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Review of Stripsaver 2:

As porn fans, sometimes we have to hide our hobby. Now my girlfriend knows I am a big time porn guy. Does she like it? Not really. Does she deal with it? Yes she does. And I love her for it. But even though she knows about it, I try to make it as little obvious as I can. She doesn't need to know exactly what I'm looking at and when. And she sure as heck doesn't need to see me doing it. So I keep it under covers. But sometimes, guys just don't care. They have their porns displayed prominently on a bookshelf, and they have it all over their computer. Including on their screen saver. Todays site deals with that.

Strip Saver 2 is a porn site who's primary focus is it's screen savers. You might say rubbish, right? Well, it is definately a targeted site. But if you want to get some cool ass adult themed screen savers and wallpapers with some beautiful women, Strip Saver is your place. I know theres not a whole lot of sites with this focus either, so that will be a big plus for you as well. Let's get into it. Keep in mind this won't be a traditional review.

When you first sign into Strip Saver 2, you get a members page that is well organized and very easy to understand. It gives you steps, first you have to download, then register, and then enjoy! The enjoy part is where the girls are listed. Each girl is given a small, yet kind of long length-wise thumbnail which gives you a nice little idea of what she looks like. These thumbnails lead you to the screensaver packs.

The screensavers are about 20MB in size for the biggest ones. Each girl has about 10 packs to choose from. That means about four different sets of clothing for them to strip off. And you might wonder, how much do they strip? Well, you can click a button to get uncensored content, but for the most part this is softcore stuff. The screensavers are, well, screensavers. There isn't much more to say! It's definately some nice eye candy after a long night of work.

The girls also have videos and photos. But trust me, the content is not what you'd expect. The videos are short WMV clips, usually not more than a couple of minutes long. The quality is about 359k, a rather clear screen but lots of pixelation. Theres only a few per girl. The pictures also have a relatively low quantity, but a nice quality. They are cleanly shot pictures ar 1200 x 1842 pixels. Thats pretty good. But even if the pictures and the videos get the OK here, which they do, it's not the focus. Just like when a video site has a good pictures section, it just isn't a focus and therefore one should definately not join the site for this.

The action on the strip saver is mainly stripping and relatively softcore stuff. In fact, they are hardly naked at all. Maybe some veiled stuff, but. It's basically some hot girls dancing around in their undies and looking good. The action takes place on your desktop, the they do it underneath the icons on your desktop. This is for the wallpaper, at least. It can also act as a screen saver. You can set the levels of eroticism too, from "i hope my mom doesn't walk by" to "i gotta lock the door so i can take care of some business!"

The girls here are hot hot hot! And they have to be. I mean, you can't have some downtrodden street hooker dancing around here. It just wouldn't work. So these girls are top of the line, A material models. Very very very hot. Many of them wouldn't give me the time of day, but thats ok, because they are so fine I wouldn't mind it. So you get the point!

At the time of review, there was a total of 20 new models and 45 overall. They add newbies every week, so you will have lots of girls to choose from and play with. As far as bonus sites, there isn't much. The bonuses are limited to a few live show sites, and a site named VIP Room I couldn't get into. It looks to just have some leased feeds on it though.


Well, it's definately a great concept and a very cool program. At the price, you are going to have to decide if it's worth it to you. I had tons of fun here, and it was cool. And if you are a bachelor or not quite a family guy yet, maybe it would be cool to have hot girls in slight undress running all over your screen. Theres definately plenty of choices of different girls here. And the photos and videos are nice bonuses. It's a great concept, one which they execute very professionally.

Kind of hard to rate this one as a standard pay site, but we gave it a shot :)


1 Month Membership- $24.95

Billing By Paycom


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