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Review of Splosh Me:

Hey, I'm a messy eater. I know it, I admit it, and I deal with it. But my friends make fun of me about it sometimes. Once I had to wear a bib to dinner. Another time, I had to do the "oops i missed my mouth and got the chicken wing all over my face" trick. And probably the worst is when a couple of friends took me out to eat chicken wings for the sole purpose of watching me make a mess out of myself. Now thats bad. Now I might have gotten better over the years, nah, not really. But hey, I'm myself and I can't change anything. But I would like to show my friends what a true messy eater is all about. And today I can show you that with Splosh Me!

Splosh Me is a website with a focus on wet and messy fun. For those of you not familiar with this particular fetish, it is when girls pour food all over their bodies. It's not limited to food but that is usually what it is. Basically imagine a girl covering her body with chocolate sauce, throw on some whipped cream and ice cream, all that kind of stuff. Making a sundae out of your body pretty much. Now I am not talking about a little food play. I'm talking about a full body covering. Making a huge mess, one thats going to take more than one shower to clean up. Ahh yes, this is what it is all about. Sound appealing? Well, it is to some people, so those can check it out.

When you first sign onto Splosh Me, you are given the sites updates page. It has a listing of all the latest stuff. The page is really long and gives a lot of bigger pictures and stuff. As a first time user, it might not be the best way to set things up. But as someone who visits the site regularly, its a little bit better. For a first time user you will be a little confused as to whats going on. But you can just go to the girls listing and take it from there, then use the update page after you check out all the content. And really, this is a nice design. Not the most simple or easiest to use ever, but it looks good and gives you a lot of great content right there on the front page. So kudos for that. The site design is done nicely and looks really good.

The pictures are the bigger focus here. The best way to view the pictures is to check out all of the girls, and then see each girls page individually. While there are only six girls on the site right now, each girl has multiple sets, and its actually almost like a mini single girl set inside each one of these sections. Let me also say that the intro page to get to each girls section is done extremely, extremely well. Each girl has a bigger banner which is a nice collage of a few different pics. Really looks nice and tasteful. Just like the pictures. When you sign into the girls page, you get a big picture of her, and one small thumbnail leading to each individual picture set. You can download each set as a zip file or you can just view all of the pictures. There is a nice setup here, you view the thumbnails in a sidebar and click the one you like to get the full picture in the other frame. Kinda old school with the frame design but it works.

So you might be asking, quality, what about quality? Well, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! The regular pictures are around 960 x 1280 pixels and they are very good looking. But thats not it, no siree! There is also a different section with "megapics" which are even bigger and better than that. They come in at, for example, 2048 x 3072 pixels. That is really big, you can see almost every detail here. And theres not as many of those but it is still nice to be that up close and personal to the girls! Overall, a stunning quality of pictures that is just next to perfect! Very nice!

The videos here are kind of an afterthought. Not every girl has a video, and those that do only have a few. The videos are mostly in full video format, except for a few of the longer ones. They are available large and small. The large ones, quality wise, are about 927k. Even though that is a pretty high bitrate, the videos here can be quite pixely and stuff. They are still decent video files, but they do not live up to the high picture standards. In conclusion of the video section, it's here and it's ok, but the pictures are really the sites bread and butter.

Speaking of bread and butter, thats the kind of thing you might want to see spread on these girls! The girls here are all extremely attractive. There are only six of them, with each one having multiple sets. If you're the kind of person who likes many different models, this might be a turn off for you. But anyway, they are amateur girls, who we wouldn't have seen before more than likely. Although one of them looks like a young Cameron Diaz. It's not though. Anyway, the action here is wet and messy stuff. They specialize in just this, and your basic nudity. No real hardcore action, it's all pretty tasteful and fun. It's not the kind of site I would recommend to people who aren't into this fetish. It doesn't really transcend the boundaries or anything.

At the time of review, Splosh Me had a total of 93 amongst the six girls. There were 14 total videos, but only a handful of them were the segmented longer ones. This is a nice amount of content. Sometimes it doesn't seem like a lot because there are only a few models, and also because sometimes the same action goes across a few sets. The site is updated very often, at least once a week but usually a little quicker than that. There are no real bonus sites included.


Well, this one is a good site for Wet and Messy enthusiasts who also like pictures a lot. As I said it is very genre specific, but the pictures are beautiful here, combined with good videos, this is not a huge gigantic bulky site, but it's definately one fans of the genre are going to want to check out. I am gonna categorize this as softcore/fetish since a new category to fit this probably won't grow that fast ;)


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