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Review of Blow Job Point of View:

Try walking a mile in another mans shoes. People love that saying. What it basically means is don't always look at things from your point of view. Sometimes things can be a lot different, for better or worse. In porn, you are used to seeing things from the cameramans point of view. He moves all around focusing on getting the good points of the action. Some people love that point of view. But sometimes another point of view is used, the first person point of view. This is commonly called POV, and it can be seen in todays site, BJ POV. Check it out!

BJ POV is a site with a dual focus. The action is primarily blowjobs. Thats the BJ part. The camerawork is all point of view. Thats the POV part. POV is basically where the cameraman is the one doing the action on the girl, while he is holding the camera. It can be a great point of view, but it does have its weaknesses. It doesn't change too much. It's basically the same shot throughout. But for those of us who like to fantasize, POV makes that very easy. So it has its ups and downs. I don't think too many people will turn down porn because of a camera angle, but it does effect us. The theme here is cool, although most POV sites do have a big focus on blowjobs. Still, its not something you see everyday, and that in of itself was pretty cool.

When you first sign into BJ POV, you are given a page with four sets listed. There are seven pages to go through! You then have links to go to either the video section or the pictures section. There are seven thumbnails for each girl, and they are all very very cool. They look great. One of them is a little bit bigger and is a great portrait of the girl. The others are more of the action involved. Underneath all of this, there is a bit of crap. Actually its like a crap factory under there. It's a big mess. Theres bonus sites, advertisements, and some leased content. I wish it could have been not on the site, but having it on the bottom away from all the good stuff was a little less intrusive.

The videos are the focus here. When you sign onto the videos site, you four of the same thumbnails from the front page. You can then download videos in WMV or MPG format. The latest videos were available in full video format for both WMV and MPG. Some of the older ones are all segmented, others have the full option. It's kind of a mess. Even with the newer ones, you can also download segments. There were quite a few segments which made downloading them quite the bear. But if you can handle it, so can I! There were no real quality options here, just format preferences. Everything downloaded smoothly and easily, so no problems there. It just all worked out very nicely.

The quality of videos on BJ POV was good but not great. The WMVs I downloaded were 414k. This isn't a horrible quality but it's not the best on the net either. Everything looked nice and orderly. At full screen there was quite some pixelation. I think that since videos were the focus here, a little better quality could have done wonders. It isn't horrible, but it isn't anywhere near the top quality video sites on the net either. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. The camerawork and the lighting were all top notch, it's just the computer transfer that threw everything away. Ashame they couldn't work on this a little bit!

There is also a pictures section here on BJ POV. The pictures here are NOT vidcaps. In fact, they are not even BJ POV pictures! They are pictures of the girls posing for the camera. I actually thought this was cool, because POV doesn't come across too great in pictures, and instead of just being skipped over, now we can check the pictures out for the softer side of these hot women, and then go to the videos to see them tankin on some sausage! The pictures were 1200 x 800 pixels and they looked divine. Very clear, with very awesome photography!

The girls on BJ POV were freaking hot. No doubt about it. The first girl I downloaded was like, woah. She was so beautiful, I couldn't believe she was in a porn. She sort of looked like Christina Ricci in Monster, which is a good movie to watch sometime. She was awesome. ANyway, the girls here are very cute. Some of them came from Angels of Porn, the mothersite to say, which is cool and nice to see them doubling up! The action in the videos was basically POV BJs, as the name would imply. The pictures took a different approach, showing the girls modelling and showing off more than just being naked. This was cool, refreshing, and gave us a chance to check out both the pictures AND the movies instead of just one or the other!

At the time of review, there were about 28 sets. This is a pretty nice number. The updates weren't dated, although they do say they update the site weekly. The rest of the network is updated weekly so I don't doubt that claim at all. While the site alone is very good, it is also a part of a bigger network which is also cool to check out!

With your membership here, you get access to a variety of sites. They include Tony's Casting Couch, Angels of Porn, BJ POV, Nikky Blond, Stroke Jobs, Bangin Blacks, Skin Vids, Butt Bangin, My Little Nympho, Red Asses, and Shemale Pickup. Great network with lots of variety. Unfortunately the video quality doesn't get much better, but it is still a nice network overall.


BJ POV isn't the sharpest site in this network, but it is a very cool site with a good theme and a decent amount of content. Yes, I could use better videos. But they are still watchable. And I really liked the interaction of the videos and pictures, one of the cooler things I've seen in a while and I'm not even sure if they wanted it to seem that cool. But still, recommended for the network, if the site was standalone I'd be a little shaky, but definately worth a month for the network.


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3 Month Membership- $59.95

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