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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.96/3 days, rebills at $29.09
$29.44/30 days
$54.21/90 days

Review of Piss Poor Bitches:

Ahh, to be young, beautiful, and piss poor. I wish I had that problem. Well, maybe not the piss poor part! Or even better, I don't want that problem. I want to meet a girl with that problem. One that is so poor, yet so beautiful, that she is willing to do anything for money. Anything, doctor? You say to me. Thats right, everything. Not that I'm the type of whore master that would ask anybody to do something for money. well, maybe if they looked like girl #6 here, Kim. We are talking about the website Piss Poor Bitches, where these girls will do just about anything for money!

Piss Poor Bitches is a reality site with a focus on meeting poor women who need money in their life. The guys here bring them to their apartment, and offer them money for "modelling" for them. I know, this isn't the most original theme in the world. But there are a few things that make it a little unique. The first is that it is mainly oral action. The second is that it is mainly POV porn. And finally, there is also an amateur tinge to the site. So while the theme might not be completely unique, the site itself really works well as it is a nice breath of fresh air.

When you first sign into Piss Poor Bitches, you are given a really busy page. On the top are bigger thumbnails of the three latest girls. They really showcase the womens looks really nicely. On the right toolbar, there is a text listing of all twelve episodes, which you can click on and get to the episode. Under this is the "5 latest video updates" which is pretty much an advertisement for another porn network you would have to sign up for seperately (with their referral code attached of course!) And then there is some other stuff, like a poll, jokes, and tips of eating pussy. I thought you just ate it like a hamburger, I dunno! This actually was insightful though! As I said, it's a busy site. And in my view, it's just not focused on the actual content. And the whole "bonus video, come sign up for the site" I really don't like what they did with the site. I think it could be designed way better, focus more on your site and not others!

The videos are definately the focus on Piss Poor Bitches. The videos come in three formats, AVI (called DVD), MPG, and WMV. I did that in order of quality. Aren't I special? Anyways, the videos are definately segmented. However, it didn't bother me too much here because the segments were only either three or four videos long. I would still prefer a full video option, but you can't always get that in porn and thats fine. I was quite happy with what we did get. The video page for each set has a bigger thumbnail of the segment, as well as a description for each of the segments. Done really well if you ask me, I couldn't ask for much better. I like the focus that was put in each segment, instead of just throwing it on and saying "here it is, some porno 4 u!" The videos were all a decent length, even at the high DVD quality. So there really are no complaints about this aspect!

The quality here was top notch as well. The DVD/AVI videos are pretty amazing. They are done in 1500k, and they are just great quality, pretty flawless at both small (which is rather large anyhow) and big screen. And even better, the videos are all relatively short and simple. That means its pretty easy to download and view even the high quality stuff. So big kudos all around, this is a video section other sites should be jealous of.. and really guys, it doesn't take much!

The pictures here are vidcaps, and not terribly exciting. Actually, the pictures to me just look like further thumbnails of the segments of the videos. Sure there is a bigger size when you click on them, but they just seem to be put together randomly and don't really show off much of anything. Oh well, it's commonplace among sites nowadays.

We'll slide right along to a discussion of the girls. The girls here are very amateurish. They look like fresh girls off the street for real. Some of them are very beautiful (especially Kim), whereas others are still hot but they have more of that realistic look to them. Either way, the girl quality just adds tons and tons to the overall site. Very impressed here. Now let's talk about the action. I pretty much gave it all away already. There is an extended pickup section, this can sometimes last a segment. The majority of the action afterwards is oral, with a focus on the POV point of view, but not exclusively. There are little tidbits of other action, but this has got more oral than the last oral-only site I reviewed! In some cases, I wished for more, but that might just be because the girls were so damn good.

At the time of review, Piss Poor Bitches had a total of 12 sets of content. I know, it's not a lot, and it stands with the design as the low point of the site. The site hasn't been updated in over two months, after being updated constantly. So I don't know what the status of the site is. Luckily, there are a few extras here. Well, theres some extra videos, Sobe videos, which I've seen all over the world, but if you are new it might be worth checking out these terribly segmented videos. Theres also the pussy eating tips, which could be of use to some of you. But most importantly, there are a few extra real sites too: Adult Life Network, Hypno Trick, and Audrey Live. This is a pretty nice little grouping of sites, it can't be compared with the megasites out there, but it is a refreshing change away from them!


These bitches may be poor, but the website is rich with flavor! I liked the site a lot, and I just wish it was still updated, had more content, and a better site design. But the actual content was pretty damn good, and I would recommend this to anyone as long as they know going in that the content very low so don't go signing up for a yearly subscription here! It could very well be that this site is not going to be updated anymore but we will try to follow up on this. 12 sets is what you get, remember that.


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