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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Little Summer:

Ahh, how good it feels to be in summer. The air is fresh, the days are so nice out. And once the night hits, you get that cool little chill, the perfect breeze, ah I love summertime! Not the mention, the women have to wear less and less. And it seems every year, they wear a little less. Pretty soon we will all be nude! But I love just being able to check out the legs of various women. Thats my thing. But it doesn't matter what your thing is, they are exposed more in the summer. Breasts? Check. Feet? Check. Ass? Check! Everything is exposed more, and its a woman lovers dream come true. And then in a few months, its winter time, and everything is cold and locked up again. As good as it feels to be in the summer season, I might just rather be in Summer, the girl on todays website, Little Summer.

Little Summer is a website done by the same people who have done Teen Topanga, Little April, and Trixie Teen. Now I don't like to name drop other sites, and this is not a network. But the reason I bring it up because they are all very likeminded sites, so me namedropping those sites will give you an instant idea of what you are getting here. Little Summer is a teen site with a focus on the single girl Summer. Now, when I say teen, I mean it. While everything is legal, Summer looks young. Half of it is the way they set the site up, and half of it is that she is actually really young looking. So I guess this transcends the normal teen sites, into a genre I would call "real teen." I would consider it a softer site, but I will get into more of that later on. For now, if you are not comfortable with the other sites I mentioned, read on and you'll get a good idea.

When you first sign onto Little Summer, you are given a front page that is loosely organized with a bunch of different stuff on it. I actually found it easier to just navigate through the topbar listed. On the page, you are started with sneak peeks of upcoming updates. Then theres text links of the latest updates, and then a banner for the previously mentioned teen sites in this style. Then there is a link for webcam sites, and then theres the latest updates, again, and then just more ads, with more links to the different sections of the site. Does that confuse you? Well, good, it should, because it is pretty messy. Basically, don't even look at the front page, just use the topbar to navigate and you will be fine. The rest of the site design is a breeze to use, it's just like they tried to do too much with the front page.

The pictures and the videos are pretty equally divided here. We'll talk pictures first. The pictures main page has one bigger thumbnail for each set. The title gives a decent idea of what is going on/what Summer is wearing in each picture set. When you get into the galleries, I have to note my biggest complaint. The thumbnails are organized into different pages as is common. What kind of sucks is that on the bottom of each page, there is no button to move to the next page. It's way up at the top. I know, I'm really picky here right? Well, it's a design flaw and it could be fixed to make the website better. It doesn't bother me so much scrolling back up to go to the next page. What bothers me more is when I get to the bottom, I don't realize there is another page. And that could potentially have me missing a bunch of good pictures, and we don't want that do we?

Yes, I said good pictures. The pictures here are very expertly taken shots that are independent of any videos, all taken with a camera. Very nice shots actually. The images are very high quality, they are 1229 x 922 pixels and they look pretty awesome. They did a really good job with the pictures here. No two shots are even remotely alike, and that is refreshing in of itself. The galleries have just about the right number of pages and pictures for each set to be successful. So overall, I'd just say, way to go guys! Definately a nice pictures section.

The videos on Little Summer are completely different sets from the pictures. On the video page, every video is listed. For each one, you get a little thumbnail, and then text links to download the videos. Each one has a little description on the side too. Overall, it's a compact, nice showing off of the videos. Since this is a single model site I will give more leeway on the thumbnails. Lets face it, if you like Summer, you will download all of the videos. So thumbs aren't AS important, but would still be nice to have more than one. For the longer videos, you get the options of downloading segments of Low and High WMVs, Low MPGs, or a Full MPG. There are a couple of smaller videos with no options. Overall, it's a nice collection of options. Each one also has a Quick Peek, which I'd equate to a trailer of the set. Pretty cool, although I personally didn't use them.

The video quality here was okay. At the small screen, the videos looked great. However, for some reason, they just don't hold up as much at full screen. More than normal amounts of pixelation show up, and I'm not sure if that is just the transfer or what. It could definately be better. Speaking of better, I found that the WMV segments looked slightly better than the full MPGs for me. They looked a little more crisp and clear. Which I think is kind of silly, their besy quality should be offered as the full videos. So basically, the quality here was ok, but damn those full screen pixels!

Little Summer is a very blonde, very small, very teeny-looking girl. I alluded to the way the site uses her to make her look younger. The whole site, its coloration, its attitude, its wording, all ads to that teen look. And Summer herself does as well. I think she is a cute girl, but I think her true self is revealed a little more when she's not "posing" as much. But she is still very good for teen fans. The action here is mainly softcore stuff. The pictures are mainly solo. The videos do have some hardcore elements, but they are still pretty soft. There is no males whatsoever. In the two girl scenes, there is rarely action, but there is in some bits. Even when summer is alone, it seems like it takes a lot to build up to very little action. I think they did it this way to keep up with the teen theme. And they did a good job to it. I should also mention there are, right now, three or four sets of peeing. There are hardcore bits, thats for sure, but they are just smaller portions of the big picture.

At the time of review, Little Summer had a total of 21 videos and 17 picture sets. As I said, theres no real bonus sites, a few leasers here and there, but nothing even all that special. For a limited time, you can check out all of the teens these guys do for an additional price, but again that is stacked onto your membership here. Updates come often, a couple a week at least. There is also a live show twice a week, once it gets started. And as far as solo female site additives, you really can't email Summer but she does have a cheesy diary up.


Little Summer follows in the tradition of the real teen sites I mentioned before. With this site, expect lots of focus on a pretty young girl, a spattering of action and hardcore, and a lot of posing. I have these guys nailed for getting a girl across as a young beauty, but then when you actually get into the site, it's good but it doesn't do the dressing justice.


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