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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$24.95/30 days
$89.95/365 days

Review of Ball Honeys:

I like it when names have double meanings. You know, they can mean one thing, and they can also mean another thing. That is what we have here on Ball Honeys. At first, you will think, damn, I guess these are some honies that I would want to ball. Even further, you might think that this is a theme site of girls wearing baseball uniforms, you would be wrong, but that might be a cool idea. Either way, you might think it's a really dumb, catchy names, even if you don't know its true meaning. But let's talk about what it really means. Ball Girls is a website about Bal girls, that is.. Black, Asian, and Latina! Woo hoo!

Ball Honeys is a reality site. It is actually a Bang Bros. site, the ones who really had an outbreak with Bang Bus among other sites. If you've been a member of a Bang Bros. site, all I really need to say is Bang Bros. in the review and you will have a pretty good idea of what you are getting. Well, the theme here is Black, Asian, and Latina girls. They seem to pick most of them up on the beach as well. I actually thought this theme was cool. I like how they don't pigeonhole themselves into one ethnicity, but they also don't have a site so expansive it could include any girl. It's also cool because if you are a Black, Asian, or Latina fan, you now have a Bang Bros. site that caters to you. And while it might not cater 100% to you, having a Bang Bros site on your side is always very awesome. On top of this all, a lot of people out there are fans of all three ethnicities, and here you can really get your fill of all three in just one site. So while each individual theme is usually overdone, here combining all three is genius and awesome in my opinion.

When you first sign onto Ball Honeys, you are given a page which is very reminiscent of the other Bang Bros. sites. On the left hand side you have the latest update, one bigger thumbnail and a small description. On the right hand side you have a text listing of all the recent updates and their dates. Underneath this you have little thumbnails of all of the girls on the site, with their date of addition. And that is about it for the site actually. If you click on the link for more site updates, you just get the same thumbnails with the addition of some extra links promoting sites with cheap trials. So what is noticably missing? Well, the bonus sites aren't listed. On the main preview page it's said that you can get access to all the Bang Bros. sites here. But they are not listed on the page at all, so I'm not sure what the deal is, but it is quite a notable emission.

The videos are far and away the focus here on Ball Honeys. Once you pick a girl, you are taken to her set page. This has all the relevant information, like running time, update schedule, a detailed description, and all the pertinent links. For the movies, you can either download the movies or watch the movie (streaming) For the stream you can see it in either 56k or 500k. The download page is where the meat is. Here you get a big, good thumbnail for each segment (usually 4). You can download the segments in either WMV or MPG, or if you prefer, you can download the full movie in WMV. There is also a link to download smaller segments as well. Basically, they hit all the bases here. The only real big minus is that the ad that I talked about before is again shown on this page. It just isn't cool to push these sites on us like this.

The quality here is also pretty good. Quality has always been the Bang Bros. biggest enemy. And they overhauled everything and tried to make the quality better. And they did. And now that all of the kinks are working out, these are some awesome videos! The bitrate of the full length downloads is 1048k and these are really good videos. Gone is the chopiness and bluriness we were getting with the brothers when they first switched over. Now, there are clear, clean, awesome videos. Sure, there is touches of inaccuracy here and there. But for the most part, you really just get some awesome videos here. The quality is great. And with that great quality comes bigger file sizes, weighing in around 250-300MB for each full video. But what else is there to say, these videos are totally worth it.

Onto the pictures. I almost shit my pants when I saw there were two options for the pictures. There were screen captures, and digital images. I immediately went to the digital images and I was absolutely amazed to find quality pictures that were just awesome. I didn't remember the Bang Brothers having pictures like this, but they were stunning! They were 800 x 600 pixels but they were so awesomely crisp and clear! Great pictures here, and a real shocker to me. Going back, it looks like they have had some digital images for a while, maybe they just added them, or I am just blind! Anyway, these are absolutely awesome, I never thought the Bros. would hit this level of quality, but I commend them!

The girls here were Black, Latina, and Asian. It's a pretty good mix but I'd say there were less asians than anything. And each girl is the top of the heap for their respective origins. These are the hottest black girls, the hottest latinas, and the hottest asians. The action here is your Bang Bros. best. They are just awesome at capturing the action of sex, and really bringing a reality to it. I've found a lot of people love the work here, between the beautiful women and the hot action. It's a cool mixture of first and third person stuff, it really works out well. If you've been on a Bang Brothers site before you know what I mean. Just awesome, this is the category where they have ALWAYS excelled, and it's nice to see the other ones have caught up.

At the time of review, there were a total of 16 sets of content. With updates given to the site every Friday, you will see that number rise! The site itself has only been around for a few months, but it already has hit its stride.

The Bang Brothers sites include: Farthammer, Bang Bros Worldwide, Big Mouthfuls, Big Tits Round Asses, Moms Anal Adventures, Monsters of Cock, Bang Bus (!), Tug Jobs, Older Ladies, Spring Break Spy Cam, Boob Squad and Real Butts. Most of these are great sites in their own right and look really good.


I remember back a few years ago when the Bang Brothers had some awesome women, awesome ideas, and awesome camera work. Well, they still have that, but now they have added a quality that just puts them in a new level of the game. This is a site not to be missed.


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