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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.98
$29.98/30 days

Review of Pimp My Black Teen:

Porn spinoffs are nothing new. From Edward Penishands to the Load Warrior, they have been done and done over again. However, spinoffs are not as popular in the internet community. I mean, theres very few of them. I can only think of a handful. I think it might have to do with longevity. I mean, a certain movie or TV show might only be popular for a month or two, maybe a year considering DVD release and all of that. And most webmasters want their site to have a longevity that will last years and years. So while having a parody of something cool and popular now might be cool right now, in a few months or a year down the line, it won't be cool. Videos don't have to worry about that because they generate the most sales when they first come out. Did I answer the question? Who knows, but today we are dealing with a reality site with a spinoff twist. Welcome to Pimp My Black Teen.

Pimp My Black Teen is a reality site with a focus of black sex. The reality focus theme is the fact that when these girls come in, the are ghetto hoochies. The guys in the video dress them up to look like respectable, um, porn actresses, and then they get it on. This whole thing is a spinoff of the TV show Pimp My Ride. For those that don't get it or see it, this is a show where a car gets turned into a ghetto homeboys dream. So I guess the theme here is, the girl turns into a ghetto homeboys dream too! Pretty cool theme if you ask me. It's not really one that is all present, but it's a theme, it gives the videos a little extra punch, and that is cool by me.

When you first sign into Pimp My Black Teen, you are given a members page that starts by listing the networks latest three updates first. It then moves on to show the latest site update highlighted with a bigger thumbnail of the girl and a description. Then, the latest 20 updates are shown with a smaller thumbnail. The thumbnail is a good one though and gives a good idea of the girls looks. If there is a little x in the thumbnail, that means that this is an exclusive Pimp My Black Teen set. Now, in my mind, I believe they should all be exclusive. BUT, if you want to pump the site up with some unexclusive stuff, I like the idea of denoting what is exclusive and what isn't. So that was cool. After the content listings, you get a listing of the very many bonus sites you get. Finally, on the bottom, there are some leased live site links. Without that, this would be a great setup. Still, it's a good setup, just a little too long with stuff that doesn't need to be there.

The videos are set up in a pretty unique way. If you go to the video clips page, you can download the videos. However, there are tons of segments for these videos. A ridiculous amount! I'm talking almost 50 segments for the one I am looking at now. What is even the point? I'm sure even dialup users are looking at this saying "what the fuck?" If you are trying to protect your content from getting downloaded, don't! Nobody is going to want to join if they have to do all this in the first place! The other option is to stream the full movie. That is a more viable option, but you have to know how to download streams if you want to keep it. Either way, the video is available in Low, Medium, or High bitrates, all WMVs. They do stream rather good, but anyone who likes porn is going to want to keep these on their computer, and therefore want to find a way to download the stream. Either that or have their finger fall off from pointing and clicking. But lets be realistic here, how can you care for your members when the choices for the videos are either go through the trouble of downloading a stream (which most people dont know how to do!) or downloading 50 clips, then joining them all, and then watching them? This is a good site but that is a LOT of work to do.

Let's talk quality now. The funniest thing is, even though the site is heavily segmented, the quality is average. The high quality WMVs are 500k. They are a VERY good 500k though. The small screen videos are quite big, and at big screen, you do get pixelation but it's not all that bad. Overall, I really don't think that it can be considered all that bad quality. It's not going to please the quality fans out there, but for a regular joe porn viewer, it is more than acceptable.

There are also pictures for every set. The pictures are vidcaps, but they are very well done ones! Either that or they are shittily taken regular pictures, hehe. Well, anyway, they do have a little bit of that pixelation blur that is common with vidcaps. But at the same time, they are pretty big, pretty nice looking pictures all things considered. I don't know how they did it but they did, and I think they should pass some tips on to other sites. I mean, if you must have vidcaps, and I don't think you NEED to do vidcaps, but if you must, than have them look like this.

The girls on Pimp My Black Teen are all younger, black girls. They are pretty cute girls, and their transformation is usually pretty interesting as well. It's usually not as much a change in style as it is just changing into something slutty. Kind of like changing from winter clothes into night clothes or something. These guys definately aren't queer eye for the straight guy quality makeover artists, but it works I guess. Does it really matter, I mean, we all want to see these girls get fucked anyways. The action here, for the exclusive videos at least, is mainly black on black sex. I looked at some of the nonexclusive stuff, and there were some white guys ballin some black princesses. The sex here is pretty basic stuff, but it's shot really well and looks really, really good on video.

At the time of review, Pimp My Black Teen had a total of 30 sets of content, of which 6 were exclusive sets. It should be noted that the latest six were all the exclusive ones, so hopefully they will continue on that trend. Still, it's a good amount of content, and if this was a six set only page, I'd be bitching a storm, so the exclusive stuff does help pad it quite a bit. Speaking of padding, none is really neccesary with the huge network you get here. Let's go through them!

With your membership to Pimp My Black Teen, you also get access to the following sites: Horny Spanish Flies, Tongues and Toys, See Her Squirt, Big Tit Patrol, The Big Swallow, Big League Facials, Please Bang My Wife, Mr Chews Asian beaver, Teeny Bopper Club, Nasty Movie Madness, I Spy Cameltoe, XXX Adultstars, Barefoot Maniacs, Casting Auditions, Pump That Ass, Bus Stop Whores, Filthy Fred Amateurs, Coeds Need Cash, Vanilla Teens Black Cream, She Got Conned, Blind Date Bangers, XXX Proposal, Bikini Contest Porn, and Pink Candy Shavers. Needless to say, a shitload of sites, and an awesome deal. Just learn how to download streams and you'll be good. A good place to start if you are lost here is to come to the forum and ask around.


While the site isn't without it's design flaws, and a good but not great quality, the amount of content on the site and on the network will take you very far. The theme is pretty cool as well, and the action is all taped very very well. Definately recommended for a nice monthly membership, with the awesome network that would be perfect really and score off the charts if they would make download links available.


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