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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: wmv (DRM)

Prices: $1.00/1 day

Review of Shaggin Wagon:

Gee, one site does spectacular and what does it spur? A ton of clone sites. I guess the internet porn business is much like anything that becomes popular. Soon, the world is filled with clones. The thing with clones is since they have a solid base to operate from, they can often take and somewhat improve a concept. And that can be cool. They can also make varients based on the same theme, that can be cool too. But the coolest thing is to be original, but unfortunately some people just can't get a concept of that. So when I tell you I am reviewing a site where sex takes place on a mobile vehicle, you might think, oh this again. And that is right, this again. Welcome to Shaggin' Wagon!

Shaggin' Wagon is a reality site, where various guys and girls enter the Shaggin' Wagon. The idea here is that website members enter the Shaggin' Wagon. It's the only site where the members get some! Well, I think that is a cool concept and all, but looking through the site, where exactly does one sign up for this? I don't see it anywhere! So the theme is basically the same as most pickup on a vehicle reality sites. It's a theme thats been done before, they try to put a twist on it, but it's pretty transparent. I guess you could consider this a girls hunting guys site too, but I think thats a pretty big stretch as well. Overall, the theme is pretty played out, but at least it has a theme that is more than just describing the actors or actresses.

When you first sign into Shaggin' Wagon, you are given a page that lists the last five updates on the left hand side and the most popular five sets on the right side. The setup is very clean with no crap at all on the site. The biggest setup problem is the fact that the thumbnails are tiny, and it's hard to even see what the girls look like in some cases. I'm all for a clean site, but sometimes it's nice to see what direction a set is going in as well. These thumbs were just tiny, about twice the size of an AIM icon I guess would be the best way to put it... which isn't that big, for any of you non AIM heads. Otherwise, there is nothing much to the site. On the top, there is a dropdown type thingee for the network, and you can easily navigate the network this way. Simple enough to do that. There are ads and leased sites on here too, but it is contained to its own "bonus site" page which really isn't that bad at all in my view.

The videos are definately the focus here on the Shaggin' Wagon. The videos are available in either segments, or as one full video download. For all but one of the sets, the full videos are available only in high, whereas the segments were in high, medium, and low. No matter the quality, the video is in the WMV format. The biggest problem here is the actual page design. First of all, the thumbnail problem continues into the video section, which means you are basically blindly downloading these videos based on a very tiny picture. Second of all, the listing of videos is a mess. Basically all they did was put the file names as a hyperlink, and thats it. That makes for a very messy page, and sometimes very confusing. It definately needs a dose of organization if you ask me, and probably pretty much everyone that reads it. All this can be cured with a good quality, I'd say, so let's see how that pans out.

Well, needless to say, the doctor is not in today. These full videos came in at 242k! What a junky, junky quality. Junky at small screen, junky at full screen, just junky all around. Have I said junky too much? Well, JUNKY JUNKY JUNKY.. you get the point. There is one newer movie with a super quality, and even better a higher high quality video. But this is just one of the many videos here. Basically, the quality is completely throwaway, and add that with the rest of the sites problems, and you have a site that is skirting the line of useless.

And to add to that, the videos on here are protected with DRM. DRM on a 242k video? Who would want to KEEP it, nonetheless put it on a network somewhere. Hell, if I took one of these videos and put it up anywhere, I'd get a kick right in the fucking ass. For those that don't know, DRM is a way to prevent stealing of videos. But the kicker is, you have to type in your username and password to play the video. And if you're no longer a member of the site, you can no longer view the video either. Which sucks.

Speaking of sucking, the pictures section isn't afraid to take a hum on the mighty bone hammer either. They are vidcaps, but surprisingly, they look better than most of the videos. I don't know how that works, but they aren't the high quality pictures i would want for a DRM site. I figure if you're going to DRM us up, at least give us SOMETHING good to remember the site by!

The girls on Shaggin' Wagon are all pretty attractive, amateurish type girls. They are definately not the cream of the crop, but they are also not the ones you would turn away from the bedroom. A couple of girls are used twice, which is kinda weak, but the one girl is definately a knockout. Speaking of knockouts, the action here is also pretty decent. It's good porn action, but it just looks horrible because of the quality. On the one video with high quality, it looked great. But unfortunately only of the videos had this high quality
so the rest of the action, while decent to watch, just was tedious with the quality.

Shaggin' Wagon appears to be a dead site. It only has 9 sets to begin with. But it's been a very long time since an update (almost 9 months) and even that update was after almost a year of non-action. So basically, there are no redeeming qualities, other than maybe an OK network that might be worth checking out!

The Adult Video Online Network includes Swing For Dollars, Fucking Eighteen, Plumbings, Splats, Toon Bang, Big Tits Big Hips, and Shaggin' Wagon. 7 Sites for the price of one is a nice price, but keep in mind that all the sites have the DRM technology included.


This is a total waste of time, the only redeeming quality is the one girl who is a knockout. But then you can't even see her in a good quality, so you'll just be frustrated. The network is OK, but this is just a cheap stab at a very popular site that just didn't go anywhere, and should really just be deleted from the network altogether, because it really does hold it down.


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