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Prices: $29.95/30 days
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Review of Jerk Him Off:

Ladies, you have a difficult job. You have to try to keep your man sexually happy at all times. This doesn't always mean putting out. Sometimes you have to give him oral. Sometimes you have to let him do anal. Sometimes you have to pretend like it is bigger than it really is. Sometimes, you have to dress up like Anna, the shy schoolgirl with the pigtails that he likes so much. And sure, you might think this is stupid and may not want to do it. But if the man treats you right, there really is no reason not to. I mean, good guys deserve the best don't they? Well, sometimes you also just have to Jerk Him Off.

Jerk Him Off is a site with a focus on videos. Now, with a name like this, you might be expecting a total hand job site. Nope, not here. This is far from it. Instead, it's more like a video compilation site. There might be some handjobs, but it's far from being the focus for this site. There are other sites on the net for this, and while I think Jerk Him Off can still be a decent site, it is very sucky that the name is pretty misleading as far as how the theme goes.

When you first sign into Jerk Him Off, you are given a semi crappy looking members page. I shouldn't say that. It's definately not all that bad. The latest update is highlighted in the middle, with the previous updates on the left hand side and the upcoming updates on the right hand side. The thumbnails are good but not great here. There is one for each set, and seven for the latest set. Underneath all of this are the link/spam/leased site you will become accustomed to once you start using sites like this. You can then move onto the videos page and get a more straightforward page of content. I really think the design here could use a little work. It just didn't look right. Not enough space was dedicated to updates except for the current one. Action wasn't described, and having thumbnails for the upcoming sets is pretty useless and a waste of space in my eyes. Not everyone sees things from my eyes, but I just think the site could use a little bit of an overhaul in this regard. Oh well, onto the movies.

Once you get into the movies page, you have an option of either watching or downloading the movie. There is a thumbnail for each segment on the actual videos page, where on the summary page there is only one thumbnail per set. Here on the video page, you can either watch the movie or download it. The downloading was a little weird, and my links automatically worked to save it when I click on watch movie, so thats what I did. The videos are heavily segmented and theres not a set length per set, it varies from set to set. Some have bigger lengths while other smalls. It really looks like they were trying to have a bunch of segments here. With no full video option, this kinda sucked. There were no options altogether. No quality options as well. You basically just had to deal with whatever they posted on there, and quality and size is something you just have to deal with because there is only the one option here.

The quality here is 764k WMVs. And that is not a bad number by any means, especially for a site like this. The videos can be full screened with some pixelation, but not nearly as bad as they could be. And on the small screen they look good as well. So while the options were a little lacking for the videos, they came through with the quality. If you are only going to have one quality, you better make it a good one, and thats what Jerk Him Off did.

The pictures are naturally vidcaps. They are 640 x 480 pixels and they are pretty bad. The ones I saw were both blurry and pixelated. The thumbnails looked really promising, but the full screen pictures are just horrible. I hate vidcaps, and these ones were done particularly poorly!

The action and girls here on Jerk Him Off seem to be straight from porno. It looks like stuff that was previously released on video. With that said, this is some of the most unique porn I've seen in a while, on all ends except for the girls at least. One of the guys here was pretty old, and another was like a fat nerd. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I like that little bit of variance, I think it makes the porn a little more interesting. And that is something a lot of sites desperately need.

At the time of review, there were a total of 82 video sets. That is an awesome number, and taken with the fact that there are DAILY VIDEO UPDATES here, that makes for an awesome overall deal. Not a bad bang for your buck type of deal, with the only real sticking point being the fact that these are not exclusive nor handjob movies! As far as bonus sites go, a sorry is in order. No bonus sites, except for the themed leased sites. And while they try to make it look like a real network, the sites I tried on the side wouldn't take my password. So it looks like that was either deceit, old computers, I dunno what!


With daily updates and a good quality in the videos, this site is still a little bland. It has no spice, the name of the site rarely applies to the content, and overall it just kinda fizzles. If you do not care about the originality of the content but just want a nice bundle of easily downloaded blowjob vids then this is the site you are looking for. But otherwise, it might be better to go home earlier in this case... It's not a site I would visit again.


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