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Review of Busty Adventures:

It's not every day you see a girl with gigantic tits. Yes, sure, you will see big, medium, and even small tits every day. But it's a rare occurance to see those double d knockouts. Even rarer is seeing them on someone who hasn't been plastically altered. I mean, it's just really hard to see a ginormous set of gazoongas in every day life. Well, thank god for porno. And thank god for real boobies. Now, I am not against the plastification of boobies. I think if a girl wants to make her cans bigger, go for it. Sure, smaller ones can be nice too. In fact, I can think of many times that I think smaller boobs fits a girl a bit better than bigger. Well, enough of boobology 101 for today. I think you can tell by the chestial nature of this conversation that we will be looking at a big boobs site today. And that sites name is Busty Adventures.

Busty Adventures is a video based site with a focus on girls with huge, natural tits. The natural thing a biggie for the site. In fact, it's plastered on its banner: Silicone Free Zone. And it's in the site description too. So needless to say, you won't have to worry about very many fakers in here. As a theme, this is not one that is all too uncommon. But what I can say is that they make a theme out of it. I mean, the site is tits, tits, and all tits. It's not just girls who have bigger boobs getting fucked. There is a whole focus on the chest, and that is what makes this theme really excel. Anybody who likes big tits will definately want to grab onto this site. Get it, grab on? I kill myself.

I don't know whether I should talk about the actual home page, or the opening page. The opening page is basically just a word or two about the site. You can then go to the girls page, or the main page. Which is what I will talk about. On the main page, at first you get a big thumbnail of the latest update, and also a big thumbnail of next weeks update. Nice, big thumbnails really look good. Then we move onto the thumbnails to download the videos from this weeks update. Each update is segmented into 20 segments, and they are all listed with one thumbnail here on the front page. That makes for some clutter. Then there are three bigger thumbnails from the same set. And finally, after that, there is a bigger thumbnail for every girl on the site, and theres a ton of them! And then, there is an ad for the Bang Bros. network. And then finally the bonus sites. Now this is a little crazy site design. Theres just too much jammed into one page, and thats not just true on this page, but throughout the site. First of all, when you have this many girls, you have to split it up into pages. Especially if you are going to offer bigger thumbnails of each one. I'm not slagging the big thumbnails, but you can't have it both ways. So while I like the design, I just think its a little much for one page, and cutting it into three or four would really not hurt anybody. I have a good computer and a fast connection and it kinda bogged me down.

Onto the videos, I kinda gave away some of the specifics above. But to reiterate, every girl have 20 segment WMVs. For broadband users, they also offer 3 segment WMVs. I love the 3 segment option. What did kind of bother me was that there was a segment for each and every of the 20 segments. That was kind of a lot, but it also gave you a great idea of how the video unfolded and what happened in it! The three segments have bigger thumbnails which provide an even clearer look at everything. So I guess it has its good and bad points. The videos were fairly well sized for the most part, but also inconsistent. There were some shorter 3 segment videos, but for the most part, they were over 100MB each. Quality had a lot to do with that, so we can look at that right now if you desire!

The quality here was stunning. The WMVs were done in 1048k, and they are just awesome quality videos! They look nearly perfect in smaller screen, and not much worse in full screen. An awesome quality for all of you people who love quality! Now the downfall is that these videos take up a LOT of room. I'm guessing theres easily about 20-30 gigs of content here on the page. Which is great, but it also makes for a lot of downloading and burning. Which is very cool, everyone loves a good quality, but it is worth noting.

The pictures here are vidcaps, albeit well done ones. They are 654 x 480 pixels and they come across relatively well. You can see that pixelation once you look a little bit closer. But you do have to look closely sometimes, which makes the quality a lot better than some of the other video focused sites out there. I really don't think you will be joining up for the pictures, but it is nice that they are at least halfway decent.

The girls on Busty Adventures are really busty. And as we often say about girls with big tits, well, they have big tits. Maybe not the most plesant faces, but we look at the tits. And I'm not calling the girls on here dogs, because they really aren't. But some would definately not be on our screen if not for their chest size, thats for sure. Now, when I say big tits, I mean BIG tits. Very very big tits. Double D's and above. Some of them are absolutely huge. And they are all real, as promised. Now the action here is quite unique. It starts out with a lot of setup, the girl posing clothed, showing off her tits. This can take up to fifteen minutes sometimes. Very cool, very tit focused. Then the girl begins to masturbate. In some sets, it's solo all the way through. In most, the guy comes in and finally bangs the girl after a while. The sex is typical, lots of focus on oral, the tits, and then the actual sex. Good stuff, it's a little slow to start maybe, but it's a different type of porn that maybe a lot of people will like!

At the time of review, Busty Adventures had a total of 91 sets of content. Absolutely awesome! With a huge amount of content, you could expect them to rest on their laurels. Absolutely not! This is updated EVERY Monday, awesome, awesome, great! It will take you plenty of time for you to work your way through this site. And there are also two bonus sites as well. They are Big Ass Aventure and We Lick Each Other. They both look to be equally as well done and awesome. So you really get a lot with a membership here!


Pretty awesome site all the way around. Only thing I'd really change is the setup a little bit. But this is a top notch site, with some awesome bonuses, this makes for just an awesome deal. And not only that, they know how to work a theme awesomely. These aren't just videos with girls with big tits, this is a big tit website. So overall, this is definately recommended!


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