the videos horizontally with one thumbnail and then text links. You can download a WMV file, or stream either WMV or MOV files. There are no quality options here, what you have is what you get. And what you have is a pretty weak quality. They are done under 300k, and what is a real shitter is that the front page promises "amazing broadband" videos. What the hell is broadband about 297k videos? I was downloading better quality videos than that five years ago! Definately not an admirable video section, and that may piss off a lot of people who saw the broadband claim on the preview page.

Sara Sexton is a cute, younger, brown haired girl. She is definately an attractive girl, but like I've said before a little bland. She does have a great smile though, and that will win me over any time. The action here is almost all solo masturbation, posing, etc. It's not a softcore site, but it is a mainly solo album. So that needs to fit into your tastes. There is really nothing too crazy among the sets, just a few wardrobe changes is what differentiates them all. Masturbation is the soup of the day here, and Sara serves it up frequently!

At the time of review, Sara had a total of 50 pictures and 8 videos. That is by no means a huge number. There is also no mention of when the site is updated, or how often, or any timestamps for me to verify that. So I really have no idea and can't help you there. What I can say is that the bonus sites are basically leased sites, there are a few that I haven't seen as leased sites before and have reviewed before (Naughty Therapy network) but they are really nothing all that special and not worthy of signing up for them.

One last note, in addition to the deception of the front page, low quality and content, the server here is also on shaky legs. When writing this is just shat on me, and it's happened before too. I wouldn't recommend downloading more than one movie at a time, and I also need to mention that the full download of three different sets didn't work for me.


I don't see how a membership here would be justified. It is deceptive, it's got a weak server, bad design, low quality videos, and not a whole lot of content. You'd have to be really enamored with Sara to want to join here.


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