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Review of Adult Associate:

Reality TV is all of the craze on television nowadays. Reality porn is the big craze on the internet nowadays. So why not meld the two together? They are completely different concepts, they just share the reality name because that is what it has been called. But they both share the same concept, real people doing unreal things for the camera. And you get to witness a little bit of their lives. And the truth is, both reality porn and reality tv have a little less reality to them than we'd like to think. Reality tv is heavily edited, and also pushed to try to make things the way the producers want them. Reality porn is usually just all an act. So I guess there isn't too much of a difference between the two. I guess it's cool that the two have been melded together into a site called Adult Associate.

Adult Associate is porn's take on The Apprentice. I guess they didn't use the Apprentice name in the title for fear of lawsuit. But it is all over the site. Ron Jeremy is the host, instead of Donald Trump. And instead of the classic "You're Fired!" line, Ron spews "You're Fucked!" Now, many of us were into the Apprentice, but those who have no idea what I'm talking about pay attention. The show was based around the idea that millionaire business tycoon Donald Trump wants someone to show the ropes to and give a prominent position to. The contestants would have to do tasks to prove their worth, and at the end of every episode, "The Donald" fired somebody who was not pulling their weight. And the same concept is used here. Except it's sex tasks that people are doing. This is a cool theme, it's pretty unique and it has a nice tie in to TV. Thats something I miss about VHS/DVD porn. You don't go around seeing internet porn sites named "Edward Penishands" or Sopornos, porn that mocks modern video and television. So it's nice to see it show up here, and in a pretty cool, fresh theme.

When you first sign onto Adult Associate, you are given a page that has a sidebar on the side with all the various sections of the site. Most of these are to bonus sites and leased stuff. The main portion shows one big thumbnail of the some of the action from the set. Then there is a little description and you can move along to download the videos or check out the pictures. The thumbnails are done really well here, they look like nice big pictures and while some don't exactly show the girls perfectly, you'll probably download all of the sets for the concept anyway. Underneath this is a bunch of ads that really junk up the site a bit. The funny thing is they are called "membership extras." Yeah, right. Anyway, the actual content here is presented nicely, they need a little work on getting rid of some of the extraneous crap though. Another problem, and its a biggie, is that the last few sets of content are hidden. I found it by going to the last visible set on the site, and then on the bottom there was a "next video" link. Basically, theres 16 videos on site, but only 10 visible on the front page. And I really don't know where you can find the other six otherwise.

The videos would definately be the focus here on Adult Associate. The video section here is set up pretty nicely. Each girl has three segments of video, or you can get the entire set as a full video. Nice options. The thumbnails on the main page are also very big and nice. You definately get a good idea of what is going on in here. Now one of the downfalls is that there isn't much in the way of options. These are all WMV clips, and only one speed. It's definately the best way to go if you are only going to have one option, but still, we all like a little variety. The videos download relatively fast, and I really have no complaints about the videos setup.

The quality of the videos here is 896k. This is a pretty nice bitrate, and especially nice seeing as how there is only the one quality. Usually when that is the case, it's pretty low. Anyway, these videos are not perfect- but they are pretty damn good. They look great, and they can be full screened without much loss of quality.

The pictures on Adult Associate are sparkling. These pictures are shot independently, they are in no way shape or form vidcaps. And they even include some hot poses outside of any action of the girls. It really gives you a chance to check out the beauty and the prowess of these women. And hey, it's also nice to have a good collection of hot pictures. It makes the site more appealing. The pictures are crystal clear and are 800 x 1203 pixels. That makes for some pretty big image files, but damn if they don't look great. Overall, a dazzling picture section that just adds to the overall coolness of the site.

The girls on Adult Associate are very attractive women. And furthermore, I haven't seen them in porn before. None of them really looked all that familiar to me, which is definately a plus. They were all relatively hot girls, but none of them were really amateurish. If these really are wannabe porn stars, they at least have the look down! The action on the site is really cool as well. The earlier sets begin with an interview with Ron, and then some action with a younger porn star. As the finalists are decided, they get to participate in some lesbian stuff and finally get to screw Ron Jeremy. The action here are really hot, shot well, and with some really nice positions and stuff, I found it fresh and just really good.

At the time of review, there was a total of 16 sets of content on the site. Only ten of them were viewable from the front page, the rest are god knows where, but I told you how to find them. As it is, there will be no updates to this site. Maybe a sequel, but this site is over and done with, the competition is over, and I won't ruin it for you. I find it hard to call this a dead site, as I'd rather just say the competition is over. Can't add much to it when it's over now can you? But still, there is a huge amount of bonus and leased sites to surf through, they give you a huge package of leased sites as well as numerous bonus sites.

Those bonus sites include: Cream Filled Holes, Anal Sex Lessons, Cash Strapped Teens, College Fuck Tour, Cum Swallowing Lessons, Cum Swapping Bitches, Gangbang Lessons, Handjob Lessons, Huge Dicks Little Chicks, His First Threesome, Lesbian Lessons, Moms Need Cash, Milf Riders, Teen Dirtbags, and White Pussy Black Cocks. Nice amount of bonus sites here, some of them are a pain to download from but the sheer number just simply cannot be ignored.


With a fresh theme, some great girls, and a nice modern culture tie-in, Adult Associate is definately a site to check out. Sure, it could be improved some, but it is far and away better than its network sites, which are numerous. The site might be extremely pricey, but there is a trial, and overall, the site is awesome. I really liked it a lot, and would recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different but also very cool.


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