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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.93/3 days, rebills at $39.93
$29.99/30 days

Review of Jenny Heart:

There is one error a lot of pornographers make. Sometimes they go out and try to find a girl that fits a certain mold. You know, the teen queen, the asian beauty, the older horny housewife. But when they do this, they sometimes put blinders on and hurt themselves by trying to hard to find someone that fits that mold. Then they do, but it's not exactly the best person in the world to fit it. You know how theres sometimes some older women on websites, and sure they are older, but they are complete messes? Thats what I mean. And in my humble opinion, that happened here with Jenny Heart.

Jenny Heart is a single model site with a focus on the teen girl Jenny Heart. And I think that while she does look very young, at the same time she is not exactly the best looking girl out there. Actually it's more like one of those deals where someone looks amazing from far away, and then close up it's like, uhh. I did that here with thumbnails actually, but I'll get more into that later. Anyways, Jenny looks young. Her info is posted all over the place, but she still looks young. So I will give them credit for that. But hey, there can still be ugly young girls right? And I might be too harsh with the word ugly, I wouldn't consider her ugly, it's just what I said. So letW's move on and talk about zee site!

When you first sign onto Jenny Heart, you are given a page that is a nice little portal, but at the same time its pretty confusing. The confusing part is that the front page highlights are a mixture of different sets, but it just doesn't seem to make much sense. It's not really the latest sets, but more like a few random sets here and there. It's hard to explain, and it's not really bad, but if you are navigating this site, I'd say just stick to the simple top bar of photos, videos, and coming soon. It'll be a lot easier that way. Underneath all of the sites highlights, you are given a bunch of text links to the extra bonus leased sites here. While I am not a big fan of leased links on the front page, I really didn't mind it here because it was all text links contained on the bottom. It was very unobtrusive and cool to me. So it was a simple site design that was a little confusing. I would rather have them highlight the latest updates, or highlight each individual section, but what they did here was just plain odd to me.

I would say that the pictures here are definately the bigger point of focus. When you get into the pictures section, you get a page which highlights ten sets at a time. Each set has a small thumbnail and a little description. Then you move into the gallery, which has 20 thumbnails per page and multiple pages. When you click on a picture to make it bigger, you get that picture in a popup window. The pictures themselves are crisp and clear and make for great pictures. The shots that are taken are good, but they also tend to be a little samey. Not too much, but a little bit here and there.

The pictures are taken in a variety of different areas, and Jenny has a nice variety of clothes on as well. Wardrobe, whether it was planned or just her regular clothes, is very nice here with lots of cool different getups. The pictures really worked in that regard. And overall, they were really not all that bad. The only real down point for me was that it was this girl and not someone else.

The videos were a little more troublesome. First of all, I had a weird time trying to get all of these videos to download. I ended up only getting a couple of them actually. But let's back it up some. The videos are listed horizontally, with a thumbnail on the left and then text links to the various options next to it. I dug this actually, I don't know why more sites don't do it this way as opposed to the vertical listings. But anyway, for each set, you get a fairly small thumbnail and not a lot of preview. You can either watch the movie in WMV or MOV format (streaming) or you can download the WMV. The downloading was a little rocky for me, your milage may vary, but who knows. The videos are only 300k and they are not really all that good. Considering the bitrate they could be worse, but it's still very low and that is like praising someone for finding a corn in a pile of dung. Full screen, naw, pass on that. And whats worse is that theres this little black stripe across the bottom of the screen at all times. So overall, it's really a forgetful video section.

Jenny is a teenage girl. The one thing she suceeds at is looking young. She has a very small body, very small boobs, yet a bigger meaty pussy. It's kind of weird. And the closer you see her, the less attractive she becomes. I apologize if shes just not my type, but her face just didn't do a lot for me, and her body being less developed than mine didn't help much either. Check her out for yourself, but for me, it just did nothing. The action here is primarily solo action but theres a few hardcore boy girl sets as well. It's not softcore stuff, Jenny plays with herself a lot here. It's just solo hardcore, with some posing and plain nudity thrown in as well.

At the time of review, theres about 100 picture sets and 12 videos. A little uneven if you ask me. But still, this is a decent amount of content for a single model site, but it lacks a lot of the extras like a live show, communications with Jenny, etc. It does make up for a little bit in the leased sites, but that is not really a selling point like being able to talk to the model is. The site seems to be updated often, but with no time stamping or anything of the like there is really no way of telling.


While the site is nice on content, Jenny herself did nothing for me. Combine that with weak videos and not a lot of options otherwise, I just didn't care much for the site. Check with Jenny to see if you mirror my feelings, but I have a feeling you will.


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