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Review of Secret Sarah:

Psst. I have a secret to tell you. I love teens. Not just any teens, but the ultra beautiful ones. And it's really hard to find that. Because just like finding an ultra beautiful woman, finding an ultra beautiful teen can be very difficult. It's a hunt really. It's easy to find cute. Attractive might take a little more work. Beautiful is next up on the scale, and that one is harder. I'd say in a crowded area, you might find one or two beauties. And then ultra beautiful is even one step higher. Now that I've introduced you to my personal female rating system, you can see it in work, as one that I have rated ultra beautiful has her own website, and it is Secret

Secret Sarah is a new, softcore site from Frenchman John B. Root. That name might not mean anything to you, but he has done the site, which is one of the better artistic sites out there. He is known for his beautiful work and great eye for photography. So when he found a girl who is worthy of her own site, you know she had to be something special. Sarah is a 19 year old French girl who is very nice to look at. The theme is all about Sarah, and watching how beautifully she can pose.

When you first sign onto Secret Sarah, you are given a members page which is very good looking. The most recent photo series is highlighted first. And they not only give you a thumbnail, they give you a big banner with three pictures artistically compiled. These look awesome, and it's just one of the things about the site that is so great. Most places just slap up a couple of thumbnails, but here you get a banner which looks gorgeous but also obviously took some time to do. So it really is special. Following this is the video update, which is not given as good of a treatment, but you still get one nice big thumbnail and two smaller ones. Under this is "your favorite series" which shows some of the sets, one thumbnail each, which have been rated highly by the users.

The photos seem to take a bigger role here, so we shall talk about them first. When you go to the photos section, you are given a nice page which, for each set, shows that banner type thumbnail I discussed above, as well as three more thumbnails. It is designed to look good, no doubt about that. But also, you can get a great idea of what the set is like from these. There is also a little description written from Sarah's point of view, as well as the ability to vote for every set. The only real complaint here for me would be that there are a few too many sets highlighted on one page with this design. I think it would be better to split this into three or four sets per page, like Root has done on other sites. It is just a little too overbearing for one page. It won't stifle your enjoyment any, but it is a place for improvement. When you get into the actual sets, there is a nice split, so this is an issue limited to the main photos page only.

The quality of the photos is amazing, as you might expect. Each photo gives you two choices, Hi and Lo quality. The lo quality is slightly better than your regular good picture on a good picture site, and the hi is some high resolution stuff. I really liked the pictures here. They look absolutely beautiful. And it should also be noted that each photo is taken very awesomely, with lots of attention put into the photo and it not just being a random snap of titties or ass like a lot of pornographers go for. Here, it's still tits and ass (sometimes) but it's just ten times better because of the thought being put into the pictures. You gotta love pictures like that, and I do. It should also be mentioned that while each gallery has plenty of pictures, it never gets boring and no two pictures are much alike. That just adds yet another element of "cool" to this overall awesome pictures section! And best of all, you could download the entire photoset as a zip file. Absolutely awesome if you ask me, and you will definately be getting a lot of zip files here.

The videos do kind of take a back seat, but they are also a very integral part of the site. The videos come with two options, low (around 300k) and high (around 800k) The videos are more like clips instead of full movies, with most of them lasting around 5 minutes. Tne length, as well as the update date and a small description are given for you. The video page gives you three thumbnails of each set along with the text link to download the videos. When you watch them, the videos are pretty good. For some reason there was slowdown here on my computer, like I get when I watch MPGs. That was kind of annoying but I think it's an isolated problem. The quality was decent, it was not quite up to par with the stunning pictures, but it wasn't bad by any stretch either. The videos here don't really offer too much standing alone, but as a companion to the pictures, they are well done.

Sarah is a very beautiful looking French girl who is 19. She looks around that age. She has a nose piercing as well as a belly button one. I would say that she is probably one of the hotter younger girls I've ever seen on the net. Not only is she good looking, but she also has an amateurish type flare to her. Very nice on many accounts! The action here is softcore stuff. If you are expecting to see a girl penetrated in any way, go elsewhere. Now the site isn't so softcore that you never see titties or pussies. You do see that here and there. But at the same time, it's not the focus. The focus is on Sarah and not on the sex. There is one set right now with three girls, but that one also is very softcore and no real acts of lesbianism go on. Well, other than the girls pulling each others clothes off. Basically, if you want to get some high quality pictures of a pretty girl posing, this is the place. Just don't expect much more, you will be disappointed.

At the time of review, there was a total of 14 picture sets and 7 video sets. The site is updated weekly with either a picture or a video update. So you can see the content is lacking. And unless they change to either doing updates of both weekly, or just choosing to take one section (probably the pictures), and run with it, than it will be lower on content for a while. Lets just say they do 3/1 a month for the next four months. Then they will have 26 pics and 11 videos, which is still not a huge amount of content nearing the end of the year. I know, you might think I am being hard on a site that just opened less than a month ago. But the fact of the matter is, picture focused sites need to be impressive as far as a size goes. And when you combine a smaller number with the fact that updates are shared with the videos section, then I believe a better system must be put in place at first to bulk up the numbers a bit. And the kicker was that there are no bonus sites, just a few TGP type galleries promoting explicite.

I will say that the pricing is lower and maybe that can be a positive to what I just talked about. At the same time, I still don't think you will notice that much when you can get good picture sites with triple the content for a few dollars more. The lower recurring is nice too, and that might be a deal, but at the same time for right now you'll have to stick with little content and no bonuses.


This has all of the tools, and an awesome site design. But it ultimately falters in the content level and focus department. Sarah is a very beautiful girl, but I'm afraid I would pass on this site until it least gets three times the content, which could be a very long time with the way the updates work now. Sure the updates are weekly, but with some sites, you need a little more than that!


$18.95 for 30 days, recurring at $12.95
$24.95 for 30 days, non recurring


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